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  1. Last Sunday my golf partner, who I have not seen for at least one year, showed up at the course sporting TM Burner drivers. His was from 2018, like a turtle on a stick. Mine was of the bubble shaft variety, unsure of the age. At least 20 yrs old? As an aside, he paid $20 for his. I paid $2. I out drove him a couple of times & he out drove me a couple of times. I hit mine about the same as I hit my persimmon 2 wood, so.... Anyway, I shot a 42. He shot a 41. Par is 32. We had fun. My first round of the year. Used my mildly vintage minimalist set. Today I got the "real" vi
  2. Nice video! Good to see you out there with your son. I think your strategy was the perfect way to play that hole. How close would you have to be to hit a wedge in there? Considering your earlier issue with vintage wedges, that makes 2 risk variables to consider. I'd be interested to see how far the trees are from the forward tees. I'd most likely hit 2w from the tee down the left side, since my miss is right as you know. But hey, you hit the green in regulation and 2 putted for par. Nice hole. I'm sure there are better birdie opportunities for you on that course. Good course management!
  3. If health is an upcoming issue, then I'd pick what I can hit with the least amount of pain. That would be my modern 8 club bag with senior graphite shafts & Ping SW and Putter.
  4. Hey Baloo, sorry to hear about your round but good on you for making the effort. Hope the family is doing well!
  5. Found this today at GW for $1.49. Hits pretty good. Anyone know what decade these are from?
  6. Nice! Are you planning on playing it?
  7. Just finished my 2nd sunrise round. Shot 5 strokes better than the previous day. No 3 putts! Horray! Swaped the 4w for a 3w, and the 9i for the 8i. PW was a NW Thunderstick, which is surprisingly good out of the sand. Callaway Warbird yellow ball. Started using a tee as a ball marker, laid down pointing at the line. Cleaned the ball, and use the writing to make the final adjustment. Set up to the writing on the ball, then just think speed and feel. Putting improved. Next time out I'm swaping the 5i for the 4w, and the Citation 3w for a MacGregor 3w. 9i going back in too, an old Louisville 9 wi
  8. Well, if that's the case, then I'm right there.
  9. Finally got my first sunrise nine in today. Had a line-up change as I called a Ram Gene Littler PW and a Ping Kushin putter off the bench. Bagged a 2W, 4W, 5,7,9i as well. Played a Callaway Warbird yellow ball. The sun only appeared briefly as rain clouds moved in. Temp was about 70 with hardly any breeze. Met a doe on the path between 1 & 2, and she let me get within 25 feet b4 she scampered away. Scored 1 better than my last nine there with the modern bag, so I was pleased. I walked carrying a Ping L8+ bag. The new range finder worked swell. Never saw a soul except two grounds keepers on
  10. I used to game an 11 & 15 wood. Both were very handy. But since then I have gotten much better with my irons so i no longer have them. The hybrid set I have probably functions the same tho.
  11. Nice set. I have that same smart persimmon driver sitting in my 7 club modern set. How do you like it?
  12. Yeah, the PW and Putter don't have any lead tape, only 'cause I ran out... That's a hickory shafted putter I just refinished btw. Rain here this afternoon, so I'm shooting for a sunrise round.
  13. Anyone care to post their vintage WITB pics that they are using this summer?
  14. Thanks! Yes, that would be great. We need to get Baloo as well. Playing with you means I'll have to up my game considerably. Btw, due to phone switcheroos, I no longer have either of your numbers. PM me if you like.
  15. My game has always tended to be on the high side of things, even as a kid. When I first picked up golf at the age of 12, my only instruction was watching it on tv. My natural ball flight was high, and the only two things that told me I hit a bad shot was a low ball - worm burner- and the stinging in my hands. My first clubs were Ram laminated woods with forged irons. Fell in love with the 4 wood, which I still love today. There is nothing so sweet as watching that majestic ball flight, high in the air, land softly pin high. I learned to hit approach shots with fairway woods back then and still
  16. Thanks! Got out yesterday to the par three for father's day. Hope to go to the home course tomorrow. Never did understand the golf course restrictions. I play alone most of the time, and when with someone we're nowhere near one another. Hope you do well playing this summer down there.
  17. Hi Baloo! Glad to hear this news! You definitely have the game. When is the round? Happy Father's Day too!
  18. I was perusing the old thread about "Why I Play Vintag" when the thought struck me about the difference between the effects I get from modern clubs vs vintage. My modern game is much higher up in the air, which can be a problem at the hilly home course when the winds blow. I've noticed on film, and in my reading, that the old game was played closer to the ground. Next round I'm taking vintage to experiment with this, to see if I can keep it lower. Noticed that Vardon (Complete Golfer) advocated a low tee. Palmer used to use a low tee, but then switched to a higher tee by the time he wrote My
  19. Sorry to hear about your accident. Stinks getting old. While I'm laid up again, I'm working on regripping my hickories that need it and applying linseed oil to a few. Hopefully I'll be ready for my annual hickory round on my birthday with our son. Been chipping in the backyard with the pup, who has caught one on the fly. She sure loves golf. Never had a dog that got that excited waiting for the ball. Her latest trick is to steal the ball on the backswing! Lol. Hope the shoulder heals well.
  20. I have almost the same combo. 2w, 4w, 5,7,9,PW, Sandy Andy, Putter. 8 clubs. When the kid comes home, he gets the moderns and I play that set.
  21. A really good drive for me is 175 with roll. I turn 60 in 2 weeks. I play the gold tees, which share the tee box with the reds. Play red on par 5s and one par 4. 7 iron is 135. PW is 90. Putter is anyone's guess. Home course has 2 par 5s and 3 par 3s. My approach shots are a short iron usually, except the par 5s. Scoring in the 40s with this approach keeps the game enjoyable. I have verified my numbers with a gps, but are obviously dependent on how I'm feeling that day. Also play a soft ball because I like the feel on approach and chips. I've never been a long hitter, but strive for accuracy a
  22. When I was a kid I used to play Ram irons. Can't remember the exact model, but they had Tom Watson's name on them. Loved them. Would love to stumble on a set once again. I've had success with Wilson Staff irons from the early 1970s. I look for flexible shafts. So far, they've been great to me.
  23. Hi everyone! Hope you all are well and have survived the panicdemic. Since I wrote last, it's basically been one injury after another. I won't bore you with the details. My lovely wife wants me to play for my health, so I'm going to continue in spite of the pain. Got two 9 hole rounds in within the last week. One at the executive course and one at the home course, which is longer, very hilly, and very spread out. Modern clubs both times, but only 10 clubs. Sorted thru all my golf balls & equipment today. Currently have 1 modern set, 1 5 club Suday bag, 1 60's vintage set, 1 hickory set, an
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