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  1. Yep, i've tried it with both a Nitron and a Rovic RV1s with the 360* rotating front wheel and for me the Nitron is the way to go. The free front wheel on the Rovic is nice to have in super tight spots but the lower weight of the Nitron makes it very easy to turn as well. One thing i really preferred on the Nitron is the bag seems to lay more upright overall so clubs are easier to remove. That plus the easy opening/closing and the storage bag under the handle for my range finder and other necessities made me stick with the Nitron.
  2. Rovic RV1s push cart with alphard ewheels brackets installed...was going to re-install the back wheels but think i threw them away with some christmas boxes...cart works great but does not include the wheelie bars $old....shipped CONUS Team Titleist Barrel headcover used one round...no tears or stains $old shipped Conus
  3. i'm not sure about this...one thing i like about the remote is being able to see where the cart is in front of me, i think j would be constantly looking behind me to be sure the cart is where i "think" it is...
  4. Glad to hear you snagged one OP... Like i said i used my v2 for the first time Sunday on a course i've walked at least a 50 times with my old push cart and i can tell you my back was way less stiff when i was done. And this was on a 70* day , i can only imagine how much better it's gonna feel when it's mid 90's and humid in the summer..
  5. i just had my first round with an Alphard v2 ewheels and a rovic rv1s cart and i gotta say the remote makes it so easy. it took a few holes to get comfortable with the remote but after a while i was able to send the cart around roped off areas or paths with curbs while i was able to take a more direct route and save some steps..and i'd control it to meet me at my ball. the course i played has a few steep hills as well and except for one the v2 was able to go up without me holding on, the wheelie bars are a must.
  6. Titleist TSi3 driver and AVX ball, Srixon ZX5 irons im not a long hitter by any means and never thought i spun the ball too much but the combo of the driver and ball have given me an extra 10-12 yards, i play with a consistent group of guys who were always longer than me off the tee and now i'm even with them and longer about half the time And with the ball even my irons are about 5 yards longer without sacrificing stopping power. Srixon ZX5 irons...never played anything srixon but these were getting such good feedback here that i decided to take a shot when i saw a set with Modus 120 shafts...so glad i did...forgiving without looking like a typical clunky game improvement iron, like them so much i didn't even consider the new P790 and i had played the previous two models of that club.
  7. Any chance you have pics of the finished product? Did you ever consider taking the whole ring off?
  8. i'm really interested in the c130 5 way bag for my push cart and when i ride but the one thing holding me back is the "ring" at the top of the bag. When i use my push cart i put my wedges at the bottom of the bag, closest to the cart, but the ring would prevent the wedges from going all the way down in the bag. Has anyone tried to cut off that part of the ring? It's plastic so i know it's doable but was looking for any tips. thanks.
  9. i would jump on the c130 5 way in a heartbeat but that plastic ring all the way around the top kills it for me. when i walk i put my wedges in the section closest to my push cart so that ring would keep them from going to the bottom of the bag. my perfect bag would be a 5 way Sync.
  10. Heads up if youre in the market for the MGI Zip Navigator electric cart...Rock Bottom Golf has a 20% off code today and it does work on the MGI...gets the price from $1500 to $1200...
  11. Heads up if youre in the market did the MGI Zip Navigator electric cart...Rock Bottom Golf has a 20% off code today and it does work on the MGI...gets the price from $1500 to $1200...
  12. Bagboy Nitron...so easy to unfold/fold and definitely lighter then the Clicgear. Also it may not seem like a big deal but the mesh netting under the handle is a big plus over the clicgear that has it under the lower clubs. Real easy to put my rangefinder ther and pull it out quickly versus having to reach over the handle on the clicgear.
  13. Plays 34" and has a Golf Pride Pro Only Red Star grip. Head is in pretty good shape with just a little nick on the white alignment. Has black Spider headcover. $120 shipped CONUS
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