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  1. Well. One month left in the year and new additions / changes to the bag are imminent, for a lot of people I'm sure. This past year started, for me, with Ping Eye 2s with 2 - W in the bag. Lasted 3 months until I snapped a 6 iron about a foot up from the club head. Re-shafted then sold them. Then I went back to Cobra Forged Tour One Lengths and have them now. I'm a fan but I don't like my gappage. I haven't been playing much so I'm ditching them for some friendlier Game Improvement sticks. I found a set of Rocketbladez with stock / stiff shafts 85 Gram shafts which I am looking forward to playing. I traditionally play a more compact, less offset head with heavier shaft in all of my irons but, am looking forward to this new change. I've never needed help but, life is getting busier again and welcome the distance assistance with lower lofted irons. So, the big changes for me are as follows: Lighter shafted irons Game improvement set of clubs Anyone planning on making any other switches? I like my bag setup other than what I plan to change. Cheers
  2. Ready golf is life. Unsafe golf calls for quitting. Play your game. Give the bird to everyone else.
  3. The mans iron play and putting are very good. Looks like he needs to get comfty with the driver.
  4. I need yellow in Bx and BXS. We need it. Looking forward to the new stuff.
  5. Don't do refurbs. Just don't. Mint and Practice balls are good if you're on a budget. I just put a sharpie over the practice spot if it bothers you.
  6. Bryson has been trying new OLs. Rickie still has his 2 - 3 year old MBs in play. The new wrench set will be interesting but, I still am a fan of the Forged Tour OL. I just wish the shafts came with DG X100 AMT vice the 120 FLT. The difference is truly night and day.
  7. Yup. 3 or maybe 4 sets of Cobra MB / CBs. 3 Sets of Cobra Tour Forged One Lengths. I've had multiple Newport 1s and I think 2 or 3 spyder putters. What I've learned, if it doesn't suit my eye at address then I'm not screwing with it. Offset must be minimal. Size must be small. Topline must be thinnish.
  8. Priority is restock. I believe there was mention of prototypes but not to expect anything this year. Perhaps next year. I don't know what they could improve upon, really. It's a great ball. I nitpick over the logo / number font on the ball but, Dean ain't gonna change that.
  9. I'm not entirely sure what you were trying to get out of Callaway. The ball split in half. An anomaly, obviously. Seems to work very well for Phil, Xander and Rahm. Mass production will always some some casualties and some failures and it unfortunately looks like you were on the receiving end of something that could have caused it. We don't care how good you are at golf, you're "reach" to the local players, or your championship titles. No one is putting any weight to your words because you had one ball fail. Hope the other few dozen didn't do you a disservice.
  10. I was gifted a pair of True Linkswear OG Feel 2.1s and finally played them yesterday. Been following the company for a long time as I'm a fan of minimalist / zero drop footwear. Comfort, grip, style, and build markers were all checked. Big fan. Plan to use them as often as possible with dry weather. If we wanna talk about spiked shoes or a more traditional set, I'd go with the Puma Ignite PWR Adapt (the ones that Bryson uses) as they are also comfortable and work very well.
  11. Whatever is on the horizon will be excellent. Callaway has answered the call on every level and have a ton of merits to their design. Phil, Xander, and Rahm are some of the best of the best. Anyone that says they don't hold a candle to TM or Titleist has that opinion but, I'm certain 99% of us disagree with it. I'm hoping they hold on to Truvis. I'm hoping they keep the same feel and durability.
  12. 100% Concur. The man is turning a lot of heads in the game. Some are calling him out on his stupid distances, the fact that he plays one lengths, his golf style / hat, his off course antics, his off the cuff comments, and even his putting style. He is consistently in the headlines and in the news even if he misses a cut. Bridgestone would be wise to please him (and they continue to do so), and give him the resources he needs to fly the ball further while maintaining practical spin numbers that make a ball predictable and reliable. I still wonder, to this day, if Nike ball users didn't go to other companies or sign deals with other manufacturers, would they play the BX or BXS? They are extremely good and were made by Bridgestone a while.
  13. That very well may be true. I looked up the conforming ball list and there is definitely a few different Tour BX models in circulation with the B logo and different alignment styles. Very interesting.
  14. All of the flagship balls from every brand come a Hi-Vis finish. BXS also has a yellow finish. This is good.
  15. Bryson did say he's trying to combat high spin on his irons and driver because of such high swing speeds. I wouldn't put it by Bridgestone that it's already in the works and has been for some time. Callway, Titleist have their low spinners. Previous gen TP5x was pretty close to those two. It's only a matter of time we get the same reaction from Bridgestone and Srixon.
  16. Snell ball good. From their first gens through their current run. Snell good.
  17. Equipment matters. Balls matter. We don't refute this. Your swing matters most. Whether your 4 iron shot comes in steep or low, rolls out or stops, cuts through the wind or balloon is a result of the player. Get a consistent swing and understand it's effects on one consistent ball then experiment from there. I love talking with the 4 caps and scratch players. They're either the most fun people to play with or I am trying to split my group up. Which one are you?
  18. My ecco hybrid 2's were bought in 2017 or 18 I believe. They're still very good in condition. My Pro SL Carbons were bought this year and have a couple outsole spots becoming unglued. I think I'd be replacing those with some sort of spiked shoes like Puma PWR Adapt (Again) or Nike Infinite Tour which are not removable spikes.
  19. Bottom line up front, the ball is the least of your worries. The golf ball matters. The equipment matters. No one refutes these. What matters most and correlates to a fun / good round is your swing and a low end / high end ball won't fix that. We all have our preferences on golf balls. Stick to yours. Whether that means spending $50+ on a limited edition box ProV1, or Noodles, or refurbed balls, or used / X out balls. Next time you play, ask your playing partner what ball they're using and why. I think you'll be surprised on the answer depending on their handicap level. It's true, a WRXer is a bit more fanatical than the average duffer but, you can always pick other peoples brains.
  20. The validity of the test is only backed up by consistent ball strikers that can replicate a center strike on every club, every time. That's none of us on this forum. That's no one in the world. Even tour pros hit it skinny, fat, toey, heely, shanks... The test is a wealth of knowledge but, remind yourself what information you're gathering and how it applies to you. What are you guys looking for when it comes to this test?
  21. Yes you can get it too much in the fingers. You can overdo anything in golf. Palmy grip is bad but, too much towards the end of the fingers can lead to letting the club have a lot of play at the top.
  22. Some private courses are tougher and some are more lax. They assume that you know what you're doing and can play quick and "gimme" putts far away. It's a problem in golf. Private courses alike. Members play semi fast and some don't.
  23. I definitely don't disagree. I habitually crowd the long irons, woods etc. The one lengths help take that setup element out of it but, I still hit different shots with different irons so, it only keeps my distance from the ball in check and that translates through the rest of the bag. They're very fun irons to play. Still need to do another gapping session.
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