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  1. Team Japan looks from The Queens: Yukari Nishiyama & Momoko Ueda
  2. That Bo Mee Lee sweater was a part of a Le Coq Sportif/Disney collaboration and collection.
  3. Wow! Didn't expect that finish. Great win for Ariya considering the tough year she's had. I've been wondering what the specifics of her injury were/are. Many times this year I wondered if it would have been better for her to shut it down and come back well rested and healed up next season.
  4. Hikari Tanabe & Hae-Rym Kim. Clearly horizontal stripes are trending in the JLPGA.
  5. If Shanshan is able to pull off finishes like this on the Asian Swing another season or two, they'll have to start calling it the "Shanshan Swing".
  6. Those were awful. Nobody looks good in horizontal stripes. Squat to read a putt? I don't care who you are; it's not pretty. "Whaaaa?" I have to agree with Claire... this is just taking jailbreak technology one step too far! Momoko Ueda in the horizontal stripes.
  7. She went back to Puma at the start of 2017. But she was wearing Adidas footwear at Toto. Did she lose her luggage with the Puma footwear?
  8. What baffles me is 3 months after the public was made aware of this dress code enforcement, people still either have not read it or do not comprehend it.
  9. Maybe Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders have been right all along, "Look good, play good. "
  10. Chella Choi - Volvik wants a share of the Korean golf apparel market.
  11. I think she and Jessica Korda both pulled off the mid cut mismatched socks look. It's okay for the occasional round.
  12. He should keep working Augusta National for a women's Masters, and Augusta National should go ahead and make it happen.
  13. She's listed in the field for New Zealand. Maybe she can have some good finishes with some sponsor exemptions on the Asian Swing and keep her card.
  14. This shirt is nice IMO. It was meant to be paired with a pink skirt per @pumagolf on Instagram. Had weather allowed it would have been a typical Lexi look.
  15. Are these considered photos of promotional events tied to a tournament? I.K. Kim & So Yeon Ryu
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