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  1. Interesting, considering Nippon said directly the 2f15 Proto is based off the 1150gh tour except with a stiffer butt and tip section while having a slightly softer mid section. Also they recently made reference to this Proto on their Instagram feed. Could this be a revamped 2f15?
  2. Any word on the 2F15 prototype? This one sounds like it would be in the 115gr range considering it’s based on the 1150gh tour.
  3. Jimmy Walkers wearing them this week.
  4. For Sale a set of 303 SS heads by Don White. MOI matched set based off a 35.625” pw and 5 iron measures 37.5”. Slight camber on the sole with rolled leading edge and rolled off heel. Irons are shafted with Nippon NS Pro 1050 S. Asking $1200 shipped
  5. There will be an updated Icon shoe from footjoy in 2021 this is confirmed
  6. So is the Stroke Lab Seven Nano a mini version of the Stroke Lab Seven?
  7. It is an updated version of the icon. I was told January 2021 for release.
  8. Well it’s not. I enquirered about ordering a putter through Ping WRX with Morton’s Golf and the response was Ping is shut down as of now on the golf production side.
  9. I have heard Ping has shut down production at this time, so I doubt there will be anything new anytime soon.
  10. That’s where I picked it up also.
  11. I owned this putter at one point. I picked it up for a song due to the mod work on it. Someone had definitely drilled through the flange and added some weight to it. I got rid of it not long after I bought it. It just never felt right with all the weight added out on the toe. Nothing odd about the finish other than the original has been stripped and if you were to try to have it refinished the weight plug would show. I tried to re-blue it and it didn’t take where the weight was added so I stripped it back to raw.
  12. There are pics in this thread of the sole of the retail 5. Both the 5 and 5.5 are listed on the sales sheet.
  13. One thing I did notice was that the Icon line is gone. Closest thing is the 1857 line.
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