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  1. Is the Olympics happening soon? I don't know, don't really care about the Olympics. I'll take the Players.
  2. The shot does not stop infection nor transmission. It most likely makes you a “silent carrier.” My dad got the shot, got covid, and died this year. People thinking the shot is a normal vaccine are just ill-informed.
  3. I always thought Bryson was more of a Jym fan than Muscle Milk. Stoppani is the right type of carnival barker.
  4. How many other golfers who split with their caddy would generate this kind of backlash? The two split and suddenly Bryson is a tyrant to work for? Golfers and caddies split all the time. Reserve at least some judgement.
  5. No no no. I was just ripping on the absurdity of Azinger.
  6. Pssh! Half of Golfwrx could’ve reached the green with a 6-iron. It was only 247 over water.
  7. “You have to experience it a time or two before you can get used to it.” WTF is he talking about? I need an adult!
  8. All you doubters. Big Lou is going to win this one for Queen and Crown.
  9. Louie just gave it to Rahm. They said he could go “to the Mexican border” on that tee shot, which is an obvious nod to Rahm.
  10. Not sure about that, but he was a huge hit at the gay clubs in LA back in his day. Had to keep the “macho image” for his career though.
  11. He looks like me during league when I’m playing behind a slow group during a 2 1/2 hour nine hole round. Meaning, just doesn’t care anymore.
  12. “Spanish hands! Could be the first Mexican to win the US Open” ~Paul Azinger
  13. Get out of here with your facts. This is the internet. Louie is a 5’2” Frenchman.
  14. Rory’s pants are tighter than those skinny legs in Morikawa’s. You can tell Rory is activating the glutes.
  15. They’re saying he needs to hurry up and run up and hit his shot. Louie is like 5’2”, don’t ask him to run!
  16. Don’t count Banana Pants out yet.
  17. You mean the sector with two ears? I agree.
  18. Bryson was looking good until he crapped his pants.
  19. Rahm won’t win. Ugly shoes and pants have decreed it. Mark it down.
  21. They’re still better than those pajama pants Rahm is wearing.
  22. Not sure. He isn’t exactly the cream of the crop as far as commentators go.
  23. “Reminds me of Tiger...” Does anything NOT remind these dopes of Tiger?
  24. Ugh, some of these Father’s Day commercials are rough. My dad just died recently and we’ll be having a memorial golf tournament next week. We’d always be talking on the phone during these events to share our thoughts. Oof.
  25. Meanwhile, Rory doing what he does best. Miss putts and fill out his pants nicely.
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