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  1. Got this recording to watch this evening. I’m playing Payne’s Valley in less than a month. Can’t wait!!
  2. Thank you all for your help!! I found a 2016 Apex 20* with a Kuro Kage 90g shaft for a good price. Went a head and placed the order. I figure it worth the test. If it doesn’t work for me, I can probably sell it for pretty much what I paid.
  3. @Driving Range Hero @driveandputtmachine Thank you for your input! My current set up is: Driver 3W 18* DI 4iron (21* but bent to 22*) I don’t typically carry a 5 wood. I own one but I don’t even think I’ve hit it in a couple of years. I should also specify that I don’t only use this club off the tee. I’ll hit it on long par 3s as well as into par 5s. I’m pretty comfortable choking down on clubs (I do it with my 3 wood all the time) but I’m afraid if I choke down too much on a shot into the green it won’t spin enough to hold
  4. That was my primary thought (gapping). Though I could go with the 18* and choke down on it, right? I'm tending to lean more toward option #1 for the simple reason that I need the confidence of those off center shots. When I hit it well the DI still does what I need it to... But instead of that being 8 times out of 10 its not 5 or worse. I just feel like that slot in my bag needs some more forgiveness than a new shaft would likely bring.
  5. @JoeFrigo i typed the wrong model in my original post. I’ve got a U45 so it’s pretty “chunky.” to everyone else... thank you! The 2016 Apex is a good idea. There are a couple 20* on eBay... I imagine a 20* hybrid would go about as far as my 18* DI? What would you consider “heavier” for a hybrid shaft? 90g?
  6. Hi All, I wanted to get your advice on my bag set up. I used to play a hybrid in the slot right below my 3 wood (19-20 degrees) but switched To a driving iron a number of years ago as (at the time) I hit hybrids way too high no matter what shaft I tried. I used to love my driving iron, I used it from everywhere. I’d consistently hit it 240 plus. In the last couple of years I’m not playing near the golf and my swing speed has dropped. I’m also not striking the ball as consistently and have hit a few really bad shots with my driving iron. It has led me think abou
  7. I use one of these. It was cheap and is pretty well made. The clamp for the phone is plastic but I’ve had mine since the spring with no issue. And it clamps to most anything.
  8. I’ve been using the Kirkland (costco) gloves for over a year now. I’ll never buy anything else ever again. They’re so cheap I can actually always have a pretty new glove and the quality is more than good enough for me. I’ve probably been through 6-8 gloves at this point and the only one I’ve ever had rip was one that was very well used. They last just as well as any other glove I’ve owned. ive never tried MG—if the Kirkland gloves didn’t exist I’d certain give them a try.
  9. A couple summers ago I went with a golf buddy of mine to play a couple rounds at his brother's club. We played a money game with his brother's golf group-- I can't remember what we played. It was the three of us and this fourth guy who was the guest of someone else. I'm pretty sure he was an an 8 handicap but he may have been a 10... something like that. In any event, he was 4 under through 6 holes. He ended up shooting half a dozen UNDER par RAW. Ridiculous.
  10. I've lived in Arlington for over a year now (moved from outside of the area) and just played East Potomac for the first time time. The worst part about it to me was that it was absolutely sopping wet. It's not in the best shape but I paid $37 to play 18 on a weekend in DC. That's less than half of my next cheapest round. The day before I played Laurel Hill (my favorite course I've played here so far) and paid $84 (I've paid as much as $114). Bottom line to me is... Is EP nice? No. Is it packed? Yes. But I felt like--considering everything else around--like it was well worth it. I'll be playing
  11. I have nothing to add other than I used to play TCI a ton when I lived in Des Moines. Really like that course!
  12. I really like their “Dirty Harry” putter cover. But they’re going for $200+ on eBay right now. No way I’m spending that money on a putter cover
  13. Really cool to sit and have dinner on a Monday and watch live golf. Even better that it's a course I've played and that is close to where I grew up! Even even better that Phil was playing. Count me in!
  14. Best of luck to you!! I used to not even wear a hat-- I spent most of my teens and 20s sunburnt ( I was ALWAYS outside, even when not playing golf/practicing/working at a golf course). When I was about 27 my dad had a bad scare with a melanoma. Now during the summer I wear a wide brim straw hat, wear a gaiter, and have UV sleeves on. I have stick sunscreen and spray in my bag that I reapply a couple times a round. I'm just not gonna risk it.
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