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  1. Heard a snippet of his interview on Sirius. Said he likes the forward COG as mentioned above. He said everyone knows he likes to curve it. With the previous drivers he only had one shot the draw. The cut on previous drivers were too short. Now he says his cut goes further so he now has two shots. A common complaint was the Sims and Max’s were kind of close. This sounds like more separation
  2. Does anyone every look at someone else's bag? Seems like headcover hate is a thing on the internet and social media but in real life such a non-issue. I won't use them because I'd lose all of them in half a round. When I compared the 19 to 21 P790 they were indeed thicker looking. It's because the older one is chamfered, and the new one has that ridge on the backside right at the top-line. Maybe it was a CGI decision. But once I just looked at them by themselves it looked fine. Surprisingly the ZX5 looked chunky to me, sole and topline. But I sure liked hitting it. Also took a gander at the T100 and boy was it slim. T200 was a wash.
  3. How does the extractor plate work? Trying to visualize it. mid this a good one? https://www.amazon.com/ATP-Installation-Caliper-Piston-Spreader/dp/B076HVH9VK/ref=mp_s_a_1_17?crid=17D433Q4V0QWG&keywords=brake+spreader+tool&qid=1637181840&sprefix=brake+sp%2Caps%2C234&sr=8-17
  4. What did you order? I ordered P790s two weeks ago, on a Monday I think with KBS Tour FLTs that had the shortest wait time. It said a month. I get charged, and they literally arrived on Thursday. The shafts I really wanted, I bought used for less than 80 (Elevate 105s). If the FLTs work out I resell the Elevates. I'd rather just spend the extra than wait months for a set. Could buy a used one for less by that time. Edit: I do see your post now about the club pro
  5. Need a new wedge, played both CBX and CBX2, and trying to hold out for this. Right now playing 45/50/54/58, but thinking about ditching the 50 (set wedge) and 54 (CBX2) and going 45, 52, 58. I grab the CBX2 whenever I'm in between the PW and Lob anyway and go with feel. Just so damn good and reliable. Hope it comes soon!
  6. You can't. Without a ball to hit, your body will do what you tell it to. With a ball, it'll override you a little to get the clubhead to the ball.
  7. This was a few years ago from TXG. Just gotta test it and see what you need to keep.
  8. I also have 2019 P790 and P770 combo. Got the wrong shaft and grip (as I hit another set of P770s wonderfully ... for me) so I just decided to get a new set. I liked to refer to Today's Golfer players distance iron category, but there are some in the Players irons as well Players Distance Irons
  9. Ordered 5-PW Monday. Said it would ship in a month. KBS Tour FLTs (I already have my shafts so I wanted to try these). To my surprise they showed up today.
  10. A golf sim seller recommended these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083FJYVDV/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Said they were the best of all the balls tested even on Radar units indoors. Mevo+, Trackman4, R10.
  11. Screw it. Ordered it. Expensive. But will sell some of the extra 15 clubs I have sitting around in the garage. Also will stick with the blue SSR for now until I find a good used PRGR HS-130A
  12. What do you think of the turf interaction? Debating P770 vs P790 right now. My miss is thin, wondering if the bigger soles are hurting me with P790s etc. For example, I have CBX wedges. Often on my good shots taking a divot, it is so abrupt I think I fatted it. But it was a good shot and ball flight is good. Like a spoon instead of a scraper if you understand what I mean. Happens with my gen 1 P790s too.
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