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  1. Thanks...big break for Martin Trainer.
  2. Did 2018-19 PGA Tour winners get a 3rd year of exempt status?
  3. Surprised Jamie Lovemark doesn't have KF status- Owgr top 500 currently making some PGA Tour cuts and 9 of 13 on KF last season including 6 top 25s and a 2nd. Top 100 PGA Tour in 17-18 Won twice on KF and was top money winner in 2010 Was hurt and had a major medical- 16 PGA starts last season and 1 this season but no KF status? Fine line out there.
  4. You are likely right in many cases, but an overgeneralization IMO.
  5. Have you been able to wrap your head around the value of a Picasso painting or baseball cards...the dynamics are very similar but the tech/delivery method has evolved for the digital age. I broadly divide NFT values into 4 categories: 1. Possibility to Generate Income (i.e. collect fees in a virtual world/metaverse game) 2. Promotional/Publicity value 3. Emotional (Sentimental, Bragging Rights, etc) value 4. Speculative/Resale value Some NFTs could fall in 2 or more of the above. #4 is mostly a function of the first 3 combine with economics/money supply.
  6. 5 lbs Looks like he did both- https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/10/05/pga-tour-rickie-fowler-fatherhood-rebirth-game/
  7. Rickie said exactly this in the post round interview, but also said that he liked how he responded when the juices got flowing again. Even if he doesn't win today, I'd be shocked if he doesn't win again on the PGA Tour.
  8. He was swinging VERY confidently and the announcers were gushing about the hard work he had been putting in. Apparently, he has gone on a fitness and diet regiment the past few months that has yielded a significant drop in body fat % among other things. If you're a serious pro athlete, you probably don't want your wife to be in better shape than you- https://images.app.goo.gl/76hebu5hKeAktEF49 Add- Some 18 GIR performances are better than others. Rickie had 3 eagle putts the back 9 and tap in birdies on both the front 9 par 5s. #1 SG tee to green for first 3 rounds per announcers.
  9. Still 18 holes left in Vegas, but at 32, he seems to be swinging well and doesn't look like he is struggling to keep his card.
  10. What was pretty simple? When Zalatoris started the 2020 KF season, the PGA Tour policy said top 25 would get their cards after the 2020 KF Tour Championship and would have full PGA cards for 2020-21. Will was top 25 after the 2020 KF Tour Championship, but the PGA Tour had changed their policy and decided not to promote anyone in 2020. How is a mid season policy change that delays a promotion he had already earned by a year simple? How could Will have known this would happen? After the 2020 Fed Ex Cup, the PGA COULD still have carried over everyone's 2019-20 status to 20-21 BUT made eligibility for the 2021 playoffs open to the top 125 point earners regardless of card status (or to anyone who had a PGA OR KF card). For WZ to be top 25 KF at the end of 2 consecutive KF Tour Championships and be top 30 PGA Tour regular season and still not make the playoffs is a joke.
  11. @blackbdmillsaps I agree with you as I pointed out in August. Can anyone name another sport where the ROY was not eligible for the playoffs despite their results being good enough to qualify? Imagine if an expansion team was told they had to pay their dues for a year and be left out of the playoffs even if they otherwise qualified Several years ago I also thought they should open up the Union...I'm not related to WZ and he isn't in my top 10 favorite players. I just prefer the best on the field be included in the playoffs rather than union politics determine eligibility. What made things worse in Zalatoris's case was that they changed the KF advancement rules AFTER WZ had played well enough to earn a September 2020 promotion/2020-21 Tour Card under the pre-covid rules. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor issue, but making the Tour Championship gives higher priority status/choice of tournaments for the next season, so being excluded from the playoffs when you are top 30 has lingering effects.
  12. You might be right but PGAtour.com says he is exempt through 2022-23. (Not 100% positive how they calculate this, but they likely tacked on an extra year for his 2017 and 2019 wins to his 5 year 2015 Players exemption.)
  13. I like Kevin Na, Brooks has been hurt a lot and Fowler's game hasn't been as good the past few years. With that said, I expect Na to be behind the other 2 when all is said and done. I hope Kevin keeps playing well, but I expect Fowler to rebound. Yes, his approaches and putting stats have declined, but he was top 10 at the PGA and he hasn't missed more than 2 cuts in a row since 2016, I believe. Certainly not at peak form, but not that far off. I suspect he will win and make the TC again.
  14. The course is owned by the town. Our league fee is paid to the town and includes our ghin handicap. The town hires the Pros who work in the shop and run the league. Prizes are in the form of Pro Shop credit. All league rulings are made by the Pros. Usually, one of the assistant pros is on the first tee each week, gives us our scorecard (usually w/ hc), and tells us of any rules of the day (format, rolling the ball, etc.) As far as I know, there is not a separate handicap or tournament committee. If asked, I would assume the Pros would say they are the committee. When I said "out of state handicap" I meant one established at a club located in the state of Florida- our course is in Colorado.
  15. After a few more emails with the guy in question, it sounds like our league was using the guys out of state index which is where he posted his 2021 scores. He had surgery in 2020, missed that season and played poorly for a while after coming back which led the out of state index to be much higher than his unposted to index at our course at the beginning of our league, but it has since come down and the two indexes are now less than a shot apart. Not sure when each ghin was established or why our pros used the out of state ghin rather than merging with the ghin he had with 2018-19 rounds from our course.
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