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  1. How is Cobra as far as warranty goes? I bought a RadSpeed driver yesterday (4/3) and this morning when I was cleaning out my bag and my clubs I noticed a crack on the edge of the crown. I’ve dealt with TM in the past and it was easy as can be, just no experience with Cobra as this was my first purchase. Thanks.
  2. I need one of these in my bag ASAP...if anyone can help, PM me.
  3. > @"UncleJohn’sBand" said: > Since an all black one came out as well, I wonder if the black can be stripped like a Vokey, and the full wedge rust that way? That's what I'm hoping. I stripped the black finish to raw on my current MG wedges and they're rusting nicely.
  4. City and State (US Only): Antioch, IL Handicap: 5 Current Irons: TM P-7TW. X100 Tour Issue. Standard LLL. Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: Thinner top line and better turf interaction. I had the OG 790s and loved them, but visually they were a little to chunky for me. I would love a slimmed down version, which is what these new 790s like look! If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Oh absolutely, no questions asked!
  5. > @JRS1939 said: > > @Kovey10 said: > > Got lucky today and found a pair of AM1s in Hot Punch at my local Nike outlet...only pair in the store just so happened to be my size. > > Must have been returned! I wonder if you could have used the 30% friends and family discount today as it was the last day! That was my guess too that someone returned them. I was able to use the 30% discount on them too!
  6. Got lucky today and found a pair of AM1s in Hot Punch at my local Nike outlet...only pair in the store just so happened to be my size.
  7. That thing is sweet. Early/proto graphics. If you don’t plan on keeping it...
  8. I have a 6.5 75g HC EF T1100 White, so I’m assuming Project X will offer these at retail as well.
  9. Mini today. Seems to be working well.
  10. On the bench now... 6.5 75. Will compare numbers with this and a 6.0 65 over the weekend.
  11. 6’ 44-44.5” driver.
  12. Reviews are sounding promising so far. Can’t wait to get my hands on one! If anyone has a spare they’re looking to unload, I’m a buyer.
  13. I have a 2017 M2 and a Rogue SZ. I’ve also hit the M3 & M4, my M2 is still my favorite out of the bunch. Once my shaft comes in for the SZ I’ll have a better comparison between those two, but the numbers were very similar on the monitor. SZ was squeezing a little more yardage out and tighter dispersion. M2 just feels and sounds better.
  14. Throwing business right down the drain.... You’d think that after having the club so visible all weekend, they’d be fully stocked and ready. There’s a few stores local to me that have Hi Toes in stock right now, mainly 60 & 58. Maybe I should grab them...
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