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  1. He and the other assistant run the league which has no other committee. Prizes are pro shop credit which they issue. With that said, 1. If I can't rely on his answers, who's should I rely on. Who is in charge of what local rules apply and is there a method/standard place that the USGA requires them to be made available? 2. So next week, if he gives us verbal instructions on the first tee, what am I suppose to do..."Hey, do you mind going back to the pro shop and print that up before we tee off?" Overall, I think this league is better run than the last league
  2. Very good assessment. Of course, his lawyer isn't going to get any congratulations for helping to mitigate PR damage or lost sponsorships in the US and many other places where those kinds of behaviors are not acceptable.
  3. Actually, I didn't ask the question week 1 and assumed LCP. Week 2, he said we were allowed to roll 1 more week, but NO LIFTING AND CLEANING. I was surprised by this distinction and told him I LCP the few times I was in the fairway week 1.
  4. Logical speculation, but hard to say. Maybe the medical issues have held him back physically at times, but overcoming challenges could have made him stronger mentally. Unfortunately, I see Erik shot 72-71 to miss the cut in the Rex Hospital on the KFT last week and isn't playing KFT or PGA tour this week. Also missing the Rex cut was 34 yo Sangmoon Bae who won a dozen events worldwide, including 2 on the PGA Tour before serving ~21 months in the Korean Miltary 2015-17. He has had 1 KFT win since in 2018, but hasn't regained his earlier form for the most part and has an OWGR in the
  5. In your mind, is there a difference? I.e. If your Pro tells you on the 1st tee that rolling the ball in your own fairway is allowed for an early season league event, would you interpret this as allowing LCP or only allowing use of your club to improve your lie?
  6. Yes! I would imagine that he has to take immunosuppressive drugs which would make Covid more scary. He Monday qualified for the Honda this year, https://www.golfdigest.com/story/erik-compton-monday-qualifier-honda-classic but I'd like to see him get more sponsor's exemptions. VERY INSPIRING how he has overcome his medical hardships to be a world class athlete!
  7. The stats of this two time heart ❤ transplant recipient won't wow anyone- a t2 at the 2014 US Open during a run when he made the playoffs 3 consecutive years has been the highlight of his PGA Tour career so far. 7 professional wins including 1 in Mexico on the Korn Ferry Tour, 3 on the Canadian Tour, 2 on the Hooters Tour along with the 2005 Hassan II Trophy, an event held in Morocco that became part of the European Tour in 2010 who's champions include Billy Casper (1972 and 1975), Lee Trevino, Vijay Singh, Payne Stewart, Nick Price, Colin Montgomerie and Padraig Harrington. Has ma
  8. I agree Westwood and Donald's careers don't compare to Phil's. We are looking at the same stats, but from a different angle. Not only do Nicklaus, Woods, Hagen, Hogan, Player, Watson, Palmer, Snead, Sarazen, Jones and Vardon have more majors than Mickelson, but I am pretty sure that each has had a period where they were considered number #1 in Golf and/or had the best season of any player. Tiger 1st became OWGR #1 June 15, 1997 and was last ranked #1 May 17, 2014. During that time period, not only did Westwood and Donald hold the #1 position, but so did Norm
  9. As a lefty, I like Phil, but agree with @Dave230 and @MtlJeff There is no debate that Phil Mickelson is the 2nd best player of his generation and his PGA win is unique among those 50+, but there are a number of holes in his resume when you start talking about top 10. How many all time greats have never won a season long title or been ranked #1 in their sport? Since Phil's first PGA Tour Win in 1991: 16 different Players not named Phil Mickelson have been awarded PGA Player of the Year and 15 PGA Tour Player of the Year. In addition to Tiger, Rory and Nick Price have won both mult
  10. I think its ok to have a practice aid in your bag, you just aren't able to use it during a round.
  11. Guy Boros wasn't as good as Julius, but he did have a victory.
  12. Thanks for all the replies!! So...I got a message saying Callaway decided to warranty out and replace the club rather than give me a generous partial credit (on a club of my choice). I think that means I have a 9* Mavrik Sz on the way. @scooterhd2 Yes, altitude makes a difference. With the 9* Epic Sz, my first few shots on the course (at 9 k ft) were low pulls, but I found good success for a while adding a degree, moving it up in my stance and teeing it higher with the feeling of a hold off swing. At Sea Level with the 10.5* HH, that swing produces a high soft landing
  13. My 9 degree Left handed Epic Subzero GBB cracked and Callaway has generously offered me credit towards a new driver. About me: 50+ Tall 5.5 index currently, which is on high side for me. ~95 mph SS (low 90s during 25 degree club fitting, 92-102 calculated at PGA Superstore...has slowed in recent years.) Mostly hit draw or straightish ball when playing well...lately more pull hooks and push fades. Play much of my golf at high elevations (5,000 to 9,500 feet above sea level) My Clubs: 9 degree Left handed Epic Subzero GBB +1 degree w/ A
  14. In 2011, Luke Donald ranked #1 in Strokes Gained Approach Shots and Putting while being an average driver of the ball (above ave fairways hit, below ave distance). He also had a good short game and was one of the best bunker players. Obviously, he hasn't played nearly as well in recent years. I agree that he hasn't benefited from the newer equipment but he certainly had some skill a decade ago when he was OWGR #1.
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