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  1. These are solid. Looking to make a set next year with some matching black matte shafts I had on the cheap. These are a nice set.
  2. The point of a business being a business is to make money. Consistent and constant product releases. Suspense and anticipation on new product and improving from one generation to the next. Think about it like this. Taylormade just released one of their most successful drivers to the market. Lot's have been bought. But, their new design is already in the works for next year, if not, they already have a few models singled out to be their next shape. Nothing wrong with them. They're on fire. Ride the wave.
  3. Who got that stability shaft in their Kirkland putter? Yes, it’s real and there’s a picture out there somewhere. I continue to be baffled
  4. Question that might've been answered in the other 36 pages @MonteScheinblum. Swinging from P3 is gospel as learned the Efficient Swing. Now, question is with the wrist conditions, do you apply at the P3 prior to the downswing or just before the downswing intent? I'm shanking like a boss and standing the shaft up considerably. My guess is that I'm not rotating enough.
  5. Absolutely nothing wrong with playing prior gen balls unless they had durability issues. Original TP5 (not Penta 5 or whatever it was) from 2017 scuffed quick on the wedge shots but, I’d play it if I could find it on the cheap. Some guys still play 2015 ProV1s I think. Some guys still play older renditions / off market renditions of Chromesoft.
  6. Taylormade contacted me and pushed my driver to 4/19. Damn shame. I requested they send the head and cover / tool as I already have a shaft. Anyone able to request this or did TM support on this? I don't NEED the driver but, I'm not wanting to wait 2 another 1.5 months for it. It's not ideal.
  7. Well. Callaway Chrome Tour (Japanese, I believe, version of the Chromesoft X) was offered on MG Golf a while ago as an offering for discounts with the truvis pattern. It was very clicky and hard. It seemed to have similar characteristics but, a few generations prior. Bought them for 21 bucks a dozen and I seriously enjoyed them. They got no love, state side. These new CSX LS are the real deal. Enjoy them, everyone.
  8. If they don't have their yellow stock refreshed by the en of March, I'm bulk buying 5A ProV1 off ebay on the cheap. I want MTB X in yellow and I want it bad.
  9. My costco is running out of that Victorias spaghetti sauce... Legitimately some of the best spaghetti sauce you can buy but there is just a stupid amount of sauce that comes with it. Maybe we should start freezing some.
  10. Most definitely not going to HB for that. Too many other things to look at haha. I'm sure Srixon is working on it.
  11. I'm sure you don't wanna add weight to the grip area. That's the only way to offset that.
  12. Lead tape? Put some on my M6 because the SW was C8 from factory (shaft length - 1”)
  13. Checking on my order and don’t have that status bar showing up anymore but the tracking shows the same date. Here is to hoping mine still arrives the time given.
  14. Same. My long lead time material was the Smoke Blue shaft. Not a huge deal for me as I still am happily playing the M6 driver. I just want those new wedges I ordered.
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