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  1. Sure they had stock shots- but in general balls spun more and the penalty for missing the sweet spot was extreme- also the turf interaction was not consistent from week to week because of the soles of the clubs and the variance of turf conditions- players had to understand how to hit from lies and places that these guys don't.
  2. There were a few holes at Colonial where you had to shape the ball to get into the fairway any where near where guys like Justin Thomas are used to hitting approach shots from. Thomas hit a beauty- a slinging hook. The rough and trees really are the only thing to make pros consider not hitting driver on every non- par 3 hole. The thing that has been lost a bit is if you are going to have penalties for shots you should also have rewards for the player that is willing to take a risk. As it is, there is often no real penalty for an errant tee shot that can't be mitigated by the extreme length of
  3. I walked nine today with the idea of seeing how much the golf ball matters- I have a stock of balls including the last version of B330S before it became the Tour BX S The last Z-Star that the box looked like Hideki designed it The most recent iteration of the Z-Star 2019 It's about 78 degrees and breezy. I'm a single digit player that looks a lot like Bert from Sesame Street. What I found is the following: 1) The older version of the Z-star does not go as far as the newest version (I already knew that) but this sample just re-confirmed it. 2) The newer Z-Star and the B330-s were very close in
  4. A detailed comparison between Ping i200’s, i25’s, and Srixon 765’s As the name suggests I am going to be talking about the differences that I have observed between these irons but I first want to give some background information that is relevant. 1) Single digit handicap, pretty good ballstriker at times 2) Was recently re- fitted for irons and am now red dot standard length. 3) Where I play is often somewhat damp with grainy grasses such as Bermuda 4) I’ve had all sorts of golf clubs in my long career- currently age 47 and been playing for 41 years. 5) I have bee
  5. > @mantan said: > > @Tommyj said: > > I think Ping is always striving to make each generation of irons more forgiving while at the same time making them look more pleasing. I was out at Ping Canada several years ago speaking with one of the reps who told me that the then current i200 was more forgiving than the G20. So I think with the i-series, every generation which came after the i15 has had more of a players look to it, but that's my opinion. But according to Ping, each time they release an i-series or G-series iron, it will be more user friendly than the previous gener
  6. > @dmeeksDC said: > MPF does not take into account how much higher these newer thin-faced irons launch. If these clubs had a traditionally low COG, they would launch too high and lose distance. The newer ones are actually far more forgiving in terms of MOI. > > MPF strongly favors a long blade length (higher C dimension measurement) and a low and deep COG. I don’t like long blades and a low COG only matters for me with blades or one-piece cavity backs. It all depends on the club. I would rank the i200/210 as very playable, not any different to me than a G or G410, only I prefer
  7. > @bellairemi said: > The MPF ratings have gone down because the COG has gone up on the "I" series irons. It is now consistently above the center of the ball. The actual MOI measurements continue to go up for the "i" series and they now have a higher MOI than some of the older G series irons. Does this make them effectively harder to hit?
  8. I have i25 irons- They go high and straight for the most part. Thinking of getting i200's or 210's - MPF ratings have been going down for Ping i irons- I've read though that some people think each iteration of the I irons has gotten more forgiving in general. What are your thoughts?
  9. > @"Poor Posture" said: > They should have hired Riggs and the crew from the Fore Play Podcast on Barstool Sports Hell yes! Love that podcast
  10. > @ray9898 said: > > @cfunk11 said: > > What would be charged with if he got **** on somebody when he was urinating aisle? Would it be different than just pissing on the carpet? > > It can be a form of battery depending on the laws. Most places criminalize unwanted contact under certain conditions which extends to bodily fluids, same as if you spit on someone. I have to say- I understand that the me too movement probably needed to happen- but I also think in the age of social media all of the things which have been negative about the press, and media in general, ar
  11. > @swancer said: > Ripped one of the center dividers out of my 16 Hoofer 14 way after 2 months. Ping immediately replaced it with a brand new one that seems to be holding up. Not a huge fan of the straps as I think they are too narrow compared to my sons Titleist carry bag. Also, the 14 way is a nightmare to get midsize grips in and out of. I was pretty down on recent Ping bags but the new Hoofer lite they sent is fantastic in every way. Great fit and finish- minimal club tangle. The straps are different but my jury is still out on that- I love the Hoofer lite so far- it's the replac
  12. > @stanger37 said: > Ever hear Breed mouth breath, inhaling the spit back into his mouth when he takes a breather from speaking? can't unhear it, I can basically time it when I listen to him here and there in the mornings. I play a game whilst sitting in traffic. strong!
  13. > @scotee said: > Did we ever get to the bottom of the Rich Lerner nose whistle mystery? Haha- I hadn't heard of it!!
  14. > @dornstar said: > Thanks all. It's definitely improved. Only problem I'm really experiencing is that when I'm tired, I start to get the ball leaking to the right more than I want. > > > > I played today and I hit my first 5 approach shots inside of 20 feet. 3 of them were inside 10. Unfortunately, I had one of the worst putting days I've had recently and only made 1 of them. Made the turn with a 34, but ran out of gas on the back and shot a 42. Probably didn't help that I had went on a long run today and then got the call for a last minute round. With the 94* heat
  15. > @toc said: > You have a vacation coming up at work soon maybe...? Haha- It's light hearted- I just find it interesting that it persists. I am actually a fan- especially of his show!
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