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  1. I'm a little surprised that they changed the Peacoat finish from matte to gloss. It looks really good in matte on the RAD. I'll have to see it in person on the LTDx.
  2. Won the B-flight of ours this past season. Played decently (80-79) and ended up coming from 2 shots behind to win. For our B-flight we settle ties via retroregression and it turned out I was actually tied with one of the other players in my group but I had the better back nine so I ended up winning. Woot! In going over the analytics in Golf Genius after the fact it turns out that I made the fewest doubles (1) in the entire flight. I didn't make a lot of birdies but keeping big numbers off the card was key.
  3. Agreed, probably the ferrule creaking. Either epoxy it all the way in or no epoxy.
  4. All of the various forged cavity back irons are going to be similar loft for loft. It really comes down to preference at address and sole design. Take me as an example. I switched out of Z785s and didn't go for ZX7 because I decided that I didn't like longer blade length. Why not just pick up a set of new shafts if you want to try that? Shaft swaps are easy.
  5. Just curious, how did you manage to convince them to allow that?
  6. Without Googling, I'm going to throw out Davis Love's final round at the Player's many moons ago.
  7. I was paired with a guy and his wife from the UK a couple of years ago when we were at Innisbrook. A group of guys in carts rolled up to the tee box nearest the green we were on with the tunes going. It was very audible from where we were. The look on the husband's face was classic. It's like he didn't know what planet he was on. I thought his head was going to explode. When we got to the next tee he asked us if that was normal over here. My buddy, who hates music on the course, said "Unfortunately, yes." UK guy shook his head and said that if that happened at his club the offenders would basically be run out of town.
  8. Winter topics are always a laugh. On topic, I used to have a putting mat when we lived in an apartment. It was an older building and I swear there was 6" of break on a 10' putt.
  9. Lot's of places where error could be introduced. - Placement of stickers throwing off dynamic loft/AoA reading - Face contact location, as you point out - The theory is based on a specific head / face roll profile. It also assumes a specific face contact location IOW, don't sweat the clubhead numbers as absolutes too much. They are most useful in a session when comparing relative numbers.
  10. I would take Bryson's comments about driver manufacturing with the largest grain of salt known to man. That said, Cobra makes good stuff and the probability that I'll be gaming one of the new LTDs is pretty much 100%.
  11. Good question since it is very easy to groove a bad habit hitting into a net. I have first hand experience with that. What launch monitor did you get? If you have one of the higher end ones that reads ball spin and ideally clubhead path then you can use that as the feedback mechanism to differentiate between good and bad strikes. If you just rely on ball speed then you can end up grooving a hard pull.
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