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  1. All of the solid core balls would fail for sure. I think the wound balls would probably compress too much at the really high club speeds. Ignoring COR effects, it's really an aerodynamics game at this point. Increase the drag at top end tour level speeds of today and you can still end up with somebody potentially swinging faster in 5 years but it would at least contain the problem for a while.
  2. Yes and no. Until you reach critical velocity faster swingers will always hit it further. But golf ball drag is a function of speed, spin, dimple shape, etc. Right now the USGA does tests at a speed well below what the big hitters are capable of. So, if they change the total distance test conditions to better reflect what the top golfers are capable of the issue goes away. IIRC the total distance limit of the test is 320 yards at a ball speed of 170 mph. Just change the speed condition to 200 mph and keep the limit at 320 yards. Done. Yes, all c
  3. There are quite a few papers on golf ball aerodynamics if you're bored. In the end it comes down to the drag on the golf ball at different speeds/spins. Ball diameter (fixed by the USGA) and dimple design are the biggest factors there. I've said previously that if the USGA wanted to limit the ball the easiest way to do it would be to change the launch conditions they use in the ball distance test without changing the actual distance limit. Right now the speed they use for testing balls is too low. Raise the speed used in test and the problem is solved.
  4. In a hypothetical dream world I sometimes live in, I would change the rules of golf so that virtually all of the free relief options are removed. All relief comes in the form of an unplayable. It would simplify the rules a lot since all the confusion about when you're entitled to relief and where to take it just disappear. Scores would be higher of course, but so what.
  5. This was done at a Golftown so it was probably done on a GCHawk which reads the ball directly. The screenshot is definitely the new Foresight format. On the Foresight LMs you have to type the name of the club in but it does not do any adjustments to the readings based on that. You can type in "Bob" for club name if you want.
  6. Any suggestions would just be a guess. There are so many models to choose from.
  7. Yes, graphite will be much lighter than steel. Your typical steel driver shaft was 120g (or so) back in the day but they also played much shorter lengths back then. You can get graphite shafts in the 90g range but they are hard to find and tend to be expensive. Smaller heads are also pretty much a thing of the past so you may as well bite the bullet on that one.
  8. Wow, those are some old woods you ended up with. There has been a lot of development in graphite shafts since the ones you got were made. Basically you can get any stiffness and flex profile you want in graphite now. My recommendation would be to look for a 2-3 year old driver with a heavier (70g range) shaft as a starting point. It's likely going to be a much better suited to you based on what you are used to.
  9. Gaming an AD-TP7 in S myself. Great shaft.
  10. This. ^^^^^ Casual rounds are the best time to practice the crazy stuff. Pulling it off in a match because you've hit the shot before can be a morale killer to the other team.
  11. A lot depends on how much time you have. When I went to the Masters we went to Pinehurst for a few days before and then the day before our Masters tickets we played a round in the AM and drove to where we were staying for the Masters in Columbia. About 4 hours from Pinehurst to Columbia IIRC. Kiawah is about the same but the closest is probably playing some of the RTJ Trail courses. If you fly into Atlanta you can get to the Grand National site in about 2 hours. That would be my first recommendation.
  12. Also, his short irons are longer so he has more CHS. His lofts are adjusted to give him the correct distance gaps which means higher ball flight as well. Good for holding greens with descent angle vs spin.
  13. Sounds like you've changed your delivery. If it were me I'd try adjusting the lofts on the T100s to get the launch and spin back. PX 6.0 might be a little stiff for those speeds.
  14. Unless you changed your swing because of it, the wind should not have affected the initial launch angle and spin of the irons. What launch monitor was used for the Titleist fitting and what balls did you use?
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