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  1. > @golfskill98 said: > > @18majors said: > > > @golfskill98 said: > > > > @18majors said: > > > > > > > > > @golfskill98 said: > > > > > I’m shocked with how poor some of the veteran LPGA ladies are doing. What happens to those players that finish outside the 45? > > > > > > > > From Q-Series: > > > > At a minimum, competitors who finish in positions #1-45, including those tied for 45th place, at the end of > > > > Q-Series will receive LPGA Membership in Categor
  2. > @"Golf Dino" said: > > @18majors said: > > This is interesting; Mike Whan announced sometime ago that PGA Tour would negotiate new TV contract for both PGA Tour and LPGA; recently, PGA Tour official website added a new tab for LPGA. > > [https://pgatour.com/](https://www.pgatour.com/ "https://pgatour.com/") > > > > Is PGA Tour in the process of acquiring LPGA? > > ______________ > > Actually, it's been there all year. I suspect that it's part of the cooperation between the tours rather than a foreshadowing of a merger or acquisition.
  3. Rooting for Wei Ling-Hsu to pull through on her home soil. Teresa Lu came up a little bit short in Japan last week, perhaps she's peaking at the end of the year. How much air time does Shibuno get? I assume she, Nelly and Jin Young will be the feature pairing.
  4. > @18majors said: > Of the many LPGA veterans in the field; Emma Talley, no doubt is the standout. She earned $421,287 in 2018, #52 in official money, her rookie season. > I don't know why she fell down to #104 this season, but her talent is there. > She showed it in 3rd round, with a tidy -5, to move to near the top. > > [https://twitter.com/talley_emma/status/1187811133622751232](https://twitter.com/talley_emma/status/1187811133622751232 "https://twitter.com/talley_emma/status/1187811133622751232") > > > I'm surprised we didn't receive more informat
  5. Rooting for a Ji Hyun Kim win, with top 5s from Hana Jang and Char Young Kim. How is Sung Hyun getting away with not teeing it up in this event?
  6. > @18majors said: > @Newinup > > It looks like Danielle Kang will vault over to Rolex No.11, kicking Hinako one notch down to No. 12. > This should give Hinako more incentives to join LPGA IN 2020. > Maybe. There isn't much time for other Japanese players to catch her for an Olympic spot. Ai Suzuki could do it, if she goes on a tear similar to her 2018 start, but she's nursing an injury.
  7. MJ looks like she could win again this season. Late season run into the top 15 of the Rolex Rankings coming?
  8. Recently I did another search on Tunein radio for golf shows and podcasts and came across one discussing the Solheim Cup. I've made it through each show on the event except for the final day. Give it a listen if you're interested. Listen to 2019 Solheim Cup preview on TuneIn http://tun.in/tjf7hL
  9. Lydia Ko battles and Azahara Munoz for the victory on Sunday. Ko drinks the milk and kisses the bricks.
  10. Will there be any strokes based system for the CME Group Tour Championship? Or is everyone staring at even?
  11. > @Argonne69 said: > > @rule_6 said: > > I don't think they would fair as well in a Team setting. > > You men the team that won the 2018 International Crown? > > Match play is basically about making birdies, and grinding out pars in alternate shot. Six of the top ten players in birdie percentage are from Korea, including the top 3. Nelly is ranked 4th. The top 3 players in scoring average are Korean, as are 5 of the top 10. Nelly is the only American in the Top 10 at #9. > > The Korean players are very close. They make not yuck it up on the course,
  12. > @Seamus_McDuff said: > > @Argonne69 said: > > > @Seamus_McDuff said: > > > > @Seamus_McDuff said: > > > > I guess I’m the only one who thinks the Euros have a chance to be competitive this year, starting with the Brits. > > > > > > > @Argonne69 said: > > > > Brits? They're ranked #20, #24, #43, and #52. Georgia hasn't done squat this season. Charley admits she can't putt. The stats will tell you Jodi can't putt. Bronte had a very nice week, but her play earlier this season has been meh. > > > >
  13. This isn't an actual event. But as I was catching up on the Solheim Cup I wondered two things. 1 - Which happens 1st? A match play event between the USA and South Korea or A women's professional golf tournament at Augusta National? 2 - If there were a USA vs S. Korea match play event, what should be the team composition? How many KLPGA players? You get 2 captains picks, who do you pick? Do you go chalk by the Rolex Rankings? Top players from Korea listed for reference. Jin Young Ko SUNG HYUN PARK JEONGEUN LEE6 INBEE PARK SEI YOUNG KIM SO YEON RYU HYO-JOO KIM AMY YANG JIYAI SHI
  14. Last minute pre event post. This Suzann pick bothers me. This could be a close affair with the Euro's needing a point or a half a point to win. Her recent results don't give me confidence she would win that point against any American in the field. The Stacy Lewis (and Pressel) pick didn't bother me. I think she helps Lizette, Lexi and Danielle in the locker room. These three are actually rookie leaders. I'm not sure how good of a leader any of them is at this point in their careers. I used to listen to a lot of sports talk radio and among the people I'd listen to is Colin Cowherd. He has
  15. Assuming they can work out the logistics, why not just add another pool and 4 additional teams to the International Crown. Two teams would be by country and rank, so Spain and China would have been in the 2018 competition. Make two teams wildcard teams, but put a restriction on what their combined world ranking can be to be fair to the regular qualifiers. So in 2018 Lydia and Brooke would have competed, but wouldn't have necessarily been on the same team. This puts a lot of players in play; Gaby Lopez, Caroline Masson, Sandra Gal, Aditi Ashok, Ashley Buhai, Mariajo Uribe and others.
  16. Megan Khang & Danielle Kang ![](https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8hcu0thlyy5epkd/20190912_110916.jpg?dl=1 "")
  17. Jessica Korda ![](https://dl.dropbox.com/s/1o5tbx2yf7oeo5n/20190912_111358.jpg?dl=1 "") She appears to be having the most fun and is the player that is the most loose in the lead up to the Solheim Cup.
  18. Lucy Li ![](https://dl.dropbox.com/s/0ooqr2brp3xguxf/20190912_110837.jpg?dl=1 "")
  19. ~~Gleneagles, Scotland ~~ Lexi Thompson ![](https://dl.dropbox.com/s/btg5mdm23rzsq9k/20190912_110803.jpg?dl=1 "")
  20. > @18majors said: > > @Stooch said: > > Michelle Wie is gonna be a studio analyst for the Golf Channel. I can't for her in dep[th analysis "like totally...... like I know right" lol > > Don't worry; her analysis will be inside the studio and after play has completed. She'll have more time to rehearse and structure her sentences. > "@themichellewie will join @GolfChannel as studio analyst for @2019solheimcup coverage Friday-Sunday, Sept. 13-15, following live competition. Wie will make her debut on Friday’s Golf Central at 1:30 pm ET." > [https://twitter.com/
  21. > @Argonne69 said: > Last season the Toto was two weeks before the CME, with the Blue Bay the following week. If I recall correctly, the Blue Bay was a fairly weak field. > > This year there's a two week gap between the Toto and CME. I'm not sure it'll have a weak field. However, it's the 4th event on the Asian swing in four weeks, so it's possible a few top players may skip it after playing three weeks in row. Seems like it would be difficult to skip an event in a golf crazed nation, a top market for women's golf and host of the Olympics in less than a year.
  22. > @"Raving Shanker" said: > Great win by Hannah! All those posters who hate bolters taking out majors can now relax. Hannah is the real deal. > I love seeing how a course evolves like that over the tournament. It reached some sort of scoring sweet spot on Day 2, before the greens became bouncy and treacherous. It made for great tournament golf. > Just like at Thornbury Creek i was super impressed by Yealimi Noh. I thought her pre-shot swing routine was partly responsible for her tightening up though. At Thornbury we only saw her ball-striking, but in Portland we got to see a bit
  23. > @Argonne69 said: > Sei Young with the course record. Anybody surprised? Nice round, Sei Young. > Did they really only manage to show three shots from her round?
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