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  1. You will love them- they are forged(ish) rocket launchers that look and feel amazing. I love them to death
  2. With technology as it is today with the ball and clubs, if someone is playing from the correct tees what is going to separate good scoring players from others is 120 yards in. In my opinion the best way to start shaving strokes off of your score is to learn to putt with one ball on the practice green. Then take that same ball and play a game of get up and down 9 scenarios at a time. Learn to pay for your mistakes in practice so you can do it in a round. Your short game chips and pitches help with your long game if you let them. If you play with good players usually they will hit approach shots roughly pin high and if they mess up, they take their medicine and can get up and down. You don't often see a good player not take their medicine on a poor shot. For 10-15 handicappers I have yet to see one with a really good wedge game which means regardless of the other full shots, their proximity to the hole 100 yards in makes par golf nearly impossible. We've all got someone at our club that looks like a pirate in the full swing and shoots in the high 60's or low 70's most of the time. One thing that doesn't get talked about enough in my opinion is the best players I know have a stock, go-to shot that they can ride or die with on days when the club feels like a concrete pylon in their hands. Lastly, I think really good players instinctively respond to the club face and therefore can think their way around the golf course with different lies and conditions, whereas the 83 shooter just does what they do. Also, I'm not a fan of drinking alcohol while playing. Watch the Champions Tour players- they can get up and down from a parking lot regardless of their ball striking prowess- they shoot a lot of low rounds.
  3. Honestly, I can't explain how much I was shocked at the sleek profile. These are very much like the 745's on the bottom, but the overall shape and appearance of the ZX5 is not game improvement looking in person to my eye. In fact, I had to keep checking that I was holding a ZX5 and not ZX7 in our pro's combo set. They are in line with i200's or any other similar players CB, and actually I think they look better and more "better player"- It's never bothered me to see a tiny bit of the back of the club on the long irons, it gives me confidence
  4. This is a great post. I have the privilege of working with one of Hardy's peeps in person and the characterizations of the Plane Truth are mostly based on Hardy's first book which is really more like a research paper than an instruction book. In my opinion to argue that there are not competing and opposite fundamentals in golf is disingenuous. As you point out, even the hips Vault video or the pane vault video demonstrates this. I grant you people tend to have shades of these elements in their swing, but separating them out and understanding the opposite nature of things like clear the left side vs "underneath and behind" (two long-standing golf axioms) is very important in my opinion. What you said about being a 2P with a 1p release is true. David Toms was a classic 2p with most clubs but had a beautiful 1p release with a wedge in his hand. You don't see many low-handed two planers that are great ball strikers. The Plane Truth teachers that I have had lessons from never talked a lot about swing shape with me. it was about dealing with the cancer in my impact conditions.
  5. Been gaming Ping i200's with Nippon 105 stiff shafts. I could no longer stand it and got some new ZX5's. Our pro is a Srixon staffer guy and actually has a combo set with the 7's and the 5's. I had thought from pictures online that the 5's were way to chunky, especially the sole. However, I was shocked that in person, to my eye, the ZX5's are actually pretty sleek, and not nearly as bulky as I had thought. After seeing them I ordered them immediately with the 105 stiff. I am making some swing changes with my instructor and my first 9 hole with them were revealing. I was swinging TERRIBLY but had a lot of usable shots; the difference is that I can feel what is going on with the face in my misses. For a few holes this led to the perception that the irons were more penal than my Pings. Just for giggles I hit each 9 iron into a par 4 and luckily made the same crappy swing with both. They responded somewhat the same and it was a reminder that I would have sucked that day with my Pings too. I played my second round yesterday with them after a lesson and they really are this good. More forgiving than I thought they would be, sleeker and I get the amount of feedback I desire without as much of the boneshaking sting I associate with a miss on a solid one-piece forged club like my old mp57. I also just got a Z585 driver and I brought out my Z fairway and hybrids. Srixon is doing it right and I'm here for it. If you are considering the ZX5's and you were worried about the size of them, I would say they look better in person by a mile and they perform. They are rocket launchers, but I would say consistent. I get aroused just seeing them in my bag!
  6. I'm going to try these out. I've been using Srixon Z-Stars for the most part. I was a Pro V1 guy but I struggle with the price, although they are great balls. My only complaint about the Z-stars over the years has been a slight decrease in distance compared to the Pro V1 and lately the Bridgestone B Rx and XS. For me, the Bridgestone balls are slightly longer than the Pro V1 and Z-star. The Z-Star and the Pro V1 have been pretty close in most performance characteristics to my eye. What has me interested in the Z-star is the potential to be like the current Pro V1 (which is an excellent performing ball, including durability) but good in the wind and less expensive. What I liked about the Z-star was the consistency in performance. You can count on it, but like I said I felt it was 5-10 yards shorter off the tee especially and the last iteration was not very durable. If you have been using the 2021 Z-star what are your thoughts about distance and durability?
  7. I've been playing a Ping 400 with stock stiff shaft, and I like it a lot (most days). I had been romanticizing about my Srixon 565 driver and decided to test them again on the course. The Ping won, so I'm selling that 565 with stock stiff Miyazaki. I bought a 585 with the stock HZRDUS red stiff shaft on a whim and decided to do some head to head comparisons. I've been walking and tracking with my GPS on different days and here are the results (if anyone is interested) 1) The 585 has a more penetrating trajectory than either the Ping or 565. 2) The 585 appears to be less purely straight left biased for my swing than the 565, which was a left machine. The G400 is more neutral. The 585 does want to draw, but it's more of a draw which I would put down to the kick point of the HZDRDUS Red. 3) The Srixon 585 has a muted feel and a solid thwack as opposed to the 565 which is tin machine. Versus the G400 it sounds more like a carbon fiber driver- it's different for sure and took some getting used to. 4) It took me some time to be able to feel the 585 swinging- which I would put down to the shaft as well. The way I would say it is that it just feels like one piece where the G400 feels like a driver head on a stick. I think I am learning to love the 585. 5) The Srixon as a more penetrating trajectory than the G400, and it's surprising because I thought it would be super high, which it's not. It's mid-high as the shaft suggests. I love that. 6) The 585 is hot coming off the face. It's worth a couple yards apples to apples vs the Ping, but that may have everything to do with the shaft. 7) I LOVE the look of the 585 at address. I mean I LOVE it, and I love the headcover. The G400 looks somewhat gaudy to my eye at address. I prefer the more square look of the 585 at address to the slightly open appearing look of the G400 I feel that the G400 is a Toyota and the Srixon is a Lexus in that the Srixon is very specific in design where the G400 is kind of good at everything. The edge for me is going to look at set up, sound and a more boring trajectory (in the wind we play in at the coast). I feel the 585 is a much better driver than the 565 for my game. It seems more forgiving with a much better (less tinny) sound. The driver has peeked my interest in getting Srixon irons again.
  8. I had some 765 irons, which most days I loved. They had the Modus 120 stiff shaft. I went through a bad patch and I don't know why, they just seem punishing to me. Now, I've learned that it's pretty much always the indian and not the arrow, but reading MPF for Srixon irons is interesting to me. I've owned a lot of irons over the years and I felt the Srixons had the potential to be the unicorn that was forgiving enough for a single digit but still have great feel and workability. I like the topline being a little thicker for the confidence factor. Anyway, the new Srixon irons have slightly better MPF numbers than past irons, but interestingly, the ZX5's don't rate that much more forgiving numerically speaking, than the ZX7's. So I have three questions. Has anyone compared the ZX7's to the 765's and if so what your thoughts? If you've lived with or hit the ZX5's and the 765's what are your thoughts about feel and forgiveness vs the two? If you have compared the ZX5's vs ZX7's what are your thoughts about feel and forgiveness? I am playing Ping i200's with Nippon 105 stiff, and I like them a lot, but I don't adore them. I am not one that scoffs at bigger, more forgiving irons but I do think there is a point of diminishing returns with feel and how much the forgiveness actually shows up contingent upon one's particular misses. Thoughts?
  9. I had some time to compare my G400 driver to a Srixon Z585 driver with stock stiff shafts. As has been the case with other Srixon equipment I have had, I’ve seen that Srixon gear has very specific characteristics with intention. What I saw about the driver wanting to hit a draw online is very true. I can see this being a blessing or a curse. I’m a single digit handicap but I’m 49 years old and want every advantage I can get. Playing a cut at my age gets me into the 230-240 carry range and I don’t like it. So I’m committing to a draw as my stock shot shape throughout the bag. my question for those who have been using the 585 is do you still love the driver? Do you or did you feel limited by it?
  10. I got a Z585 9.5 degree with the stock HZRDUS Red stiff shaft against my Ping 9.5 with stock stiff shaft. I walked 9 and did some head to head comparisons. I'm using a Garmin GPS to track each shot. My course is along the ocean and this time of year it's damp and the wind shifts around a lot. I'm 49 years old and my driver swing speed is around 100. First hole with no warm up (had to jump in to get ahead of the 1 o'clock league.) Into a club and half wind- Srixon 233 carry in the fairway, Ping 213 right rough (hit a tree) The Srixon clearly wants to draw. I also have a 565 with stock stiff Miyazaki and it just wants to go left, this 585 seems more controlled draw. The Srixon is more a penetrating flight than I was expecting. This is something I might end up liking because I tend to hit the ball high and once the ball gets over the pines here the wind wreaks havoc. In the next several holes the drivers were fairly close, one hole into that same wind I had two in the fairway, Ping 252 Srixon 242 carry. The ping goes higher and appears to spin more. Typically when I miss I either push a bit right or I pull straight left. The ping has a bit more right in it and the Srixon has more left in it. These drivers don't feel that much different in weight statically but the way they feel when swung is different and I think some of the anomalies I saw were down to me trying to sense how to swing the Srixon in terms of feeling the club. I would imagine some of this is the shaft and how it kicks etc.. At times I felt tentative with the Srixon in my hand, like I wasn't sure what the club was doing during the swing. The one thing I did not like about my 565 is the tinny, high pitched sound. The 585 is noticeably more muted and it sounds you would expect a carbon fiber driver to sound. I had a Callaway carbon fiber many years ago and it reminds me of that. My Ping G400 is somewhere in between the sound of the 585 and the 565 drivers. I would say this is small sample size but one thing about the Srixon equipment I have had is that they characteristics are very apparent in the design. Ping is the working man's driver in that it just really works, it's middle of the road in terms of sound, weight, etc... It's not really biased in one way or the other, and it's very forgiving. The Srixon lets you know everything right up front. The feel is very solid, the driver wants to draw and it is a boring trajectory with surprisingly lower backspin for the "forgiving" driver of the line. I will continue to test but I can see right now it's going to come down to a philosophical decision to have a driver with one specific thing or the working man's driver. I can see value in both. I can work the Ping, occasionally I will hit a cut off the tee. I would prefer for a draw to be my stock driver shot, and the Ping allows for that but I feel that I have to really work to do it in a controlled way. The Srixon is a draw with training wheels, which I will either learn to love or hate. I mostly used a 2021 Pro V1 for the testing but threw in some Bridgestone B XS and RX just to see how things changed. It's what you would expect. The XS spun a lot and RX fared better in the wind and was a touch longer than the XS and V1 especially into the wind. The V1 to me, is so consistent and that's why I have gone back to it.
  11. Thank you. Do you feel the driver is workable?
  12. Thank you! Have you compared the 585 to a Ping or any other drivers?
  13. I know this sounds crazy. I had a 565 which I love the look of but the extreme left bias and the tinny sound were a bit much. I want to hit a draw as my stock shot with the driver. I have a Ping G400 with the stock stiff shaft. I'm a medium high medium spin player, probably average around 100 mph with the driver. I had heard people raving about the newer Srixon drivers so I thought I would try the 585 with the stock HZRDUS Red stiff shaft. If you've lived with this driver for a while, what are you thoughts? My hope is that with a decent swing I can become a high draw machine of the tee.
  14. I think part of why they are shorter for me is that I hit the ball high, whereas the Pro V is a little flatter trajectory. I love the flatter trajectory of the Pro V1.
  15. They spec out close at my swing speed in testing, but I've never hit the 21 Z-star. I feel the 21 V1 is slightly softer and lower driver spin than the prior version. Like many of you, I found the Z-star in the past to be slightly shorter off the tee and the 2019 version became less durable than any prior iteration that I've played (every since S-URS) I think the new Z-star may be slightly less spin throughout the bag, but I'm really curios about durability with the Z-Star. Any thoughts?
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