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  1. Hannah Green said she wouldn't be playing and I think Minjee also. Looks like its just an eligible list
  2. True or False? Fair or unfair? Charlie Woods is more popular (in the US) than any active LPGA player. True or False? Fair or unfair? Charlie Woods received more golf and sports coverage than any LPGA player in the last 3 years.
  3. Maybe I momentarily jinxed Sei Young, because when the broadcast started I said this one is over. So much for my theory that if a golfer played the VOA and made the cut at the USO she wouldn't play well this week.
  4. My pick to win this week is Anne Van Dam. After reading the explanation from the CEO, I think the sponsors picks are fine. The ladies may even want to say thank you to Gulbis when the pass her on the driving range. It sounds like her friendship with the CEO helped to keep the company's interest and support in the tournament. Richest purse in women's golf, you can give your sponsor a little room in a crazy year.
  5. Enjoyed Peacock and GC Broadcasts. I think they benefitted from most of the players being in action at the same time. This makes me think that an LPGA/PGA event, with marquee players, would be a good watch. At lot of amateurs received coverage. I don't recall seeing Brooke Henderson or SYK. World no. 1 coverage was throttled despite playing alongside DK. Paige has greatly improved this year. If I recall correctly she did a great job at KPMG.
  6. I'm picking Jennifer Song. I wanted to make Angel Yin my dark horse pick, but she has no top 10s and just 2 top 20s this year. I'll reach, but not that far. I'm still surprised that so many JLPGA and KLPGA players decided to make the trip over considering all that's going on off the course. I like the chances of Hee Jeong Lim and Ayaka Furue. Players that can play well consistently and who don't know much professional heartbreak of almost winning and don't know that it's supposed to be difficult to win a US Open.
  7. Why is Min Ji Park skipping the US Open?
  8. Okay, so I did a brief Google search. I was curious because that's the nickname of Chae Young Yoon right? I wasn't aware that 7, 7 and a half and eight heads were ratios of reference in art. 8-head sounds strange to an American, but it's no different than the different "beauty standards" in America and other countries.
  9. I could be completely wrong, but I think Sean is just publicly documenting things for when he's shown the door around May of next year.
  10. What injury? What swing changes? What less than stellar play? Jin Young Ko holds off Celine Boutier for the win. MJ Hur strong top 10 finish.
  11. That is a lot of KLPGA and JLPGA players. I guess Ai Suzuki and Jiyai Shin decided to pass this year. Did Hyun Kyung Park opt out as well?
  12. I thought I heard Mike Whan hyping up the Pelican and the course during the DrOn Oconee broadcast.
  13. So in my YouTube recommendations Thursday was a CNN Philippines or Asia interview with Bianca Pagdanganan. I'd seen mentions of her in this forum, but didn't really know anything about her. Wow! What a great personality and interview. Should she become a star, she'll be really good for the growth of the game in the US and abroad. Now I have to dig up some past competition videos for her and Yuka Saso.
  14. Isn't the current fiance a caddy? Is he on anyone's bag? She's been engaged for about a year now.
  15. I don't think I've made a pick since the restart. Shibuno gets it going in 2020 and Fassi is shank free for 4 days.
  16. Anyone know how often they were tested during the off week? I recall seeing Kelly Tan post test results recently.
  17. Maybe playing in the South Dakota wind is helping Amy. If I recall correctly, don't the announcers frequently mention Celine having a low ball flight? Maybe we're facing a 2017 Erin Hills situation where a number of top players miss the cut.
  18. Actually I should have said strength and cardio combined route. Because the muscle mass she's trying to add now she could have been adding during this time. I've wondered if in some cases if she's gotten the best advice available to her. If she's used her accomplishments and status to source numerous expert opinions and considered the best information to chart out her path.
  19. Listening to Lydia's interviews and the commentary on her training this year, I find myself wondering (as I did at that time); Why didn't she go the strength training route instead of the cardio route back in 2017 or 2018?
  20. I recall an interview with Danielle and/or her brother where it was mentioned that she played from the same tees as her brother sometimes (as far as I know this was before Maverick).
  21. I thought I saw an eagle on #8 on her scorecard earlier. Looks like she and the course had a nice battle today.
  22. I thought I heard in the broadcast that there would be no rookie of the year this year.
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