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  1. I can't recall seeing an interview or article about, or social media post from Minjee Lee this entire time off. I'm actually surprised she didn't stay down under (assuming that's where she spent most of her time). I wouldn't expect her to win. Danielle Kang has been somewhat quiet to me as well during the break. Lexi recently competed and Carlota competed a few times earlier in the pandemic. I'd have a hard time betting against those two if I was a gambling man. Boutier, Kupcho and others that have kept up competition would seem to be good picks to be in contention. I'm interested in seeing
  2. But the event sites are supposed to have testing protocols for the players. The state knows they are coming.
  3. Can't blame her or anyone else. Safer where she's at.
  4. I didn't know Muirfield GC was hosting two PGA events. Scratch the idea I had of them hosting an Lpga event. Unless Jack wants to be super generous and invite the ladies to play.
  5. I wonder if things don't work out in Scotland if the LPGA could get Jack to do them a solid and host a tournament at Muirfield for the ladies since they'll already be in Ohio.
  6. The UK posted a high number of new cases over the weekend. But they began implementing additional tracking and tracing a week or two ago. Might be too late to save the two Scotland events.
  7. This is really good if Covid19 cooperates. Good job Mike Whan! and The Toledo sponsors/partners.
  8. So did Muni He get Nike sponsorship? I recall someone saying last year that she didn't have any despite always wearing their clothing. I was looking at the Nike website and it has a style article up with her.
  9. PXG began supporting men's and women's college golf programs in 2017. There's probably an old post in this forum about it,
  10. I hope a lot of invitations are sent out globally for the Korean Women's Open. I have to imagine many of the ladies are really itching top play competitive golf and would accept the Korean imposed 14 day quarantine. Get the Kordas, Jutanugarns, Minjee and Hannah Green, Nasa, Shibuno and Suzuki, D.Kang, Lexi, Lizette Salas, Ciganda and Charley Hull along with the Korean LPGA players and you have a global major championship.
  11. LPGA's biggest obstacle to a potential return: It needs fans on siteSo the Marathon is likely canceled if fans aren't allowed. I try to be optimistic and I'm hoping for the best, but we may not see an LPGA event in the US until late August.
  12. Why blame it on Whan? USA testing and tracing is no where near that of S Korea at this time.
  13. You can get US data on the county level in a lot of places. Midland county MI site of the DOW has just 66 cases. Much higher numbers in neighboring counties to the south. Live map: Tracking coronavirus in Michigan | FOX 2 Detroit Lucas county OH site of the Marathon has 1806 cases Mapping Ohio’s 24,777 coronavirus cases, updates and trends
  14. Still way too soon in the US. How many weeks is S. Korea ahead of us at this point? I'm wondering if Michigan and Ohio will have their testing and tracing up to the level it needs to be in the next month. While avoiding a resurgence in Ohio with reopening. Right now I feel like it's about a 60% chance the July events don't happen and 95% likely they will be without fans.
  15. So I guess we'll start seeing Dow Team announcements. No UL Crown. Sad.
  16. That's a lot of followers for 2 sixteen year olds. I can't say I know who Paris Hilinsky is. Somewhat surprised Yealimi is so low considering all the sponsorships she's garnered. I have to imagine had she won last year she'd have over 20K. They're all too young for ne to follow.
  17. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2013/01/08/stupples-changes-her-life-dramatic-weight-loss/ "Last season, Stupples struggled with her swing a bit as she was able to move her body faster. When the adrenaline started pumping, the lengthy player got erratic. She believes her work this offseason, however, will pay dividends."
  18. I've been wondering how Shanshan and other pros are going to look after coming back from this extended break. Is someone going to show up looking like Ms. Olympia? I hope Shanshan will be in better shape than after the IC Crown break in 2018. By the looks of their ig accounts, the Jutanugarn's and their extended family are putting in some work and having fun.
  19. Could the Hero World Challenge be a mixed gender event as well? Say invite the 5 major winners and the top 5 players outside of that. Or make it a field of 18 women same as the men. If it's a secret PGA Tour players guys club party, then I can see not doing it. But I imagine there's enough room in the Bahamas for the ladies to go off and do their own thing.
  20. Time for an impromptu friendly East vs. West(Florida and Texas residents vs. California, Arizona and Nevada residents) match play event during the time off. Broadcast it on YouTube.
  21. I'd imagine if a player is in the field for the Aus Women's Open, she is already in Australia or in route.
  22. Not quite. US Open and British Open have the strongest fields (if I recall correctly). Here were the exemptions to the 2019 British Open https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Women%2527s_British_Open&ved=2ahUKEwj-oqCF-LTnAhXIGs0KHRnOD6AQFjAOegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw2MCecPFINRPWUiz3zYiYG7 US Open took top 50 from Rolex; Evian top 40; British top 30 At the time of the British, I recall Yui Kawamoto just missed out, she was ranked around 52nd in the world at the time. She was probably the next highest earner on the Jlpga money list.
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