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  1. I have a buyer on SIM head but waiting to here back as payment sent to wrong email. I also have another wanting. If they both back out I will reach back to you ASAP.
  2. Srixon Z785 (4-8) and Z-Forged (9-W) $old Project X 6.0 and 1* strong lofts thru the set. Standard length and low. Just purchased in late May. 7iron has tiny ding on leading edge not seen at address SIM Max 9* with Tensei Av Raw White 65TX $old Split: Head $300 and shaft $200 Just a hair under 45”. No headcover. I believe shaft is tipped 1.5”. The picture below is 15.25” from end of adapter to L in chemical. Great condition. Scotty Cameron T22 Newport $old 34” putter with headcover. Gamed on a handful of rounds.
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