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  1. All options require more clubs being changed in my bag - these wouldn’t be an every day change so just dropping the irons in the bag for an odd round doesn’t work very well.
  2. I picked up a set of J33 combo heads recently with great grooves, but the back side of the blades in particular have a dull gray coating like oxidation or something. Maybe an acetone bath would help. One big issue with these old clubs is the lofts just don’t fit in with the rest of the bag. I mean a 48 degree PW either needs bent 2 strong along with the whole set or the 44 degree 9-iron needs bent 1 weak and skip the PW to fit in with a 50 degree gap wedge.
  3. I have tried many. I like the Fiberbuilt strip. It’s easy on the body. Quattro is okay, but I prefer the Fiberbuilt. DivotAction or the Holy Grail (gung-ho golf) strips are other options. I did a homemade DivotAction and it was solid. If Fiberbuilt isn’t appealing to you (some say not great to putt off), check those out. 9 ft is fine. Most everyone I’ve had over can swing driver and mine is 9’1”. Some can’t if their swing is upright or have a high finish.
  4. Plenty of projectors will work. Just find one with the proper throw (like short throw) and resolution. I’d recommend a Roku for the projector. It’s so much easier than navigating on a computer.
  5. The V-sole in the ZX7 is not as prominent as it is in previous models. In fact if you hold it up to some similar clubs (like J15 CB), the natural curved sole looks not too far off. I’m a picker (very shallow divots or none) and didn’t get along with the z765 and thought maybe it was the sole, but I played my best golf last year with the ZX7 (AMT S300). YMMV.
  6. Well I’ve answered my own question based on the step pattern of the same type of shaft and closely inspecting the tips. Mizuno trims the tip to get the kick point in the proper location.
  7. I am messing around with some Mizuno demo iron heads and adapters. I’ve noticed that the demo shafts go in 1/2” shallower than in a standard iron head. So for a demo 6-iron head, does Mizuno: a) just butt trim a taper tip 6-iron shaft shorter and know that the kick point will be slightly higher b) use a 7-iron taper tip shaft c) trim the taper tip of a 6-iron shaft (assuming it still fits in the adapter) so the kick point is in the proper location Thanks in advance for any help. I’d like to know so I can properly test a few with the same demo head.
  8. I picked up a set of these. I just need to figure out which heads to put them in. I’ll provide a review eventually.
  9. I play 4-PW in the ZX7 and also bought a ZX5 4-iron, but I found the ZX7 4-iron to be quite playable and no problem to hit so I game it over the ZX5 4-iron.
  10. Interesting. I might have just went with adding a brass weight in the hosel, but I’ll be curious to see your results.
  11. 2017 version was excellent. Super durable and an all-around performer.
  12. 1990ish as a kid I bought a used half set of 3i, 5i, 7i, 9i, SW, 3w, driver, and putter in an old leather bag. Grips were like hard plastic. Persimmon driver had duct tape securing the ferrule. I got pretty good and decided to try out for the freshmen golf team still using this set. I can still remember vividly being at the first tee and seeing the bags of the other kids with brand new Pings and the like. Later that year I bought a brand new full set of Dunlops with metal woods. They weren’t great, but were a massive upgrade lol
  13. This is a great topic. I’ve been looking at moving from DG Pro stiff to AMT S300 or AMT X100 SS and wondering which way to go. DG Pro always was too light in the short irons. Long irons were fine. I always thought they were mildly ascending weight, but my perception of feel eventually made sense when I discovered that the raw PW shaft is actually lighter than the raw 4-iron shaft. I feel I start to fight the lefts with mid irons about mid-summer and it seems moving to a stiffer shaft calms that down. However in early spring with an only mildly faster than average transition and a 170yd 7-iron, I’ve not considered anything beyond S300 or KBS Tour 120 stiff, which seems just a little stouter than S300.
  14. Recoil 125 does look interesting. I bought a set of Elevate Tour X shafts that have VSS (basically a smaller sensicore-like insert) in case my tennis elbow decides to linger.
  15. KBS Tour is a stiffer shaft. Elevate is on the soft side and some say soft step an X flex if you want it in a more traditional stiff flex range. I also have not been able to find an Elevate EI chart.
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