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  1. Same, an 8x for my 3 wood would be awesome
  2. Just got my Ventus red 7x with my Radspeed and wanted to chime in. Originally I ordered the Radspeed with a Ventus Black 6x, however due to inventory issues, I decided to go with a red 7X after reading that the handle is very similar to the black. Eventually Cobra will be sending me a black 6x which I will compare the red to. Until then, I can provide a brief comparison of the Ventus red 7x to the Graphite Design AD-TP 7x. Both untipped. I played the AD-TP in my F9 for 2 years and loved the combo, nice penetrating mid flight. However, I noticed sometimes it would spin up on me a l
  3. Ventus Red. I have this in my driver and it spins pretty low and launches med/high for me
  4. Just got back from hitting in the sim. The radspeed for me is really low spin. My F9 with the ventus red, weight forward was averaging 2400 spin. The radspeed with ventus red and the weight in the back was averaging 2100 spin. Decided to try the weight forward and I couldn't get the spin above 1800, it was unplayable for me in that weight configuration.
  5. Thats exactly what I've experienced as well. I played the F9 with the weight forward and i find the Radspeed with the weight back is already lower spinning.
  6. Just got back from hitting a bucket. It was pretty windy today at 30km/h. Hit this side by side with the F9, found the Radspeed to be much more stable and lower spin. I was hitting into the wind the Radspeed had a stronger flight, the f9 spun up a little bit. So far seeing a huge improvement. Also, Velocore seems to do as advertised, this is the face over 20 shots. Very happy I went with the Turbulence/Turbo Yellow colorway, anyone who likes gloss will be pleased with this colorway.
  7. RADspeed 9* with Ventus Red, Ventus Black is on the way from cobra
  8. really? thats surprising, they responded to me extremely quickly. Maybe try calling them?
  9. I'm amazed by the customer service with Cobra. They ran into an issue with my original order (Radpeed w/ Ventus Black 6X) as their inventory system wasn't updated and they were out of Ventus Black until April. I still wanted the Ventus Black but needed the driver in the meantime as I have an event coming up. They offered to send me either a stock shaft for free or an exotic shaft at a steep discount. I decided to try a Ventus Red 7X. When the shipment for Ventus Black comes in, they'll be sending me a 6X. On top of that they put this as a rush order and upgraded my shipping to next day. Awesom
  10. i ordered mine 2 weeks ago with a ventus black 6x. I got an email yesterday informing me that the shaft is now backordered and will be shipped mid April. Not sure whether to go for the Ventus blue 6x or wait
  11. Yeah it looks great, thanks for the pics! i was actually the one who posted on thp that i had seen it was gloss haha
  12. Man thats really quick, I hope mine arrives soon (I'm from Canada as well). I ordered mine last Thursday in the turbulence/turbo yellow colorway with a ventus black. Wondering if either the head or the shaft is why mine is taking longer..
  13. Gotcha, makes a lot of sense. The whole Radspeed line dropped a lot of spin compared to the F9. In Rich Shiels review, the XB spun around 400rpm less so that with the added forgiveness is awesome. Loved everything about my F9 but found it pretty unstable on low/high strikes. The Radspeed appears to have addressed that while lowering spin which is great for me since i'm looking to lower spin a tad.
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