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  1. @MtlJeff at least you guys are allowed to open. My club was supposed to open on Tuesday but or idiot premier shut golf courses. Argh. At least I was able to get out for the two weekends before in some pretty good weather and pretty good conditions considering the time of year.
  2. From your more recent posts you're at the point where you really need some detailed stats from something like Arccos or the 18birdies app. As you already know the better you get, the harder it is to shave strokes. One of our clubs best players is fantastic tee to green. He probably hits more greens than you so for him it's all about getting it in the hole so you'll see him on the putting green doing various drills. As a couple others have suggested if you could improve your GIR by a couple per round and improve your proximity to the hole those are probably t
  3. The easy answer is which one is costing you more strokes. The introduction of strokes gained changed the approach of a lot of tour pros and applies equally to hacks like us. I think it was Justin Rose before he got to #1 was constantly working on his short game until they looked at the numbers and figured out that he was actually ahead of the field in that area but way behind tee to green. Worked on his driving and iron play and got to number one. The traditional "old guy" wisdom was that short game trumped everything. That's simply not true for everyone. In your case s
  4. Cobra fan so I would recommend those first. If you haven't heard the sound of the Pings make sure you do if you are considering one. They are obnoxious.
  5. If it actually deformed the crown then I'd worry about the integrity of the head on high on the face strikes over time since there's going to be some flex in the crown.
  6. Not too cynical, but maybe not assertive enough. If you go into a fitting and just tell the guy "hook me up with whatever you think is best" you could get very different results. If you give him some guidelines and feedback during the process then you'll be much better off and probably end up with something that lasts longer. Driver is probably the easiest club to fit since it has one purpose, maximum distance while keeping dispersion under control. Irons are different. You need consistent distance and gapping. They are also a much different swing than the d
  7. I play to a 5-ish index. At least once a season I'll go on "90 watch" when for whatever reason the ball won't go where I want it to. It happens. Laugh it off and tee it up again.
  8. I use a grit which when I am done I can actually see scratch lines in the metal. Don't recall the number off the top of my head but it's a pretty coarse one.
  9. I don't think I've seen it yet in this thread but at Bandon and Cabot they actually tell you it's fine to push your cart across the green. The ground / grass is so firm and tight that you'd have to try to make a mark.
  10. Not cheap, but here you go. https://www.cobragolf.com/radspeed-weights
  11. Another option would be to use an app to record waypoints every time you make a stroke. That way you could sync up with the Strava data more easily.
  12. Off the top of my head you could probably do this by using the data from a fitness app like Strava which track GPS position and heart rate. It will record when you have stopped moving so you'll know where / when you made your strokes. You would need to do some filtering to get rid of pauses where the golfer is waiting for others to hit but if there is correlation to heart rate data that might be easy.
  13. My last pair of spiked shoes also had the ceramic tipped spikes. Glorious.
  14. I did on the Z785. Not quite the same some as the ZX7, but pretty close. No issues.
  15. Distance wars. Most tests use the 7i.
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