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  1. Equipment matters. Balls matter. We don't refute this. Your swing matters most. Whether your 4 iron shot comes in steep or low, rolls out or stops, cuts through the wind or balloon is a result of the player. Get a consistent swing and understand it's effects on one consistent ball then experiment from there. I love talking with the 4 caps and scratch players. They're either the most fun people to play with or I am trying to split my group up. Which one are you?
  2. My ecco hybrid 2's were bought in 2017 or 18 I believe. They're still very good in condition. My Pro SL Carbons were bought this year and have a couple outsole spots becoming unglued. I think I'd be replacing those with some sort of spiked shoes like Puma PWR Adapt (Again) or Nike Infinite Tour which are not removable spikes.
  3. Bottom line up front, the ball is the least of your worries. The golf ball matters. The equipment matters. No one refutes these. What matters most and correlates to a fun / good round is your swing and a low end / high end ball won't fix that. We all have our preferences on golf balls. Stick to yours. Whether that means spending $50+ on a limited edition box ProV1, or Noodles, or refurbed balls, or used / X out balls. Next time you play, ask your playing partner what ball they're using and why. I think you'll be surprised on the answer depending on their handicap level
  4. The validity of the test is only backed up by consistent ball strikers that can replicate a center strike on every club, every time. That's none of us on this forum. That's no one in the world. Even tour pros hit it skinny, fat, toey, heely, shanks... The test is a wealth of knowledge but, remind yourself what information you're gathering and how it applies to you. What are you guys looking for when it comes to this test?
  5. Yes you can get it too much in the fingers. You can overdo anything in golf. Palmy grip is bad but, too much towards the end of the fingers can lead to letting the club have a lot of play at the top.
  6. Some private courses are tougher and some are more lax. They assume that you know what you're doing and can play quick and "gimme" putts far away. It's a problem in golf. Private courses alike. Members play semi fast and some don't.
  7. I definitely don't disagree. I habitually crowd the long irons, woods etc. The one lengths help take that setup element out of it but, I still hit different shots with different irons so, it only keeps my distance from the ball in check and that translates through the rest of the bag. They're very fun irons to play. Still need to do another gapping session.
  8. Stil have never played any Bridgestone irons but, the Tour BX Blades and Cavitys look great. Always wanted to try those out.
  9. Went from Srixon Z-Forged to Ping Eye2 (old school fun experiment) and handicap overall rose about 2 full points in a matter of 5 months. Played very not good. Changed from those to current set of Cobra Tour Forged One Lengths in 4-PW and handicap is one full point lower than it was with Srixon Z-Forged. It might be the sticks. I am just playing a bit more and feel very comfortable with these. Didn't feel that with the Eye 2.
  10. Just saw on the gram that these shoes are to be released tomorrow morning (July 27) at 7 AM PST. The way my FJ Pro SL Carbons are breaking down, these look to be on the hot list for the next shoe.
  11. Never heard of Blue Lizard. Sounds like a good try. I've been pretty anti-sunscreen for a while. Having those "holistic / purist / anti additive stuff" friends have kinda turned me against it while understanding that the stuff in the sun spray / lotion is bad for you but, the sun is also bad but, at a lesser scale and over time. Just gotta pick your battle. That being said, sun sleeves if you're in a hot climate and want protection. Light weight pants if you wanna keep your legs out of the ray. Neck, pop your collar or wear a bucket hat. Head and ears, bucket hat or regular ca
  12. I should think that some updates to One Length as mentioned by Bryson in his youtube a little while ago. I think it would be the year that they update their MB / CB line (even though the CBs are these best in the game right now, hands down). Maybe a new forged tech but, those are great clubs for all parties. I don't know how they could improve them. Obviously a new driver / woods set since the hybrid just got an update. Maybe some wedge work as Bryson also mentioned in his youtube. And more than likely an update to their brand new putters with colors, shaft options, etc. etc. etc. Puma i
  13. Some would argue that it be better for your game. I dunno about that
  14. Still smell stinky? My box of 3.2 smells bad still.
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