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  1. 1. M5 Tour 9.5 degree driver. Tensei CK Orange stiff, stock specs. Have a generic hc if needed. $200 OBO. 2. TM Sim2 Max 3 hybrid. RDX black 6.0 shaft, stock specs. HC included. Used a couple rounds/range. PX shafts and I don't get along. $SOLD OBO. 3. Titleist U500 4 iron. Smoke Black 6.0, stock specs. Same as above, used a couple rounds. PX shafts and I aren't speaking at the moment. $SOLD OBO. UPS Shipping included (conus), paypal only. Not really looking for trades but send me what you got.
  2. Can you get a picture of the tcb at address? Trying to see offset
  3. Reason #13738283 why you never loan out a Scotty! Glws, the nv is tempting bc muh nostalgia
  4. 1. Scotty Cameron Special Select 2.5, 35in with headcover in 9/10 shape. New superstroke grip. $sold OBO 2. Sim2 3 hybrid, 19.5 degree, stock Tensei Raw Blue stiff shaft, standard specs with headcover. Normal sole/face wear. $sold OBO Take them both for $425! I ship conus via UPS. Paypal only. Not really looking for trades but worst I can do is say no.
  5. 1. Sim2 TI 3 wood. Tensei Raw Blue stiff, standard specs. HC included. faint marks on top line, not visible from address...not really sure what they are as they dont appear to be from a ball, but want to fully disclose it. Used a handful of rounds. $sold OBO. 2. RDX Blue 6.0 shaft with TM tip. Part of the tip/ferrel piece has come unglued a bit, doesnt affect playability, see image. PGA tour superstore didnt even want to fix it bc its not a big deal. Plays 45.75, no special tipping. $100 OBO. 3. Travis Mathew small polo lot. Non-smoking house, all in good sha
  6. 1. Scotty Cameron T22 newport, 34 inch, with plastic still on grip, sole and face. includes hc. note, there appear to be slight marks on the face but it appears to be only on the plastic and not the actual face, but I'm not going to take the plastic off to check. $sold OBO. 2. Sim2 10.5 driver, stock length of ~45.75, RDX blue 6.0 shaft, with hc. Used a couple rounds, head in perfect shape. $SOLD OBO. 3. TMB 4 iron, with GD AD 95S shaft. standard specs. $sold OBO. Will ship with UPS so you get it quicker. CONUS/Paypal please.
  7. when did you buy it? any software/plans included?
  8. Just one thing up today. Very good condition rangefinder from Nikon. No extra frills with this one, just gives the distance. Perfect working condition, never had any issues. Never dropped, always kept in the case even when golfing. CONUS/PAYPAL. $SOLD.
  9. 1. Voice Caddie SL2, released a week ago. Total impulse buy after reading a lot about SL1...but I soon realized I really only play 2 courses in my area. Opened the box to check it out, really cool tech with the gps touch screen. Backordered on the VC website...save yourself a bit off retail and the taxes. $ sold OBO. 2. Accra TZ6 m4 (stiff) flex , 52 grams, with TM adaptor. 44.5 inches, played 45.5 in my sim2. new gp 360 grip. working on some swing changes and I couldnt get this one down like I thought. $sold OBO. 3. Nike vapor fly pro 4 iron. New with plastic
  10. i had an impossible angle the other day, no green to work with, over a bunker, and stopped it on a dime. needed a new ball tho on the next hole haha
  11. Happy Friday! Several items today. As always, deals for multiples. Conus shipping included. 1. untipped Ventus Red velocore 6x driver shaft with TM tip. Used 2 rounds. no marks or chips. just a little too much for me. would consider a trade for a 6s of same length/condition etc but I have to list a price so $sold obo. 2. untipped AV Raw Orange stiff driver shaft, TM tip. Again, used a couple of rounds. $sold obo. 3. Nike Vapor Fly 4 Iron with GD AD DI 105s shaft. hotmelted to D5 sw, 39.5 in. brush marks on sole which is normal for black clubs.
  12. Just released on the VC website, but I havent seen this in stores yet. Anyone buy one? Comparisons to the Garmin Z82?
  13. 1. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2, 35 in. Large matador grip in good shape. Refinished by NorCal a couple years ago in black and tiffany blue. Small indent on top, see pictures, but hard to tell from address with the black refinish. No h/c but will protect for shipping. $sold obo. 2. Ventus velocore blue 8-S hybrid shaft. TM adapter. Right out of a sim2 3 hybrid custom order. standard length (~39.75) and specs for that club. $sold obo. 3. AV Raw Blue 60X driver shaft. TM adapter. Right out of Sim2 driver. Superstroke grip. Standard length and specs
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