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  1. Honma TW 747p or even the newer XP-1. The 747p irons can be had for pretty cheap too.
  2. You’re a club ho! Welcome to the club. Everyone has their own vice. I Iove putters. But I have some different wedges, fairway woods, hybrids, and driver shafts as well.
  3. I say 15 clubs works for me. We should be able to carry an extra club to hit off of rocks and concrete. Not everyone is a pro and can get new clubs for free.
  4. Yeah, I’m not sure the driver head needs to be changed. If you are driving the ball in the 240 yard range, you’ll need some spin for the best results. I’m guessing the LST will still cause the ball to “fall out of the sky” as well due to low spin. I say keep the driver head and get fit for a new shaft that is optimized for descent angle based on your delivery.
  5. No, I didn't get fit for the Tensei Blue 55 SFT. In the past, I had gotten fit, and I had good numbers with the Blueboard profile. I was gaming the Atmos TS Blue for awhile but as the temperatures dropped and conditions were wetter, I was toying with 55 gram profile shafts. Tensei felt the best and was longer than the other 55 gram shaft I had (Accra CS 455). I picked up about 5 yards of carry and it's definitely easier to hit draws. It kind of feels like the Aldila Cooperhead 6S actually.
  6. I’m pretty sure the Max still has more MOI than the G410 Plus. I still game the Max, and recently paired it with a Tensei Blue 55 SFT. The Max is now longer than ever!
  7. Monte, I agree. I'll send you a personal message.
  8. We are talking about the difference between 10/10 and 9/10 here. And I'm not saying Monte doesn't have excellent short game and putting instruction. I said look "elsewhere" from the clinic (emphasis added) because results may vary. Excellent short game instruction can be found in Monte's "Use the Bounce 2.0." But the clinic environment makes it difficult to present this information because Monte is somewhat handcuffed by time and the overall skill level of the collective group. So let me add an addendum - for short game and putting instruction, your experience may depend, in p
  9. This is an honest review; as honest as you'll get on this thread. If you want excellent full swing instruction, Monte's clinic is top-notch. He'll take you through all the technology. And you'll have a great sense of the root case of your primary swing flaw and how to correct it (i.e., make it better even if just a little bit). He will give you several "feels" on how to lessen the negative impact of your primary swing flaw (notice the choice of words here). This alone is worth the price of admission. However, if you are looking for the advanced short game and putting instruct
  10. Matt is not right; Matt is just a hater. Pure disrespect on little Mattie's part. It's not a mockery of the game; it may be an evolution of it or it may just be that only one person can do it. But either way, it's far from a mockery. No body has been able to do what BDC did. BDC was able to take a tour player package and add long drive distance to his arsenal without sacrificing the short game. We've all seen long drivers try to make it on the tour, like Jamie, and none of them has ever come even close to BDC. We've also seen tour guys chase a few yards, and that's never
  11. ShakeyT, great minds think alike! I, too, got these off the Bay. Ridiculously low price, like sub $300 before tax and shipping. I came from Apex CF16s (XP 95) to Mizuno 900 HMs (Nippon Modus 105). I bought the Honma's because I've been experiencing some nagging wrist pain lately, and the graphite would provide some relief. I have about 6 rounds with the Honma's, and my experience is similar to yours. The Honma's are at least a club longer than both the CF16s and HMs, with the HMs a half club longer than the CF16s. The thinner top line and less offset on the Honma's are impres
  12. Yes, it will probably feel like a reverse pivot but it won't be. Just feel like your chest is extending up and NOT YOUR LOWER BACK. It will feel awkward, like very awkward, so awkward that you'll probably want to stop especially if you start shooting some very bad scores. But if this is in fact the problem that Monte identified, then you'll need to exaggerate the feel to get it right.
  13. Nevermind the tipping idea. The Atmos TS Black in TX is only available in the 80 gr weight. For the 60 gr, it's S and X only. But I agree with WristySwing other than the shafts being liquidated on the Bay right now are not Cobra pulls but full uncuts probably left over from Cobra in the black color scheme. A bunch of us from Golfwrx pretty much bought up all the TS Blues. I'm playing one now, and it's the real deal.
  14. Maybe call up Fujikura or send them an email. They will definitely help with the differences between the S and TX flex in the Atmos Black and the effect of tipping the S.
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