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  1. I’ve had both. I’d recommend the GC2 if the extra money isn’t a deciding factor. You can run TGC2019 without issue. Here is a video I shot comparing the delay between the two:
  2. Unfortunately, they would be short if I did that. It’s like they were short shafts that someone extended to normal. For someone soft-stepping, they’d be perfect. Unfortunately, I’d fit in a hard step better.
  3. Thank you. That means I’d have to soft step them for correct lengths without the plugs. Ugh maybe someone on eBay would want them.
  4. UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I found the problem after I peeled off the grip tape to see the stenciled part number as @cristphoto suggested. It is about a 1/2” extension that I can’t quite see how far in it goes just like @Smokey227 saw from another set of eBay pulls. How did you remove these? Guessing heat and pliers...
  5. Not for the “classic” shafts. Maybe I can find the PDF file with the drawing still online somewhere.
  6. They look consistent with pics of the shafts I could find. Unfortunately I don’t have for sure known shafts to compare against.
  7. Ahhh I see - I thought you meant close to what I have. Yours are what you’d expect to see. Mine are definitely ascending weight, but far too heavy. Maybe 15-20g more than they should be for their length.
  8. Pretty far off to me! Are those uncut weights? Mine are cut to make standard lengths.
  9. I’m finally shafting a set of new Mizuno MP15 heads I’ve had for a few years. I picked up some Dynamic Gold AMT S300 shaft pulls off eBay and they seemed heavy so I weighed them. First off, the scale is +/- 1 gram and KBS Tour 120 and $-taper 120 shafts weighed as expected (110-113g for 7i cut shaft) Here is what I found for the cut shafts (no grips): - 3i... 116g - 4i... 125g - 5i... 129g - 6i... ? already shafted - 7i... 131g - 8i... 136g - 9i... 141g - PW... 137g These are supposed to be 112-130g uncut. Is t
  10. I’m not an experienced club maker. I have put shafts in, but never removed shafts. PM me a proposal and I’ll let you know.
  11. Please inquire for shipping quote. Higher resolution pics upon request. 1. New Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5.5 putter 35”. Great feel and weight. I bought this from Bon Air Country Club in Glen Rock, PA for $424 with tax. It was with shop credit and can be verified with the head pro, Travis. Only rolled it a few times and still has plastic protection on the bottom. SOLD. 2. New Level 623-M 4-PW irons. KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts. Standard L/L/L. Excellent, like new condition. Played 1 round. Amazing feel and surprisingly playable and forgiving. These c
  12. Weird I think KBS Tour shafts feel great.
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