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  1. Good thing she didn`t find the culprit, she tends to run a bit hot sometimes. I can't remember the source, but I think an interview of her brother exists where he states that she hates when people touch her clubs. And she either was motivated to beat someone really bad in a round because of it, or she and the individual got into it physically.
  2. I was thinking the LPGA is currently missing two events that should be easy additions to its calendar. 1 - A second event in Canada, held in British Columbia to be paired with the Cambia Portland Classic. I may have first read a comment on this board about a second event in Canada. It makes perfect sense with the popularity of Brooke Henderson. Also perhaps a Korean or Japanese company would help sponsor with the time zone being closer to theirs and with the large Asian populations in the area. Tim Horton's Championship anyone? 2 - I think of the Asian Swing as a series of what would
  3. Good eye sir, good eye. Don`t forget your sunglasses (cool) You could need some ear muffs for your daughter following Kang.
  4. USA Solheim Cup Team Standings as of 01/05/2019 In via Rolex World Ranking: Cristie Kerr & Michelle Wie RANK NAME SOLHEIM CUP POINTS 1 Lexi Thompson 265 2 Jessica Korda 232 3 Danielle Kang 227 4 Lizette Salas 220 5 Nelly Korda 218 6 Marina Alex 199 7 Brittany Lincicome 172 8 Austin Ernst 169 9 Megan Khang 167 10 Angela Stanford 161 11 Cristie Kerr 157 12 Brittany Altomare 154 13 Jennifer Song 138 14 Angel Yin 130 15 Michelle Wie 128 16 Jacqui Concolino 122 17 Amy Olson 121 18 Ryan
  5. I seem to recall an interview in 2017 So Yeon saying emphatically, "I love golf!" And she was wearing the shoes that said the same that season. It makes me think she will be around for some time. Whatever happens, enjoy her and them all while they are playing.
  6. "Mr. Chairman, when are you going to allow the court of public opinion to force your private club into hosting a Women's LPGA event? They've asked for it several times, so it's only fair that you should give it to them" Maybe something like, "Mr. Chairman, you have gratiously opened the grounds of Augusta National for the Junior golfer to compete. For 84 years you've hosted a Men's competition. And this year you've invited the Worlds top Amatuer Women's golfers to the grounds. Are there any plans to invite the one segment of golf that appears to be left out, the Women's professional, to the
  7. I'm looking forward to the Masters press conference this year. I hope the press comes prepared with some good questions about a ladies professional event at Augusta National. I think they were unprepared last year when the ladies amatuer was announced.
  8. Not an LPGA Major, but a Women's Golf Major. Maybe invite the top 10 from (LPGA, KLPGA, JLPGA, LET) and fill the next 60 spots from the Rolex rankings. Or just top 100 Rolex rankings. Held bi-annually and the year prior to or year after the Olympics (assuming they keep golf). Place it in rotation with some other great and historic courses (Pebble, Medina, etc.), but ensure that Augusta Nat is on the rotation every 4 or 8 years.
  9. I recall her saying in an interview that she didn't like the way she was playing with her condensed schedule. Which makes you think she will play more, but who knows. I guess we really won't know her plans until we get into the season.
  10. Did someone change the loft and lie of Mariah Stackhouse's clubs when they were in transit at the start of the Asian Swing? Hoping she can have a good finish to the season. Seems like the other young Americans that played poorly at the beginning of the Swing were able to turn things around.
  11. Picking Minjee. I thought she and Nasa would be multiple winners on tour this season after they won their 1st events earlier in the year (Not much of a risky prediction, since both were and have been playing outstanding). Nasa came through in Japan. Minjee is going to wait until the last event of the season.
  12. From articles I've read posted on this forum and from the televised events, I doubt it effects the LPGA community at all. Caddies seem to change frequently. Lydia Ko fired Jane Parks husband.
  13. I'm picking Minjee next week, but who will be celebrating a birthday? The year of the first time champion and the year of the birthday bounce or bump.
  14. I was thinking she looked a tad more "filled out" as well. Not to pile on or pick on her, but i thought the same thing. At a minimum she should to get back to her pre- break shape for competition and health.
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