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  1. That game winner by Booker was one of the best I’ve seen since LeBron against Toronto in the playoffs. Booker is Kobe’esk when it comes to making tough shots.
  2. I don’t know if you recall but last year in the NFL thread we had a discussion of “what QB would you take” I think you chose Russell Wilson and I chose LJ, this was pre playoffs. I think LJ is the most difficult player for defensive coordinators to plan against, nothing is more dangerous in the NFL then explosive run plays because it makes defenders into decision makers. LJ is absolutely amazing, but right now it just isn’t close, maybe after this season it will be a different story. The top 100 as I understand it is “as of today”. Mahomes playmaking, throws and ability to come through at the
  3. Great to see the NBA back. It’s strange for me to say but I feel proud for these guys. I honestly feel like they have sacrificed something. I don’t remover seeing LeBron play a worst game then that. He looked very rusty.
  4. I’m a huge Lamar fan. But cmon! This is like giving the MVP to Karl Malone over Jordan, everyone knows who the best player in the league is. Dude got 4th and Brady was 14th. It’s crazy how desperate we are to even discuss this.
  5. Yeah I thought that playoff run put that topic to bed. I wonder if everyone was high when they voted.
  6. The Jamal Adams trade is interesting. Two firsts, a third and a contract friendly potential starter is a lot for a non “premier position” player. I love Adams as a player, I think if the Niners took him over Thomas a few years ago then we have a different SB outcome, he’s that type of player. Seattle just has a lot of holes Ike pass rush and O line to spend that type of capitol on a luxury player. I think they must really undervalue the next few years of picks because of the likelihood of no college ball and they are going all in with Wilson and Petey to win now. I think the Niners success and
  7. Dallas has really botched the Dak situation IMO. If they are to extend him after this season there is no way it's less then what he would have signed for now case and point would be that he only gets extended if he has a good season. Dallas has a good roster and a chance to be a contender, all signs point to a strong season for Dak. If they franchise him again it goes to what like 43 million and it's all a cap hit. Dude might get paid 70 million over two seasons. Lets say they don't extend him, where are they at? Looking for a QB and back to square one. I just don't see him not signing an exte
  8. I think you can say that for a few players over their careers. In other words Brady at his best is not better then Mahomes, Steve Young, Rodgers, or Manning at their best. What makes Brady special is his longevity and resume of work.
  9. The NorCal coast near the Oregon border is one of the special places on this earth. Trinidad and the Coastal Redwoods are breathtaking.
  10. Oak Creek is opening Friday. Golf only, no range yet.
  11. Oak shut down to do a ton of maintenance, bunkers, cart paths, etc. Not closing down permanently.
  12. Steam it, add some lemon juice, red pepper, salt and olive oil. I eat baby kale probably 3-5x per week raw with some sort of dressing, hemp seed and pumpkin seed. To me the baby kale is easier and tastes better.
  13. I don't know, it's a tough call.... I like Jimmy a lot more as a fan, Rodgers is just very unlikable and I think teammates would likely feel the same. Jimmy choked in the 4th Q which cost the Super Bowl IMO. But he did a lot to help get the #1 seed, I don't know if Rodgers wins those same games. I think Jimmy will get better but when I see a clear choke job like that I just loose a lot of confidence. I hope Jimmy proves me wrong! It's crazy because this season Jimmy actually cost more then Rodgers but after this season the Niners can get out of the Jimmy contact at no cost. Depends on what a
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