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  1. That’s just it... a verbal contract and possibly with a minor? Nobody in their right mind would think that would hold up to any scrutiny.
  2. Sure is nice to have a sugar daddy, but if there was no contract, then that was an idiot move.
  3. If we’re going to have British announcers, can we have Jimmy Carr?
  4. Regarding strength training... I recommend Gym Genius for an app. You can create your own program and track your progress. I use it exclusively now. For workouts, I'm a firm believer in total body strength - absolutely NOT doing things like working this one body part or that. That type of exclusivity lifting is only for the most advanced lifters who are already well developed and need to bring one part up to par with the other parts. So, stick with compound lifts for now. Perhaps look up a good 5-3-1 program to follow and don't neglect flexibility.
  5. He'll win every major where he finishes first.
  6. I suspect it’s because the people behind the bans are neither clever nor creative.
  7. Taint, the word you were looking for was Taint.
  8. Can’t wait for this to be on TMZ.
  9. I’ll definitely try Ping soon. Never played Ping.
  10. Personally, I’d have a hard time trusting a fitter whose goal was to up-sell me into anything other than exactly what I need.
  11. I know the question was asked awhile ago, but a good tip if the search function on a given site sucks is to use something like this via duckduckgo or google: site:golfwrx.com cobra speedzone reviews The "site:" syntax limits your search to just that site. The only time it doesn't work is if those pages are not indexed.
  12. I thought it was testicular fortitude. At least that's what JR would say during Monday Night Raw when a wrestler was getting whooped.
  13. I wonder if those same people also use a golf cart when playing golf?
  14. Alligators, windmills, and aggressive sea bass.
  15. JDCON

    2020 US Open

    Actually, I have and am. So, keep being naive. Good job!
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