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  1. I've played Mizuno irons for a long time but 3 years ago decided to go with 765/965 combo set. I've had no complaints with them but recently checked out the MP20s. Well, now even the 965s look chunky compared to them. I'm preparing to get fit for the MP20s. I actually prefer a smaller head like the MP20s.
  2. I've noticed that yellow balls, in general, scuff more than white ones.
  3. I've used mine all year and have walked 50 rounds - most comfortable shoe I've worn in ages. Thinking I'll pick up a few more pairs now that they're on sale.
  4. Interesting topic. Isn't it funny, though, how the drunkenness at the Waste Management Open in PHX is celebrated now. The PGA seems to encourage this mentality. More beer sold means more revenue. The goal in every sports league is to make money and selling $10 beer is a recipe for success so it's not going away anytime soon. BTW, I think some of the stuff is clever and/or funny but most isn't. I can't stand the bozos who yell nonsense after every shot. It's a breath of fresh air watching the Masters.
  5. My Srixon staff stand bag does - recently purchased from a member here.
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