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  1. You’re right. Shocked that ANY girl would choose to come play on a course in Mississippi in the worst state in the country. With no exemptions and nothing to play for. No reason for them to come there. It’s not even an AJGA event doesn’t have AJGA ranking points and can’t offer exemptions into anything other than some events they’d get into anyway. Hey Tiger—shoot me your daughter’s name so we can make sure to take good care of her if she ever applies. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. It’s a phenomenal event run by fantastic folks at a kickass course. It’s in it for the right reasons.
  3. The Girl’s criteria were set that way intentionally. Idea being, if we get enough applications that meet those criteria then we’ve sorta hit a home run. 4 of the initial 15 invitations did not meet criteria but they were the next best. So, a player can absolutely get in even if they don’t meet criteria. and you’re right about the exemptions for the most part—especially if the field ends up as strong as we are hoping.
  4. It’s a thought worth considering. Probably a reach early in an event’s life. We had no idea what type reception we would achieve.
  5. Exemption into Dixie Am, hopefully exemption into Kathy Whitworth & Scott Robertson. And presumably more to come. But, you’re mostly right. It’s just a tourney with a small field. At a PGA Tour course, with a membership that opens their arms to the best juniors in the country. An event that has proven to be highly successful on the boys side and is trying to present another opportunity for high level Girls junior golf—I’m sure there are too many already. An event that chose a small girls field to start due to the unknown and the skepticism of folks like you. It’s hard to
  6. Pretty happy so far. Sent 15 of 19 priority invites out yesterday. 6 girls are too 50 and 13 are top 150 in at least one major ranking. Rest of spots get filled in July.
  7. If he’s gonna be in the 13-14 division at FM then you go there hands down. It’s an incredibly well run event and the 13-14 event is among the strongest fields you will find for that age outside of an AJGA Junior All Star Invitational or an IMG Jr World event. you will not regret going to FM. AJGA’s are a dime a dozen.
  8. Yes, I saw a regional with a bunker inside the grid. And I saw a local with a tree inside the grid. Not ideal.
  9. Awesome! Don’t know who you are but hope to see you there. Spread the word. Have some great top end applications but would live to see a little more depth added in these last few weeks of applications.
  10. We bailed on ours this year cause it got to $275. That’s insane.
  11. I’ve never had this experience. Anywhere on any tour. I live in MS and play our State tour, we ply SJGT, SSJC and tons of independent events. Never seen or heard of it. Sounds dumb AF to me but my guess is that was a reaction to dumb parents not being able to spectate their children properly
  12. He is in private school. They allow you to play on the high school team beginning in 6th grade (if you make the team). Public schools in MS allow it beginning in 7th. Golf in MS isn’t real deep.
  13. I know High School golf doesn't matter and this forum is for discussing REAL tournament golf....I get it. HOWEVER, I went Monday to watch my son play his first HS event of the season (he's a 7th grader). I'll never forget what I saw and I'm sure the kids won't either. First of all, for some context, we're in central Mississippi. We were a little over 1 week removed from an ice/sleet storm that shut our area down for a full week. This stuff melted in the week leading up to the event and we had several bouts of rain in the days leading up to it. The course was likely not playabl
  14. Just listen to Tiger—she’ll get you on the right track. Most grounded golf mind on this board
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