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  1. Late to the party on this thread, but I just competed for the 1st time as an individual and thought I'd share my experience. I'm 43 and started playing golf around age 27-28. Just played in a Public Links Qualifier last week. I play to an 8.7 currently and knew that I obviously had zero shot at winning, but I could qualify if I played a great round. I ended up shooting a 79 in the qualifier and missed by 3 strokes. I was very happy with how I played, but still I can look back and know I left some shots out there with some poor decisions/swings and inexperience. Certainly inspired to keep
  2. I think they are still allowing cancellations up to 7 days before because of COVID (it's usually 30). So you can book as early as you can and you have a large window to cancel. The other positive to this is that things will open up, so just keep calling periodically if your preferred dates aren't available. Like others are saying, it depends a lot on your group size and dates. I've done trips with both 4 and 2 golfers and it's significantly more flexible with a twosome. The golf is usually really easy with 2, just having the room available at the resort is usually the hardest p
  3. Personally, I think if you can do Solstice you should do it. There are only 124 spots and it sells out in an instant. If you can get in, jump on it. Duffer is right that your friend will soak it in more on a regular trip. For me, it was my 8th trip and other than Sheep Ranch I had played them all before, so I knew the courses well and where to hit it, for the most part. One thing I would add though, it wasn’t as much “speed golf” as I thought it would be. We walked with pace and played very ready golf, but still it was much like a regular round in many ways. I think on
  4. Got back from Bandon on Friday, the Solstice was a spectacular event and my brother and I were both really glad that we were able to take part in it this year. Spud3 really hit all of the high notes with his trip report, but I'll add a few thoughts here myself after a few days to reflect on it. - We arrived at PDX from BOS on Sunday night late and drove to Salem to stay for one night. Monday AM we got up early, drove another 45 minutes to an Elmer's for our big "day before" breakfast, then got to Bandon around 10am. Enough time to change and hit balls before an 11:50 warmup roun
  5. Hey Shackman, my group is last off on the Bandon Back 9. We paced ourselves in the slowest group (3.5-4). Conceivably we could have those first groups off of BD #1 somewhat close to us when we tee off if they are rabbits, it will be 50 minutes after the 1st tee time when we start. I’m assuming they’ve got this really well planned out and we’ll just go as fast as we can. Can’t wait, heading West tomorrow afternoon!
  6. It really depends on your fitness level, so it's hard to answer that. Since anything after 36 is free, you can do a short loop or just play a few holes and head back if you aren't feeling it.
  7. This sums up my feelings on OM. If it were a 1-2 hour drive from me, I would play it all the time. I’ve enjoyed every round I’ve played there (even one in rain, wind, and hail). Would never skip it on a visit. It’s just 4th out of 4 (haven’t played SR yet, though I assume OM will be 5 out of 5 after that). I can certainly understand people having buyer’s remorse playing a round at OM when they could have played one of the others, but I personally have never felt that way.
  8. I should add that I’m a 9 myself, not exactly Tiger Woods here. Hopefully the 3:30-4 time is the right one for us. I just wanted to heed the advice not to be overly aggressive with the time estimates.
  9. I opted for the longest one (3:30-4 hours). My playing partner is a high handicapper and I didn't think it was reasonable or right to go with one of the faster times. We should hopefully be able to keep up at that pace and get all four rounds in. Obviously a lot depends on who we get paired with as well.
  10. Fired up, can't believe it's a week away! Hoping my back holds up and also fingers crossed on flights. Meeting up in person sounds great. My playing partner and I have an 11:50am tee time on Trails on Monday, but we should be able to get to the reception before 4:30pm. I'll be wearing a blue Jackie Robinson hat with a big #42 on it, can't miss me. Safe and smooth travels to all.
  11. +1 on the ball, good stuff. Lacrosse ball works as well.
  12. Looks like an amazing agenda. I'll be there for the Solstice myself so perhaps we may meet up along with the other WRXers. My #1 "don't leave home without it" item would be some type of Body Glide/Chamois Butt'r to avoid chafing and blisters on your feet. That's one item that (to my knowledge) they don't sell at the resort. Some of the other stuff like lip balm/sunscreen/Advil/etc. you can buy there. My feet especially blistered up bad on my first trip. Also I bring a Brazyn packable foam roller. I do think they have foam rollers in the gym at BD but I like the convenience of hav
  13. I've always done $120/round and $250 total if I play 36 in a day. This would be my portion of a double bag. Typically the caddie has preferred that we just pay for both rounds at the end of the day. This figure has always been greeted with thanks and my typical caddie accepts my requests when I visit, so I assume he's fine with it. I've given an extra $20 on days when I've really slapped it around out there. I don't know that I answered your question BG5 but I hope that is helpful.
  14. +1 on Alloro. Place was fantastic. Reservation recommended, they only have a couple of tables.
  15. Sounds great! Would definitely enjoy meeting up in person.
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