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  1. I have had a very up and down season swing/scoring wise. I've got an emergency trip to Bandon booked for the second week of Nov to prolong the season. After that it's going to be a winter of exercise (like last year) and probably weekly trips to a buddy's golf simulator.
  2. Interesting topic. I've been in the 5-ish range for several years now and to the point in your first paragraph it is really about consistency. With irons and wedges I can hit pretty much every shot you can think of subject to the consistency/success rate of a mid single digit index. Right now I play a fade with driver. Any draws I hit are accidental. I used to play a draw and at the time any fades I hit were accidental. Long story about the change but conventional wisdom would say that right now I'm "missing" the draw with driver. But in actual fact, I'm not and it's not a big deal. I have yet to come across a hole where the fade isn't a workable option. Sure, a draw would be beneficial on some holes but straight or small fade is never going to kill me.
  3. Paraphrasing what my caddie said when I played EH and asked him where the next tee was. "Look for the closest hill and climb that".
  4. According to the flex profile data, the IZ is the closest to the TP.
  5. What's your definition of "better"? Certainly there are more multi-material designs out today that have different weight distributions than irons of 20 years ago. Thin face, hollow body irons didn't exist 20 years ago either. Again, that may or may not be better for everyone. Certainly today there are arguably more options available in terms of design options.
  6. I have been playing a 120 in my 50*, 125 in my 54*, and 125-W in my 58* this season and I can't remember a season where I've hit my wedges this well. I take a lot of full swings with the 50* and 54* and I think the extra weight in the 125 helps with 40-50 yard pitch shots that I usually play with the 54*.
  7. I was booking for a foursome and there were times every day but none on Pacific and Sheep Ranch for our dates. It sounded like there were only a handful of guaranteed to finish times available each day. I wouldn't wait too long to book.
  8. Do you know if your Dad is particular about looks at address? Being a past stick I wouldn't be surprised if he was and as such that might limit your options. Since he's in graphite already it's really just a question of getting something that works for him. Off the top of my head I'd suggest the Srixon ZX4s with an appropriate graphite shaft. They'll look decent at address but being a hollow body should be pretty forgiving and make up for any swing speed issues. For driver and fairway wood I'd go for a high-lofted (11-12*) for the driver and a 5W. Instead of a hybrid maybe go with a 7W? Good luck.
  9. Emergency trip to Bandon is now booked for Nov 7 - 11. As expected, tee sheet was full so we couldn't get all the courses but we'll be on the lookout for cancellations. Playing Dunes, OldMac, Trails, Dunes, Old Mac.
  10. The only scenario where everyone should get all their strokes is in a net stroke play tournament.
  11. Our ex-club champ made a triple on the 18th hole of the final round of this year's club championship which forced a playoff that he lost. Tee shot OB, and chopped it around on his second ball. He's a +3 and probably hasn't made triple on that hole in many years. Golf happens.
  12. Pick a reference club, either your longest or shortest, and adjust the lofts to get the yardage gaps you want. Strictly speaking the actual loft is irrelevant unless you need to change it by a large amount to get the gap you want. Personally I start from my LW and go up from there.
  13. The challenge without having all the club numbers (path and face angle) is that you really aren't sure what the root cause for the ball flight is and that's the missing feedback. If the unit calculates a "pull-draw" is that because you were out to in with a slightly closed face or square with really closed face? At a certain point the algorithm is going to have to make some assumptions about clubhead path based on the measured ball path and spin. The ball measurements will be accurate enough to give you a pretty accurate ball flight estimate but when you start to factor in the location of face contact (especially for driver) you can see how the algorithm can be off for giving you accurate club head data. If you start to make swing changes/adjustments based on an incorrect assumption of what you are doing with the clubhead that's where the potential for mixups happens in my experience. It's probably less of an issue for irons just based on the lack of bulge/roll in the irons but by the same token clubhead path issues probably don't show up as much in iron readings because the impact on spin axis is probably not as large. Specifically a wipey fade, face square/path a lot out to in, and a good fade, path slightly out to in/face open, might look the same on the unit but are the result of very different swings.
  14. I have a list of setup / swing keys on my phone. I should really have them engraved on the head of my driver. Was having a struggle with driver the other day. On the 14th hole I figured out that my posture was bad. Guess what the second point on my setup list is? Striped the ball off the tee for the remaining holes.
  15. And such are the vagaries of match play. Score doesn't matter. Your birdie to my triple is still only one hole.
  16. Assuming the caps are legit it shouldn't matter.
  17. Just to comment on these two points because I think it might be indicative of the issue. Years ago, before launch monitors and simulators were a thing, I went to a winter golf school where you hit balls about 20-30 yards into a net. I thought I was working on solid contact but all I was doing was grooving a wicked pull. I had no concept of where I was aiming and where the ball was going in the real world. Using your setup as you describe in the second paragraph, to evaluate ball flight, may be the issue. The Mevo+ and other similar devices are great tools for certain things but my experience suggests that they don't give enough data to give important feedback. On something like a GCQuad you get all the club data as well as the simulated ball flight so the feedback that you get is "better". On a GQQuad (or similar) if you hit a crappy one, it doesn't hide it. So, using the Mevo to keep things like your tempo, clubhead speed, etc. in tune is certainly not a bad idea but if you're looking at it for directional feedback I'd be careful. Good luck!
  18. As somebody who went from a pretty consistent 7-ish index to a 12 in the space of a season (I'm back down now so bear with me) maybe I can help. The first thing, and this is going to hurt, is the Mevo+ is not, IMHO, a good practice tool. It is a gaming launch monitor. In order to truly practice and improve you need to have a launch monitor that MEASURES club head data and ball data. Period. My story. I used to have a flat swing and played strong but consistent draw with driver. A few seasons ago I wanted to get more upright/on plane to help my iron consistency. Over the winter I worked on it using a simulator setup that only measure ball data. I changed my plane and the numbers suggested I was making solid contact. When I got onto the course I could not keep driver in play for the life of me. It was a struggle. Once I eventually got onto a real launch monitor I figured out that in changing my plane I had also moved my swing path from in-out to out-in. Hard to play a draw with that path. I moved to fade and am back a solid 5-6 index. My point here is that what I was seeing in the simulator was not an accurate representation of what was happening in my swing. Ball data alone is simply not good enough to use for real practice. My guess is that you are grooving some kind of bad move using the Mevo numbers because it simply doesn't provide the right data to actually give you the correct feedback. What feels like solid contact and a straight shot might actually be an over the top pull. Then you get onto the course and when you make what you think is a good pass at the ball and see a bad result you make changes, spray the ball, lose confidence and it spirals down from there. I hate to say it but if you really want to practice with a sim you need to ditch the Mevo+ and figure out something else.
  19. All of the Keiser properties (Bandon, Cabot, Sand Valley) are walking only. Off the top of my head other courses that I can think of: Bethpage Black. The Ocean Course Whistling Straits
  20. Based on your driver speed 5.5 in the irons is surprising. I will say that if you are being fit for iron distance vs consistency, run away from that fitter.
  21. Until they change the design they will continue to have bending issues. One of the guys I play with has C-tapers in his irons and we were looking at them just the other day and I'm pretty sure his are bent.
  22. I am have been gaming these for a couple of months now and really, really like them. My clubs are at the club so I can't take a picture but I have not been put off by the shape/size of the PW. In fact the main reason I switched to these from my Z785s is for the overall smaller blade size.
  23. The biggest change is the introduction of thin faced, hollow body irons. Loft for loft they will produce faster ball speeds than a more traditional solid head.
  24. It's pretty unusual these days to have a FWY shaft lighter than what's in the driver. Not sure why he would have fit it that way.
  25. So you're saying there's a chance...................
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