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  1. Anyone ever struggle with losing partial shots right? Maybe a result of me not turning all the way through the ball or trying to slow down impact to control distance. I know, impossible to determine without video. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this with their own game.
  2. Lightbulb moment for me on this video. Few swings with this new rotation feel and you can feel the "effortless speed" we all chase. Going to chase this feeling. Thanks OP.
  3. When you realize you don't have it that day and it's a full round of standing over the ball unsure about what is to follow.
  4. These were only $55 last night guess I missed the sale. Will keep an eye out for another sale maybe Christmas..
  5. Got a facebook ad for Primo golf. Joggers look promising I may give them a shot.
  6. Had a little spell with the 919s and that Gap wedge was my absolute favorite club. I've actually thought about trying to find just that club to add to my pings.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Just picked up a few dozen $20/each shipped. Can't beat that.
  8. 15 minutes since Louis or Rahm have hit. They have to be irritated at this point haha
  9. My tendency when I'm nervous is to rush the downswing and try to hurry up and hit the ball. Lately the feel that works for me is to almost try and pause at the end of my backswing. In my head I feel like it is a Hideki like pause, but my playing partners don't even notice I'm doing it. Has helped tremendously with my tempo. Feels like my body is all working together on the downswing.
  10. I did day 1, 2, and 3 all in the same day when I first got it. I've messed around with 4 and 5 but do at least 50 reps of day 3 everyday because it seems to give me the feel and results I wanted from this thing.
  11. Callaway driver Taylormade 3w Nike Hybrid Ping Irons Titleist Wedges Toulon Putter Just play what you hit best, but I totally get wanting to match.
  12. I never thought grips would matter to me, but I went from some standard golf prides to winn Dri's and I didn't like how disconnected to the club they made me feel. I think they might have been midsize grips vs standard also so maybe that had something to do with it. They were a little too squishy for me and I couldn't really feel where I had the club face.
  13. Used to find some ridiculous deals at the nike clearance store for women's 11.5 (mens 10). Some shoes that would be $100+ in the mens section were 60-70% less in women's. I think other people caught on as there isn't nearly as much stock now.
  14. Couldn't find it, but this was definitely the thread I was thinking about. Thanks.
  15. These are always entertaining and I'm bored at the office today. You walk up to the cart with the person you've been paired with and see this bag. First impressions and expectations of the player? Post yours below as well.
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