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  1. I did end up picking these up last spring and have really liked them. Them seem to fit in the category of a apex cf, not quite as small or soft feeling as the apex pro which was the other clubs I was looking at but these still feel good to me and look great. Also at I think $100 an iron is what I paid which is almost half of what a lot of the major brands are going for now so that helped in the decision making. Now if only they would make their wedges left handed I would like to try those.
  2. Mine showed up a couple days ago but it might be a long time before it stops raining here enough to get out on the course. Thanks Saintnine and GolfWRX for the giveaway.
  3. I've had the true originals for a couple months now and have really liked them. They were the first shoes I found wide enough for my foot and I got used to the zero drop really quick. The only downside I've had is they seem to scuff kinda easy, both toes have scuffs and nicks after about 5 rounds and some range time.
  4. I'm not sure I buy that line. It makes sense for an actual small brand like sub70 but all the other brands selling at the big stores have much better lefty offerings including Wilson which I imagine has a smaller share of club sales then mizuno.
  5. This SEL stuff needs to stop. its bad enough that they don't offer more left handed options but the mixed set "special edition" on the few sites I've seen only sell it as a whole set so if you wanted maybe a hybrid instead of the long irons you're stuck buying them anyway.
  6. The sale is nice and might really help them grow. It seems for the non mainstream brands it either needs to be a value offer (sub70) or super boutique (miura, artisan) to gain traction. I'm guessing lack of accessibility makes it hard to compete in the same price bracket with the main brands you can find everywhere.
  7. I think they also get a little less attention as clubs like maltby and sub70 seem to be a little cheaper making close to the same thing. That being said I think the New Level designs look better and they make a set in left handed which I've had for a few months now and Love them so keep up the good work New Level and please please please bring out the wedges in left handed also.
  8. went to the link and not sure which choice is suppose to represent the standard fitted curved brim hat (most Nike, Travis Mathew, or college team hats) that probably 90% of hat wearers use. Is it suppose to be structured mesh? they don't seem very meshy.
  9. I like that they don't have a bunch of colors on them keeping it simple.
  10. the elephant leather headcovers a blade putter coverprize 3
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