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  1. Buy from credible sources and it really isn't a problem but it's out there so yes....spending that kind of cash you have to keep your head up. Having said that.....these look as legit as I have ever seen. GLWS
  2. I think he is referring to a rash of fake high end golf equipment that has been surfacing lately. I could be wrong....
  3. WOW....stunning set from my Canadian brother. GLWS
  4. Great seller here. GLWS they are beauties!!!
  5. Being a Titleist man.... I agree.....you ARE going to regret this sale!!!
  6. Quick question.....do the LS shaft effect the spin a lot? I am not familiar with that shaft. I am interested BTW. Thanks
  7. ahhh......no you can't. This season he has been near the top in strokes gained putting. Crazy but it's his Driving that has killed him.
  8. Im going to assume that he Miura's are standard L/L/L.... I would consider those stunners but I sadly couldn't play that shaft anymore. GLWS
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