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  1. Look at the Recoil 780 SmacWrap in F4. I hit those the other day in a set of TM790s, and I thought they help up pretty well. For reference my last two sets of steel iron shafts were XP95s and Modus 105s. I currently game Honma Vizard 85s in 747p irons. I have no idea what they would compare to as there isn’t much information on them. But they feel similar to the Recoil 780 and XP95. I’m 42 and driver swing is 100 mph.
  2. I’ve been tinkering with sub60 gram shafts lately as well. I’d played Tensei AV Blue 55s SFW in the G400 Max, and my driver speed is 100. It was a very accurate combo that I could turn over easily. Carry was great but roll out was not so good. I’ve also been messing with the Aldila RIPx 55s but it truly is low launching even at 55 grams. Too low for me. I’m currently gaming the Hzrdus Smoke Black 60 6.0. It comes in at 59 grams. Launch and spin come in between the RIPx and AV Blue. I just wish it felt more like the RIPx. Also, the RIPx is pretty cheap right now but feels soo premium!
  3. I think you’ve answered your own question. You’ve been shooting 70s with that swing earlier this summer so it’s a mid-handicap swing. You’re always going to have the possibility of shanks when you expose the hosel but at least you’ve made it to the 70s. You’ve just got to ride out the fluctuations.
  4. Agreed. Outstanding stuff right here. I see the application to OP’s swing clear as day now.
  5. For me it’s more about the distance am I confident that I can avoid the danger on the approach. With an 8 iron or less, I’m confident that I will strike it roughly the distance and direction I want so it just comes down to course management. As long as I’m not wet or short-sided, I’m good. Anything more than 8, there’s much more variation in the quality of the strike. And I do realize the unpredictability comes from the fact that side spin or lack of spin is more prevalent in lower lofted clubs. At these distances I’m far less confident that I can avoid the danger on the approach.
  6. There’s something causing the EE to begin with. But I don’t know for sure what’s causing it. Perhaps weight seems to be little on the outside of the trail foot; maybe there’s a sway somewhere during the backswing. But hard to tell without a face on view. I can see there’s a stall (in rotation) at impact, and an aggressive flip (club face shuts pretty quickly after impact) so perhaps it’s the trail shoulder dipping on the downswing. This will cause the steep, stuck, and flip pattern. But I’m no expert by any means. I’ll wait for one of the instructors to chime in!
  7. My guess is that the Scoring Wedge has a softer tip than the PW for more spin. But I wonder if using the 105PW for all wedges is about the same was the Scoring Wedge. I just scored a mint set of MMT 95s pulls, 5-PW. However, at $75 per shaft for the Scoring Wedge, that was just too steep a jump. Also given the shortage of MMT shafts currently, I couldn't find a retailer that is selling an individual 105s MMT #8 iron shaft. It was either #3, #4, PW, Scoring Wedge, or an entire set of shafts. Instead, I went with Recoil 110s #8 iron shafts for my wedges. It's an experiment at the $$$ I can live with. Coming from stock Vokeys with S200s, I figure the Recoils at 110s aren’t too big a shock.
  8. I took lessons from Keith Lyford out at Whitney Oaks when I used to live in Sacramento. He teaches there in the Winter and Spring. Great instructor, makes good players, and is an accomplished player himself.
  9. Yeah, but the issues Riggs had aren’t going to be fixed in one lesson. It was interesting to see Gankas at work, from beginning to end. All I see on YouTube are just clips of his lessons.
  10. Lately, I’ve been working on swing change so I’ve been taking 2-3 practice swings to “preset” the feel and positions I’m trying to work on. Don’t worry guys, I still play a 3.5 hour round even when I’m doing this!
  11. Yeah, it’s proper pivot and rotation that causes the chest (maybe hips) to open toward the target. That’s my understanding but it’s complex. If you watch Gankas’ lesson he gave Riggs (from Fore Play Golf/Bar Stool) on YouTube, he explains it a little bit in the beginning of the lesson where he talks about “turning.”
  12. Just pretend your hitting into the wind on every shot, 3/4 punch. But seriously, as anyone who has made a major swing change can attest to, hitting shots at various tempos and backswing lengths is a skill. And after going through a long process of overhauling my backswing, these types of shots are becoming second nature now. But I do think a huge component of “slowing down” the swing is shortening the backswing. I can’t confirm this myself, but my instructor said that Tony Finau’s backswing when he was on the Big Break was much longer than it is today. There’s a long drive guy that’s all over Dana Dahlquist’s IG by the name of Drew Cooper. Give him a follow as he’s been working on his course swing. You can probably get a lot of good information by watching his progress. Kyle Berkshire also has a YT channel worth checking out too.
  13. Another thing, from experience, the changes you’ll need to make will not be easy.
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