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  1. It's pretty unusual these days to have a FWY shaft lighter than what's in the driver. Not sure why he would have fit it that way.
  2. So you're saying there's a chance...................
  3. This ^^^^. Thanks for saving me some typing.
  4. I have the Srixon UX #2 and hit it off the deck all the time for long layups or going for one of our par 5s in two.
  5. I don't own one, but a friend does and I've been on it. It's a good setup. From the discussions I had when he was setting it up it seemed relatively painless. He's got the full featured set which gives club data and it's on par with what I have seen from GCQuad/GCHawk systems. One feature which Uneekor has that is very nice is the video of the club at impact. He has a couple of different simulator packages integrated with it for course play.
  6. Have a look at the Wilson Staff blades. I play the CBs and the sole has a fair amount of camber. I moved to the Wilson CBs from the Srixon Z785 and haven't noticed a difference in the turf interaction so I wouldn't be surprised if the blades are similar.
  7. As someone who tees up his ball to hit the dot I can tell you that I never make adjustments based on what I see. It's simply a way to see "did I hit that one solid". I don't change my tee height or setup based on where I hit it. It's just extra information to understand why a ball came up short or spun too high.
  8. Since it's the rules forum we can split hairs. The OP said the following: Strictly letter of what he said, he's just looking to see where he made contact. He didn't say anything about making an adjustment. Kind of like looking at the grass mark on an iron face when you hit a ball out of the rough.
  9. Has anyone in this thread actually said they are doing the highlighted action?
  10. I'm the opposite of @VanTheMan0519, I prefer my utility to feel like my irons so I have the same shaft as my irons in mine. Modus 120.
  11. We had a course here that for the first couple of years they were open had and enforced a strict pace of play policy. If you were behind at the turn they kicked you off and gave you a rain check or refund for 9 holes IIRC. Pace of play was fabulous at what was at the time a pretty difficult track. They changed management at the course and the policy ended. I think you need a combination of carrot and stick for this to work. For players that finish faster than the required pace give them a discount on their next round. For players that are behind after 9 holes, kick them off with a raincheck / refund. The caveat for the slow groups is that you can only really do this for the first group that is slow. Everyone behind them is a victim of slow play so you marshalls need to know what they are doing.
  12. In net tournaments, which are the only ones that should use multiple tees, the course handicaps would be adjusted based on the tees so it shouldn't matter.
  13. What tee you play should never be about age or gender. Play the tees that: 1. Allow you to maintain pace of play 2. GIve you some variety in the clubs you hit into greens. 3. Allow you to enjoy your round.
  14. Found the patent. It has a diagram of the rifling, which is different than the marketing materials, but at least it means I'm not losing my memory. https://patents.google.com/patent/US5857921?oq=royal+precision+golf+rifling BTW, the patent is now expired.
  15. I distinctly remember a picture of the rifling that was likely in a circa 2000-ish Golfsmith catalog.
  16. I found the following text in a press release from the 2005 Volvo Masters. If I get really bored I might look up the patents. Rifle-branded steel shafts combine four advanced technologies to deliver steel shaft performance unmatched in the golf industry. Only Rifle steel shafts offer: Frequency Matching that perfectly matches a set of clubs through electronic calibration; Stepless Design Technology that eliminates the energy-robbing ‘steps’ found on most other steel shafts, and provides greater accuracy and a smooth, yet solid, feel at impact; Patented Internal ‘Rifling’ that transfers energy more efficiently than other steel shafts, reduces vibration and increases distance; and advanced Flighted Technology that features produces variable ball trajectories for different clubs within a single set.
  17. The last time I went they wanted a 5 hour interval for replay booking. That said, we played our morning rounds in under 4 hours, made the turn early and jumped out a full 90 minutes before our originally scheduled replay. This was in April a few years ago but I suspect that you can also get slower rounds quite frequently.
  18. The original Rifle shafts from Brunswick/Royal Precision were manufactured with internal rifling, like a gun barrel. This was definitely part of their marketing back in the day. My google-fu can't find an image of an old advertisement but I'm sure some of the old timers here will remember it. I don't know if True Temper continued with the internal rifling.
  19. That would never fly at my club and shouldn't be allowed at yours. Do you guys have an active handicap committee? We run a lot of net events at our club because the demographics of the guys who play in it means the indexes range from +4 to the high teens. The good thing is that everyone posts their scores so the handicaps are solid.
  20. @larrybud you win the "F-it I'm bored" award for today.
  21. A good launch monitor is a fabulous way to improve your game. I has a driver path issue that was undiagnosed until I got onto a launch monitor. I went from literally not knowing where the ball was going off the tee with driver to a fairly consistent fairway finder. It's important to get a LM monitor that actually MEASURES the club path (as minimum) in order to be able to use it this way. If you only get ball data the LM will make assumptions about path that aren't always accurate.
  22. I like Dan Hendriksen. He does a fair amount of playing vlogs and courses are usually interesting and the crew/banter is generally pretty lighthearted. He also does some instruction and review stuff as well.
  23. It was a 60g. I just hated the feel of it.
  24. I forgot to update this thread. After hitting my RDX Blue for a total of 15 swings (one provisional) I sold it and used the proceed towards a KBS TD 70 Cat 3. In a surprising turn of events it has kicked the Ventus blue out of the bag.
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