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  1. As Cleveland points out, they have moved the center of gravity toward the toe. Most amateur golfers miss toward the toe. A great (and I mean really great) ball striker will use the toe hit on a blade wedge to take distance off a shot. This will be a killer to the average golfers consistency. What I find after many rounds with the CBX2s is a definite increase in consistency of distance. I won’t be surprised to see these end up on the PGA tour at some point since consistency is the name of their game. The sole grinds are good for amateurs but I’m sure the big boys would demand some custom work
  2. Ahhh, putter grips on a chipper? Since you are gonna go that route, stick one on your driver. As long as your buddies don’t call you on it, you’ll take more of their Saturday spending money.....
  3. I don’t know.... I’ve got the LST 9* and tried several shafts. Some expensive some not but had settled on an Aldila next gen NV. Dispersion was not bad but not great and was still a little spinny. Enter a Hzardus Green. I’ve got the 70 stiff but I hear the TX version is a different animal. The shaft is surprisingly smooth and it checks all my boxes a little better. You would do yourself a favor to try one in my opinion with your past shafts.
  4. What is the single best piece of equipment you’ve come across in the last year? Something maybe everyone could benefit from trying. I’ve tried the Cleveland CBX2 wedges. They are great. I’ve tried the Hzardus Green and really really like it. The Ping G410 LST is great. But the one thing I have tried that I know I will never leave is the Grip Master leather perf grips. They are amazing! I play without a glove and have psoriatic arthritis and have never felt a grip like this before. No issues whatsoever with slipping. No issues with harshness. i have played about 30 rounds and s
  5. I carry the CBX2 in 46, 52, 58 and full face 64. The sole grinds are v grinds on the 46 and 52 and a what I call a d grind on the 58 and 64. The Clevelands look almost identical to the stock Cleveland wedges from address. The Callaway wedges pictured here appear to have a little more offset and seem a little larger. They were probably targeting a similar player as Cleveland targets with their Smartsole line. That would be my first impression. The fact of the matter is the lower the lofted club and the less mass high on a club the less forgiving that club is. I heard a fitter say that withou
  6. My ‘caps 1.1 right now and I got four of them. Maybe I would take lunch money with my CBXs. I play what works and these wedges work really good. BTW I play Srixon blades and I’m a damn good ball striker. So there’s that.... and yes, imitation is proof of purpose. Mizuno following suit as well.
  7. Whenever I play a guy that has an old worn out TEE headcover on a fairway wood I know without seeing him swing a club that he is a player. It NEVER fails.
  8. Should have known. Shag carpet and mom dressed for the Arctic with a tournament this weekend. Cut some holes in the snow and have a go at it...
  9. That face milling looks like my TP Mills Softail. Beautiful and functional to the max!
  10. I’m not a shabby wedge player but I swear these new CBX2 wedges are incredible. My distance control has gone through the roof with them. I have the Full Face 64, the regular 58, 52 and 46. I will admit though that I feel the ego pull of not having my shiny Bridgestone blades sitting in the wedge portion of the bag. Some spinning son-of-a-guns too! Most spin of any wedges I’ve played. * Important FWIW. The lofts were off on all of the CBX2s. Some by two degrees. I always bend my wedges to my specs before I play them so no big deal to me. If I hadn’t I probably would have been going WTF?
  11. He’s gone. Figured out the screw wasn’t tight.....
  12. Had a ten year old CB Pro face crack a couple of months back. Loved the club and it was WELL used. Didn’t expect a thing really but a couple of days later a brand new F2 CB Pro shows up in the UPS. You can’t beat TEE’s customer service. Quit your beetchin’ and get on the phone with them.
  13. Aldila NV next gen. Dont laugh if you haven’t given this dark horse a try.
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