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  1. Love Asheville. Been there twice in the last year and a half. Hope you enjoyed some great beer out there. And some good mountain golf
  2. Fun day at Kemper Lakes today. Wind was brutal, pretty good 10 mph winds most of the day I’d say, probably got to 15-20 a few times with maybe a 30mph gusts. Driver was hit or miss, had a few great drives that left me with 110-130 in but couldn’t get my wedges to connect. Great day on the par 3’s, except the famous 17th. That has my number every time there. Big fan of the way they do the closest to the pin contests. Two of the holes are for handicaps 14 and up. 2 of the holes are for handicaps below 14. On the par 13, had 151 into a right to left wind, hit my 8 iron to 8’6” which, at that time, was good for closest to the pin for us 14+ handicappers. Just missed my birdie putt on the left edge, but made the 3 foot comebacker. Unfortunately, It didn’t hold up, and one more guy got closer, only by a foot. But on the par 3 3rd, playing 130 with a strong wind at our back, put it to 6’7”, which did hold up for a closest to the pin. Woulda been nice to have both of them. And I drained the birdie putt. Also had a GIR and 2 putt par on 6, our last hole of the day, hit it pin high to about 20 feet from 161. overall a 103 on the day, but that was with about 7 or 8 balls in the water or OB so I was pretty satisfied with my play. Especially considering how windy it was.
  3. my friend told me they are adding another 3-400 yards in length this off-season with some new tee boxes. And I want to say he said they are doing more with bunkers too. Maybe in hopes of getting some tournaments there again would be my guess. Can’t wait. Hopefully my game comes with me.
  4. Had some time to practice at Kish this afternoon and made some big discoveries today, I think. I’ve always struggled out of bunkers. Like can’t even get out of them, or blade/shank it way right. I think at set up, I was opening my club way too much. The face was basically parallel to the ground. I closed it up a little bit, and I was getting just about every shot out of the bunker cleanly. Granted the sand was more compact from all the rain and not fluffy, but it felt good getting out. Then been working again with the driver. Working with a friend who had me setting up with the ball outside my left foot to try to get me hitting up on it. It seems to be working. Minus the first hole where I topped a few drives, every other hole I made good contact and put them in play. Was only planning on playing 3-6 holes, but I kept hitting good drives so I ended up playing 12. After the first hole, played the next 11 (2-8, and 15-18) at a great (for me) 9 over 51. playing Kemper Friday, hope the good drives carry over and our team does betting than we did last year’s DFL.
  5. Played Chapel Hill today. Woof. That was a rough one. Rough tee boxes, absence of fairways, and rough greens. The bunkers looked even worse, but I didn’t find myself in any luckily. Just like last year, had a tee time but waited on the first tee for 2-3 groups and tees off 20 minutes after we were supposed to. Front nine took an abysmal 2.5 hours, back 9 was a bit quicker at just under 2. I think a group with some young kids a few holes ahead of us only played 9.
  6. All this talk about removing willows has me bitter. We are having our wedding ceremony next fall outdoor under two willows. Well it was two willows, but one of them isn’t healthy and is being removed. So nows it’s just one willow. (I’m not really bitter, it is going to be a perfect day)
  7. I am usually playing at my home club, the mighty Kish. That’s why I usually don’t mention it since it’s always the same. Course is in great conditions, and greens are better than ever (based on my 2 years there, by the same thoughts are echoed by people that have been there for 30+ years). The new superintendent has been awesome this year, and the course has been much tougher. Everyone index is up about 1-2 strokes. We have a good group of guys that play, put our name on a list for the day, and have a game anywhere from 6-20 players. Rarely have a round that’s over 3.5 hours. I don’t have any juicy stories about drama with other groups or starters unfortunately. my shot of the day yesterday came on the 200 yard par 3, hit it left into some light rough, had about a 40 yard pitch to a mid-left pin position over a bunker. Pitched it right over the bunker onto the fringe, it rolled towards the pin, hit it and just bounced out to a few inches. Couldn’t drop for the birdie but I’ll take the par.
  8. Game’s been the best it’s been all year, last 3 rounds have been 92, 96, and now 93 today. With the 96 including a 7 on 18, and an 8 on 17 today. Probably won’t be out again until Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully can keep the good play up to close out the next few months Edit: scored 93 today, not 94.
  9. Check out Shepherds Crook right on the Illinois Wisconsin border, or Thunderhawk just a bit further south.
  10. I think I’ve heard those called florida scrambles or step aside scarmbles. Unless it’s a more competitive event, If I’m already paying $100+ for the scramble, I want to take every single shot I can.
  11. And unfortunately, Bob Rohrman passed away last year. He and his family made a $15million donation to Purdue athletics a few years ago, and their football field is now named after him.
  12. thanks everyone! garage already has a heater installed haha
  13. My fiancée and I had our offer accepted today on a house. Has a 3 car garage with high ceilings. I’m thinking sim with the extra space. What are you guys thinking?
  14. Afternoon round at Crystal Woods. First time out there. Always nice to enjoy the change of scenery. Some fun elevation changes. 98 today. Was really feeling the new driver on the range, even had a fairway with it on 1. But it went downhill with it after. Really all my clubs, I kept pulling left. Irons, hybrid, and driver. Not sure what was going on. Good think my chipping was able to keep me alive.
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