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  1. ping g400 4 hybrid with stock shaft. The combo is so good. The face sits very square at address and provides me with confidence that im not gonna turn it over to the left. The shaft seems to produce a high launch mid to low spin type. Perfect for me.
  2. Just get rid if the twisty stuff and ill be happy
  3. hope it doesn't have that twisty face thing again
  4. Colts Neck, NJ 2.7 50,54,60 Vokey SM7 Steel Grey 50 F grind 8* bounce,55 S grind 9* bounce,60 M grind 8* bounce Yes
  5. Hi all, I've been looking for wedges and ive come down to vokeys sm7. I like the f grind in my gap wedge and the m grind in my L wedge, but im struggling to pick a sand wedge. When testing the k grind 58*, i liked it a lot but did not have enough versitality to be my lob wedge and it seemed like a great fit for a sand wedge. I am trying to play a 50* 55* 60* setup. So I was wondering if I am able to get a 58* k grind and bend it down to a 55*. I know the 14* of bounce will go down to 11*, but that is perfect for me as I wanted a SW around 10-11* of bounce. So is this possible and has anyone
  6. Hi all, Recently I've struggled with my ping i200 irons. Specifically, making a divot. I am a picker, but still, with previous irons, I've been alright with turf interaction. I see that ping has increased the bounce on these irons. My guess is that the bounce of these has something to do with the lack of divots. My ultimate question here is: If I get the ping i200s strengthened in loft, will this reduce the bounce ultimately allowing me to take more turf and make proper contact? Thank You!
  7. T-Mb with high launch graphite shaft. Ping i200 has increased bounce which will affect it.
  8. Anyone hear any info on this? I have the current one and am likiing it so that makes me wonder when the new one (if there isa new one) is going to be released. - Thx
  9. How much Tom charge to add the Flow neck to the Futura 5w?
  10. Hello all, I currently game the Project X LZ 5.5 (115g) in my irons and wedges. As the season has gone along, i've realized a heavier shaft might be needed for next year. My problems arises because I want a softer tip shaft and softer flex, but heavier than my 115g shafts. If I move to the 6.0 stiff flex shafts then the tip becomes stiffer and harder, but If i move to the 5.0 senior flex shafts then the tip becomes softer and more flexible, but once again at the loss of the weight. So I guess my final question is, I need something similar wise to the LZs but with heavier weight and a softe
  11. ​Current handicap - 7 What are you looking to improve on - Get back to hitting a consistent draw with the driver, Ive been struggling a tiny bit with a block push. State why you'd want to test the Swing-U App - I live in a cold climate area in the winter, so indoor online lessons are key towards my game improving. I've been looking for a way to improve through the internet and this looks like a perfect test!
  12. ​Current handicap - 7 City, State - Monmouth County, NJ Current Golf Bag - Taylormade Flextech Why do you want to test this new bag? - Used to own a 14 way bag and regret making the move away from it. Organizes the bag nicely. I was also planning to pick up a Vessel golf bag so this would be a nice way to test one out before I buy one.
  13. Hello, On taylormades websute it currently says that the m2 womens swing weight is less then the mens. I love the m2, but find it to heavy (I understand its light compared others). So I guess my overall question is the womens m2 driver head lighter then the mens? If so I am going to pick one up a replace it with my 57 gram shaft. Thank you!
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