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  1. If the majority of your shots are clean and heading where you want then the bad ones might just be poor swings. I know it always take me longer to make any swing tweaks permanent than I think it should. I'd just caution you to make sure you feel your swing changes have completely taken hold before altering your equipment. I suppose you could get just one club that is more upright and practice with it to see what you think of that ball flight. There are various ways of checking lies such as suggested here that are quite good, but I always think ball flight is the most important factor to mo
  2. Are you missing shots to the right?
  3. It is intriguing to me, too ... but at this point it is iOS (Apple) only. Sucks for me.
  4. leegee38

    Hx tour 56

    My guess would be really spinny, including off the driver.
  5. Let's say I have an 80 yard shot with a pin tucked tight over a bunker. If I hit my pitching wedge 125 with a full swing I might be able to hit it 80 yards, but it is asking a lot more to hit it high with plenty of spin from 80 yards. On the other hand my LW provides a high spinning shot of about 80 yards with just a smooth full swing. I'm much more likely to hit that close. That's my logic anyway.
  6. Same guy, just older. Hope all is well with you.
  7. Bill, my old friend ... I have Recoil 110s in my 4-9 and Dynamic Gold in all 4 wedges. I have always been amazed that I find no difficulty going from one to the other seamlessly. Same setup for almost 8 years now. Hope that Wisconsin winter is treating you well. - Lee
  8. I could play either ball, but I have more confidence with the BXS in the wind. I've always felt Bridgestone balls handle wind better even going back to the Precept days.
  9. The arthritis in my hands has found graphite shafts extremely beneficial compared to the DGX100. I call that a real benefit. Your mileage may vary.
  10. Gosh Tom 48 I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with Ping. My experience on a similar issue is so drastically different than yours that I felt like I ought to tell it. I have custom order UST Recoil Prototype shafts on my Ping irons and I noticed that splintering near the hosel you mentioned. Ping insisted I send the entire set back to them, and I received them back with all new shafts and grips ... no charge. They have done this twice now, the most recent was just last year. And mine are older than yours ... G25s. I did go thru my local Ping account where I had purchased them and d
  11. They are not cheap, but I found UST Recoil Prototype shafts to perform relatively similar to DG shafts in the 115 gram weight. The shock dampening of that graphite is a huge difference from steel. I switched from DGX100 7 years ago and my hands are much happier.
  12. I'm no expert but I believe the non-pro is counterbalanced also. And how it impacts you might depend on how sensitive you are to swingweight. I tend to lose head awareness when the swingweight gets too low, and counterbalancing lowers it some. Just a couple points makes a difference to me, which I think proves just what head cases most of us are.
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