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  1. The TP is not very common. Probably because not a lot of pros play it. I was playing a TP7s in my driver until it got kicked out by a Ventus Blue. I still have a TP8S in my 4W which isn't likely to be going anywhere.
  2. My club has the local rule in place. It's amazing how many members aren't aware of it. EDIT: Typo on "has". We still have the rule in place.
  3. LOL, you picked the one I was going to pick.
  4. Having to play out of a divot in the middle of the fairway is one of the aggravating charms of golf. There's nothing quite like hitting a good shot out of a divot.
  5. As a confirmed shaft ho, I LOL'd at this. I have a Ventus Blue 8S hybrid shaft that I'll be putting into my driving iron as this year's experiment for once the snow melts.
  6. Changes the position of the CoG for feel and launch dynamic reasons. Sometimes related to other changes in head shape and size.
  7. @MtlJeff I learned to play at Golf Dorval and played it once after they converted it to 18. Frankenstein is a good description. The original 18 holes there was a really good layout for a municipal golf course.
  8. I'm waiting for the "Perfect Club" commercials to come back.
  9. Measured lofts or spec lofts?
  10. Yes, OB is more penal to try and reduce the number of balls that go there. There's also the obvious "it's not part of our property" factor as well.
  11. Earlier in the thread I had posted pre-order on Jan 8 but I got that from a press release somewhere which was obviously wrong. Looks like it's going to be the 29th.
  12. Pinehurst is a good option, but it will be hot as balls. My other suggestion would be the RTJ trail. Depending on your preference use either Grand National (Auburn, 2 courses) or Capitol Hill (Prattville, 3 courses) as your base and spend one day at the other facility. Also likely to be hot as balls in the summer.
  13. Heresy! Personally I'm pretty certain I'll be upgrading to the new Cobra driver. Just because.
  14. It's certainly a good starting point but the #1 thing to be aware of when switching heads is that the headweight is going to have a big impact on how the club feels and performs. As an example, Ping heads tend to be on the heavier side and Callaway tends to be light. So if you have a counter balanced shaft in your Ping and it feels great then it will feel completely different in the Callaway without adjusting the head weight and that will impact how you swing the club.
  15. I've never really understood the point of this. Assuming they have head covers the heads are unlikely to get even a paint chip. I'm more worried about getting a shaft (or more) snapped in two.
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