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  1. @jjfcpa I was going to recommend this. I've been using a sharpie to cover the number on my ball as my mark for years. The bonus is that when you tee the ball up so that you hit the dot you will see the transfer mark on the face of the club. For a sharpie you need to re-apply the dot every couple of holes for it to transfer but the dry erase will do the same thing. I had a caddie once who was also a teaching pro that noticed what I was doing and said he was going to start using that with his students.
  2. The thing to remember about places like Bandon and Cabot that allow the carts to go across the greens is that the grass/soil is not the same as most places in North America. It's much firmer and the grass (fescue) is a lot more tolerant. We didn't make a single ball mark at Cabot the day after it poured rain overnight.
  3. The day I played it there were guys fishing. One low burner and I could have taken out three different guys.
  4. Speaking of planning, here are some thoughts / tips for others planning a trip. 1. If you can afford to, stay multiple days and play each of Links / Cliffs more than once. That way you have a chance at different pin locations and winds. It can make for very different experiences. 2. Assuming you are playing 36/day try to play both courses on the same day, i.e. don't play the same course twice on the same day. Also try to play each course in the AM and PM. 3. Again, assuming you are playing multiple days with 36/day on some days, I'd suggest the following depending on your fitness level. Day 1 = 36, Day 2 = 18 + Nest, Day 3 = 36, Day 4 = ???. While the two courses aren't difficult walks, you will get tired playing 36/day.
  5. Never too early to start planning a return trip.
  6. Just got back from our trip to Cabot yesterday. This was the rebooking of our trip that was cancelled last year due to Covid. It's my second trip so I don't really have anything to add about Links/Cliffs that hasn't been said before. Both courses are fantastic. This was however my first opportunity to play the Nest, the new 10 hole short course. It opened last year and in August (?) of this year they added lights so that you can play it at night. We teed off about 30 minutes before sunset as an 8-some. We asked if that was cool when we checked in and they said once we didn't hold anyone up it was OK. We ended up letting a couple of twosomes through but and we could see that two groups who were further behind us ended up forming an 8-some as well. Playing at night, with 8, and about a 2-3 club wind at times was a blast. The greens at the Nest are very tricky. Lots of slopes and run off areas. We saw balls land and run all the way across the green only to end up in a collection area. We played it from the "back" tees and the longest club I hit was a 7i on a hole that was into the wind. I'll post some pictures in a follow-up post.
  7. If the NY resident is not playing with you, no. They check ID for the person who made the reservation. NYS residents can book 7 days in advance and out of state 5 days. If you know a NYS resident they can book the time and then once you are within your booking window have them cancel it and you can immediately book it. Make sure you are both online and synchronized so that nobody snipes it from you.
  8. Same here, always more consistent with a heavier driver.
  9. It really comes down to where, and how large, you want your full swing gap to be. If it were me, I'd go 48/52/58 and bend to fine tune distances as required.
  10. Exactly. Buddie of mine used to be very conservative off the tee, with layups, etc. He was always a good driver / ball striker. He finally got more aggressive and went from a 2-3 index to plus. He makes a ton more birdies now.
  11. No. Not enough toe to heel camber for my liking, i.e. leading edge is too square/flat from the pictures.
  12. Have you actually tracked your proximity to the hole from 115 vs 60? That's the whole point of Broadie's book. Most people think they do better from there "good" yardage than closer but in reality they don't. Their perceptions are skewed by an expectation bias that 15' away from 60 yards is somehow worse than 20' away from 115 yards.
  13. Unless driver brings trouble into play significantly, driver all the time.
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