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  1. What's the toe hang on that bad boy and do you happen to know the weight? Sick putter, love his work!
  2. Turns out the 410 didn't have the same magic as the 400 for me... Used for 3 rounds, plus 6 range balls before each round; very minor scratches at adapter plug from wrench (picture 5), hardly noticeable. Otherwise not a mark on it! Ping G410 LST, 9*, Ping Tour 65 X shaft, new GP Tour Velvet 360 Midsize grip, plays at 44". Plus, new/Unused Ping G410 adapter for all your shaft tinkering needs. All in and shipped for $320. SOLD
  3. I've had a 2012 Bettinardi BB8 35" & 355g in the bag since 2013. With recent life developments, I decided to start a modest collection and buy a nice condition, used 2014 BB1, cause I like the satin finish. However, the weight was not listed by the seller, and before I purchased I checked the Bettinardi archives, and both the regular BB1 and BB1 counterbalanced are listed at 353g, so i figured good to go! Got the putter, and it says 395g on it. How much will this affect play and feel? Part of me wants to try and trick myself to believe that 40g isn't noticeable or will affect my play much...but I also know that's an absolute lie. Haven't had a chance to test it yet. Thanks!
  4. Callaway Driver (also have a Ping) Srixon 4-Wood Nike Hybrid Titleist irons (also have a Mizuno set) Vokey Wedges Bettinardi Putter So...~7 Brands in rotation.
  5. Hey, I don't have enough points to send a dm, but would be interested in setting up a trade? Bettinardi Queen B 6, very good condition. Feel free to send me a dm
  6. Gotta shoot my shot! Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9.5* with x-stiff shaft, 70 or 75gWhat is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Feel and Sound; I've hopped around brands based on thatDo you adjust your drivers after buying? YesCurrent Driver Setup? Ping G400 LST, 75g Xstiff, 9.5*Were you fit for that driver? YesDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes, of Course!
  7. Been away from a computer for a few days, but I appreciate all the feedback! For some clarity; I'm extremely amateur at club making/tinkering and just enjoy messing with extra stuff I come across, or that gets replaced with newer stuff in my bag. So this entire project/experiment was born completely from just having extra stuff around and too much time on my hands. Not a super serious undertaking to get a truly usable or in the bag club; more of a let's see what happens...if it works, awesome! If not, oh well! After initial tinkering, I realized the difference in the shaft being .335 vs. the .355, so going to try a shim. The shaft is a stock aldila, nothing fancy, that I don't have any use for and seems more hassle to try and sell/ship when I can maybe get some fun out of it. Also, never use the 2-iron and is currently un-shafted, (and i don't have a weight for the head, sorry!).
  8. I have a spare CB 2iron head, .355 that I was considering experimenting with. I have an old stock graphite 3-wood shaft (X-stiff, 70g) that is sitting around and was considering putting it in the 2-iron and trying it out as a pseudo-driving iron. My initial tinkering seems like I need to cut the butt down about 3" to get to the proper length relative to my 3-iron. Any inputs or thoughts on if this could be a worthwhile experiment? Or just a terrible idea? Thanks!
  9. I've had a set of MP-69's in play for about 8 years now. Since college graduation, a recent move and new job, I haven't had as much time to practice and strike the blades as well as I used to. I still love these irons, but am considering making a trial run with a forged cb set. In the interest of keeping it affordable for a test, I've found a set of ~20 year old cbs. But my question is, for forged single piece construction, has the technology really changed that much from say 2005 to 2016? Am i going to really notice much difference in forgiveness or workability? Thanks!
  10. Tried to PM but was denied, not sure but I am pretty new. Have these sold yet? I am interested in purchasing. Any possibility of a photo of these at address? Thanks!
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