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  1. While I know for good ballstrikers, the 2017 and 2019 are quite comparable, I've read anecdotally the 2019 is more forgiving. Any truth to this? I have the 2017s, and like them, but also wouldn't mind a bit more forgiveness if they have it. If they update the 790 to look more in line with the P770s - I've been saying since 2017 I wish it didn't have that 790 badge so it would look cleaner, and they came out with the 770 but with a slightly different shape - can definitely wait! But it's way too early for speculation at this point.
  2. I checked their site and they don't have the 60 4-way cambers in stock. Also wondering if new ones are incoming.
  3. Not a dumb question. In my opinion, based on the original no-turn-cast youtube video, I am money on the pitch shots because of this. From 130 yards in, I use the no turn cast swing, place the ball slightly behind my belt, and club up one, and it stops on a dime. For 50 yard shot, I don't know your distances you gotta test it out, but I can't imagine a more repeatable swing.
  4. They sell the boxes alone, $27. That plus a weight belt with some velcro might just be the ticket.
  5. Is it similar to this article, where they discuss TW's MG2 prototype? Detailing Tiger Woods' recent change to his 56-degree TaylorMade wedge "Considering Woods has been using the same specs for more than 17 years, we can assume the one-off “TW grind” is still a part of the new prototype. Woods’ 56-degree typically has a dual sole with heavy heel relief. The sole has 12 degrees of overall bounce but 24 degrees in the leading edge."https://twitter.com/jonathanrwall/status/1146522104923394049
  6. Hey, you know, maybe this person from 2013 was still looking for a rangefinder and homeboy with exactly zero posts before this one was kind enough to help them out.
  7. Might sell mine if anyone is interested. Gray one. Used exactly once, and only because I lost my v2 during my birthday round :D I didn't use the tracking mode, so can't comment on that. Found out I didn't really use the tracking much, as I didn't keep score, only cared about my distances. But I just picked up a GC2 so I have my distances covered, and I just picked up a laser. So I'll just use my apple watch for GPS when/if I need it (I like the GPS for when I'm obviously too far away). I was going to resell without opening, but I lost my v2 as mentioned earlier. I should have just used my appl
  8. Yup, been waiting, since Costco sells them for $99 often (waiting for sale) but didn't have vibration, yet when I checked Canada's Costco, theirs had vibration. All of sudden, a few weeks ago they relisted it, with vibration now. I bought it on the spot, got it last week, vibration confirmed. Won't know how accurate it is until I play with someone with a different laser. But it's costco, I'll return/rebuy/adjust the price when it's on sale for $99 again. And if it doesn't work well, can always return.
  9. I've been watching the cheap rangefinder section for a while. Was going for the Wosports but the Caddytek at Costco used to go on sale for $99 without jolt/vibration. Kept my eye on it, noticed in Canada people were getting the rangefinder with vibration/jolt, and saw some reviews here in the US that said they got it too. Well they finally updated their description and it now says vibration confirmation. So I put in an order, and will price adjust/return when it's $99 again :D Can't beat Costco's return policy.
  10. Yup saw it on the gram yesterday. The p770 is pretty nice. The MC ... at first I didn't like it, but it's growing on to me. Really interested in the UDI and DHY and what they can do
  11. Darnit, just missed them. EDIT: Ok I found them. MC ... not sure about that one. Man I can't wait to see the new wedges though
  12. Don't hit full wedge shots, and club up and hit a flighted wedge. Why try to full swing your lob 100 (just an example) when you can flight your 54-56 degree wedge the same distance. Shorter swing, more consistent results, no ballooning, pretty good spin.
  13. Same here. I actually did order it, and it says July. When I tried to customize the exact same order but with 790 heads, it says May 22. Wondering if they're really out of heads, or it's going to just cancel because of the replacement?
  14. I agree partly. If you watch the original video, his move is to counteract one swing flaw. The golfer who gets too laid off on downswing, too shallow. If you already have an OTT swing, this looks so close to pulling the handle but I'm not an expert. But this move is absolutely dangerous for someone who brings it in too far inside and behind, then has to go OTT to hit the ball. Notice his example that he's trying to correct is always someone who shallows out too much. But to your point, here he is saying, in the first 30 seconds, if you actually get the clubhead out in front of you, you've ove
  15. The TXG/Raflewski chipping video is very good. A lot of similarities to iteach's short game video.
  16. Thanks. I ended up gluing it to the end of a drywall screw I had laying around.
  17. Hi Howard. Sorry I missed replies to this thread. I checked for a day, and no replies, so I thought it died, and I figured out a solution (I glued the laser to the end of a hardware/drywall screw, works perfectly). I think you are onto something though @Howard_Jones This happens with my longer irons and woods, driver. Not as much of a problem with my 8 iron and up, and even my 7 iron at times. Playing P790s with Recoil 780 smacrwap shafts. Bone stock. I plan on getting fitted eventually, but I got these at a ridiculous discount. I'm not a fast swinger, so I went with lighter weight shafts. A
  18. My problem with upright lie angles aren't the draw bias, but that I'm short. It gets into my head that my window to hit the sweet spot is less, because the clubhead isn't coming in flat. Probably an irrational thought. Also afraid the heel will drag along the ground before the ball.
  19. Only hybrid I can hit straight. Maybe it was the shaft (I didn't get fitted) but all other hybrids I use, I felt the head was so heavy. I fight an over the top yank of the clubhead. So I tend to slice, even hybrids. My irons, woods, driver would fly straight, but hybrids would still slice. Maddening since they're supposed to be anti-left! But the moment I picked up a Gapr Hi at a TM fitting, it was like an old glove. Straight, straight, straight. I'm a slow swinger so Gapr works well 4 and up. It still flies a little low off the deck, but higher than an long iron. A Callaway Heavenwood was my
  20. It's the same for all of the TM stuff. Just extrapolate it. Calculate difference from the setting to the stock setting up top, and apply to your hybrid.
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    Aha so it was TM.
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