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  1. Following up on my original post way after the fact. All the courses were in good shape. But wild wing was the surprise package. Loved the layout and the greens were lightning. Would encourage anyone looking for something new or different in MB to play there. Fantastic spot
  2. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the insight. My friend really wanted King’s North. It was his birthday this weekend, so I obliged. No TPC on this trip but for sure on the next one
  3. Thanks Art and Woods. I punted on this to the other guy, with a few other options like the MB national courses and World Tour, closer to where we’re staying. Getting my Caledonia fix and playing True Blue for the first time, so everything else is gravy. Heard good things about the third course we’re playing - wild wing avocet. Hoping for a mild February there.
  4. Just booked four rounds for a buddies trip to Myrtle in February, TPC among them. One of our group heard from a business contact that TPC isn’t in great shape. Obviously Instagram makes it look 10/10. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in between, but I’m curious if anyone has played it recently so I can tell my buddy we’re sticking with it or look somewhere different. Has anyone played there recently? Thoughts? Appreciate any comments. I’ll report back on the trip in a couple months. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the insight. I feel better about checking the sticks and will grab a yardage book for some of the rounds. Not looking to tip it out - especially when the wind is way up. I wouldn't mind a couple low scores, either. Cheers
  6. Flying from Dulles to Glasgow via a two-hour layover in Paris on Air France this fall for a Scotland golf trip. I'm debating whether to check my clubs (and take a carry-on) or ship them over. I'd prefer to avoid the significant cost associated with shipping. Has anyone checked their clubs on Air France? Did they arrive undamaged and on your flight? Couple more questions about playing over there... My playing partners (father-in-law and friends) are about 30 years older and plan to play one of the forward sets tees. Will starters generally allow a golfer to play back a set or two of tees fr
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