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  1. i had an impossible angle the other day, no green to work with, over a bunker, and stopped it on a dime. needed a new ball tho on the next hole haha
  2. Happy Friday! Several items today. As always, deals for multiples. Conus shipping included. 1. untipped Ventus Red velocore 6x driver shaft with TM tip. Used 2 rounds. no marks or chips. just a little too much for me. would consider a trade for a 6s of same length/condition etc but I have to list a price so $sold obo. 2. untipped AV Raw Orange stiff driver shaft, TM tip. Again, used a couple of rounds. $sold obo. 3. Nike Vapor Fly 4 Iron with GD AD DI 105s shaft. hotmelted to D5 sw, 39.5 in. brush marks on sole which is normal for black clubs.
  3. let me know what you got and what price youre looking for.
  4. Just released on the VC website, but I havent seen this in stores yet. Anyone buy one? Comparisons to the Garmin Z82?
  5. 1. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2, 35 in. Large matador grip in good shape. Refinished by NorCal a couple years ago in black and tiffany blue. Small indent on top, see pictures, but hard to tell from address with the black refinish. No h/c but will protect for shipping. $sold obo. 2. Ventus velocore blue 8-S hybrid shaft. TM adapter. Right out of a sim2 3 hybrid custom order. standard length (~39.75) and specs for that club. $sold obo. 3. AV Raw Blue 60X driver shaft. TM adapter. Right out of Sim2 driver. Superstroke grip. Standard length and specs
  6. 1. Custom My Sim2 Max 10.5 degree head, black top line color with orange around the back. HC included, 9.9/10. $sold OBO. 2. Sim UDI 3 iron, stock specs, stiff flex. excellent condition. $ sold OBO. shipped conus via UPS, paypal only. Not looking for trades.
  7. What’s the length of the red velocore? Any additional tipping?
  8. 1. Swag suave one putter, with headcover, 35in. absolute mint condition. currently out of stock on swag's website. $SOLD. 2. Raw blue hybrid shaft, stiff flex, pulled straight from sim2 hybrid. stock specs. $50 obo conus shipping, paypal only. Not really looking for trades at this point but if you have something in mind let me know.
  9. ahh got it, forgot about that pesky sales tax haha. wasnt sure if there was anything with the weight...i guess idk whats stock vs upgraded
  10. Is there something special I’m missing about that tsi3? Brand new with upgraded shafts are $750 retail aren’t they?
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