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  1. He is a genius... btw...his best putter of all time is the GUERIN line of putters. Search “Guerin Tour Spec“. Best feeling putter in golf. I was an Evnroll early adopter and gave it away to a friend...GR 3 mallet still in my bag after 7 years.
  2. Yes...Guerin Tour Spec. If you’ve tried it, you know.
  3. Cameron has not made a center shafted blade in a long time, and existing original series 2.6 in good shape are going for a fortune. Does Scotty have an aversion to center shafted putters?
  4. Guerin Rife knows a bit about putters...he says the tour preferred swing weight is D6. Work backward from there...w 70g grip that is 335g for 35”, 355g for 34”, and 375g for 33” FWIW
  5. OP here...I’m back with another Seemore. Picked in the standard HT Black and really appreciate that they went with stainless instead of aluminum. Gave it a nice heft but the aggressive milling made it too soft with my soft ball. Found an M5 HT and was like Goldilocks...Just right. Just the right amount of click. Have used it for 5 rounds now and am excited to have Seemore back in the bag!
  6. I wear a Small glove I currently use MG and Golden Eagle I traditionally get about 5 Charlotte NC summer rounds before the glove is crusty from sweat. Looks awful and goes into practice pouch An improvement for me would be the ability to handle sweat and still look and feel good.
  7. My driver ss is 100-105. For me, the XS will launch lower, and fly a little lower with the driver. Maybe 5 yards further. The RXS will fly higher, and I pick up 5 yards with my irons. Fill your need...
  8. I like the distance of the BX, but could not hold our firm greens. Had to switch to the XS and give up a couple of yards and fairways...
  9. I have been a long time BStone fan. I have played the B330XS and then the Tour B XS for many years. As I entered 2020, I didn’t feel that I was getting the same pop with the XS, so I put the X in play. Got my distance back, but noticed that I lost a little height. Balls were not holding as well with approaches, but I attributed it to height. Being that I am now over 50, I decided to check my swing speed, and I am now in the low 100’s. For the heck of it, I decided to try the Tour B RX. Immediately, I got my height back with driver and irons. Distance was acceptable with no loss compared
  10. Bettinardi SS28 - Center Shaft - 34” 358g. $old Titleist Scotty Cameron Original Squareback. 33” 365g (with 25 Weights...will include original 20G weights which will make it 355g. Actual Weight) Black Baby T grip, and Headcover included. Velcro is weak, but serviceable. $250 Shipped East, $260 West Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C - 33” 360g. Orange Dot means 2* flat. Came from Factory as fixed length 33.5” and now is fixed length 33”. Not adjustable. Comes with Limited Edition Karsten Patent Magnetic Headcover. $135 shipped East, $140 shipped West.
  11. Like new...33 inches...+weights mean 365g. (D2 swingweight). Ping PP58 midsize...cord, no cord. New magnetic headcover. A sweet feeling blade...but I am still a mallet guy. $215 shipped in US. Patrick
  12. The newest line is not Guerin Rife...company that bought him out, The GR3 mallet is my favorite, and Golfworks is closing them out at $149. Does not have original grip, but feels better than any Evnroll that I have tried. Has wavy grooves and has a softer feel than Evnroll. 370g head for 33, 355g for 34” and 340g for 35”. Need to call them to see what is in stock.
  13. I have a Guerin Tour Spec GR3 that refuses to be replaced...33” 370g. Just a fantastic feeling putter. Been in the bag 5 years now.
  14. Pull the double bend putter shaft, trim it 1/2 inch, and you’ll have what you are looking for. Or bend a double bend 2* flat (Bring your favorite putter to a qualified club maker)
  15. 370 is beefy for anything longer than 33". I have so many friends that struggle with distance, and then I notice they are using 360 or 370 at 35". (Scratches head)
  16. Guerin Rife has done that super offset putter before, years ago. I remember seeing it. Search Tourstroke. Some on the bay... With Rife, I am sure there is some science behind it. Liking the look of the Plumbers Neck ER2...
  17. Momentus Traveller 40 oz - $old Putter Wheel - $old Tour Striker Smart Ball - $old (Thanks Justin Rose for using on TV today) Callaway Connect Easy - $15 (Keep right arm connected) Original Swing Link - $25 (Keep both arms connected) Hank Haney Power Connect - $old SKLS Yellow Putting tool...gone Generic Swing Gyde...gone I used to teach/coach...left over items from those days. All prices Shipped in continental US.
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