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  1. Well I appreciate the feedback! I bought a dozen of the B X and a dozen of the B XS as well- I have also tried the prior R XS- I don't know what it is- I just tend to like a ball that I can feel longer on the face- It's really hard to explain- I used to love the feel of the Titleist DT Wound 90- even though most of my peeps were using the Professional Balata or the Maxfli HT Balata I loved the springy feel of the DT Wound 90- I recently found a couple of them and went out and pitched with them and the feel was like going back to your favorite toy store as a kid. The Tour B X so far is a l
  2. I meant to say Driver Swing Speed- not ball speed- I don't see that I can edit the title!
  3. Yes- and yet they keep recommending something that doesn't jibe with that- even though there is all sorts of independent data to suggest the arbitrary speed of 105 MPH with a driver doesn't mean a whole lot for most golfers.
  4. I believe that before the MGS 2019 test companies such as Titleist were sharing their data about much lower swing speeds being able to compress the golf ball- but with more and more data showing that soft is slow and that for most swing speeds within human reason balls will perform similarly off the tee commensurate with swing speed. If I swing 100mph I will likely hit the Tour BX further than the BRXS- But what baffles me is this very finite 105 MPH line in the sand that Bridgestone has drawn, and for a company with such a focus on innovation, it really seems very dumbed down and comple
  5. Thanks! I was reading some of your other posts- your thoughts on iron head shapes really resonate with me! I've had lots of Bridgestone gear but I am particular about head shapes and really also the way the toe looks at address. I'm going to give the XS a good long exclusive trial. To be honest, I was expecting it to be less durable than it is.
  6. Interesting- I feel like the Tour B XS is heavy and the Z-Star is comparatively lighter! Your signature says RXS- how are you liking that?
  7. I've been a Z-Star guy for a while now- In my opinion the following things are true 1) prior iterations of Z-Star were more durable than the Z-Star 6 (current version) 2) Z-Star tends to be a touch shorter than the Pro V1 for me over the longer term 3) Z-Star is a great all around ball that does everything very well, but nothing absolutely floors you about it 4) I love the extra white appearance I broke out Tour B XS yesterday on a very nice golf course with the fastest greens I have ever played on. I found the following 1) The B XS holds hard, fast
  8. I would also add that a famous golf course architect Tillinghast thought that not being able to break par at a golf course was a bad thing
  9. Actually- a fair question with I hope a fair answer. The magic of Augusta National is that Jones wanted it to be a second shot golf course. The tee shot doesn't demand perfection but the second shot matters a whole lot to the score on that hole. There are some similarities to St. Andrews which someone mentioned. This week is an outlier and the consistency of scores dating many decades back validates the soundness of the design and conditioning of a major championship venue that gets played every year.
  10. I've been reading about supposed quality control issues with some Srixon balls. That has not been my experience- although I do feel the 2019 is a more easily scuffable than the prior iteration. I presume this has to do with the softer covers. I have Z-Stars that are made in Japan and some that are made in Indonesia. If anything one of the reasons that I have consistently purchased Z-Stars is consistency. MGS seemed to confirm this in their 2019 ball tests where Srixon Z-Star and the Pro V1's along with the B-Stone Tour B X were the balls with the least variability. Anyone exp
  11. Sure they had stock shots- but in general balls spun more and the penalty for missing the sweet spot was extreme- also the turf interaction was not consistent from week to week because of the soles of the clubs and the variance of turf conditions- players had to understand how to hit from lies and places that these guys don't.
  12. There were a few holes at Colonial where you had to shape the ball to get into the fairway any where near where guys like Justin Thomas are used to hitting approach shots from. Thomas hit a beauty- a slinging hook. The rough and trees really are the only thing to make pros consider not hitting driver on every non- par 3 hole. The thing that has been lost a bit is if you are going to have penalties for shots you should also have rewards for the player that is willing to take a risk. As it is, there is often no real penalty for an errant tee shot that can't be mitigated by the extreme length of
  13. I walked nine today with the idea of seeing how much the golf ball matters- I have a stock of balls including the last version of B330S before it became the Tour BX S The last Z-Star that the box looked like Hideki designed it The most recent iteration of the Z-Star 2019 It's about 78 degrees and breezy. I'm a single digit player that looks a lot like Bert from Sesame Street. What I found is the following: 1) The older version of the Z-star does not go as far as the newest version (I already knew that) but this sample just re-confirmed it. 2) The newer Z-Star and the B330-s were very close in
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