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  1. Cobra. Mim. Black. C-Tape 125 or 130. Have a great night.
  2. Great things being said about it. Good shaft offerings bone stock too. I put the Evenflow white in my M6 because it felt so good on the TS2 I tested for a few weeks. I'd like to give these a try. SOunds and look awesome. Can't wait for them.
  3. Matt is a tool. A few of his fellow countrymen are tools too, including Cam smith having his 10 seconds of fame after sounding off on Reed last year for the bunker debacle and Matt making a dig for Bryson being able to go yard is literally hilarious. Greater length also means great ability to mess up. Dispersion grows the longer you hit. And Wolff, DJ, Rory, Finau, Champ along with a ton of other guys are hitting the ball a ways. Sounds like Matt needs some orgain protein, a gym, and a few months to understand the benefits of hitting the ball hard.
  4. Negativity? Or Truth? MGS doesn’t publish much that I take to heart and their ball lab is minority subjective as well but, the things they’re measuring for are relatively undisputable. When they give opinions on stuff, then they lose me. As of right now, KSIG hasn’t made a ball that can last 18 and be played another round (for me) because the original had garbage durability, 3 piece is repulsive, and the gold 4 piece sucked harder than the first KSIG. Let’s see what happens next. I’d take Snell any day of the week over KSIG (all). I think no one can really question Deans input in
  5. Nike: the year we made the best ball in golf, we quit (Nike tour RZN plat and black)
  6. Honma: Either we suck or Justin Rose sucks
  7. Feel wise: neither. If you had to pick one, maybe the X because of the spin and compression etc. TP5x I think went noticeably higher for me but MTBX went a shade higher than Black. I don’t know if I could really even tell the difference between the two. MTBX is the most like TP5x but it’s not super comparable
  8. It definitely feels fuller but doesn’t it feel “fuller” or “more dense” to you? Hard time describing the feel them as they’re more solid feeling than most golf balls.
  9. Yeah I'm a fan of both Black and X. I still don't know which would I'd rather buy. The sample pack I have is half way gone but, I need to get rid of of my TP5x prior to buy more balls.
  10. That's the glorious thing about it, you're you and I'm me. I've actually never had a chance to read about the owner but, sounds like he's not an awesome dude or something? All I can speak for is the wedges. Worked well for me when I was learning the game and buying on budget products. I could totally see that a crap owner throws people off buying a product.
  11. How is a DTC / value prices wedge infomercial garbage? They perform pretty damn well for who they’re targeted market is. Look pretty good too. But don’t take my word for it, go try them yourself.
  12. Played Black at my little or 3 course last night. Big fan of feel and performance. Putting X up to bat this afternoon. Only grip and it’s real petty of me is the simple size / amount. Bigger dimples are just better looking and seem to collect dirt less. But they tend to be a little more prone to scuffing and fragile. So it’s a real trade off.
  13. Friend of friend. Gone now.
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