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  1. I’ve heard of idiot marks. That’s a moron mark. True story. Back in the day i played with some guys and one had just bought a brand new first on the rack Titanium Big Bertha. One of the guys keeps begging him to hit it. After several holes and a lot of begging he relented. Well, you know what happens next. Big ole round dent in the crown of his brand new super model. Never let hacks hit your equipment.
  2. Probably all the good traits because she is Asian….
  3. Srixon forgings won both and the fellow who won the majors with the Mizunos now plays the ZX7s. I would think that was of interest?
  4. Srixon won the previous Open and the past Masters despite having less presence on tour. With Brooks playing them now its only a matter of time….
  5. You might want to do a little research….
  6. i say chrome. Satin says “cast!” to me. As for the back of the zX7, they are different for sure. No ones going to wonder what they are.
  7. I have a hard time understanding how you can carry a two iron that far and it not come down soft. The swing speed needed would, I assume, create enough spin to create a soft landing. Maybe you are just hitting knuckle balls somehow?
  8. How does it perform now? Might not be conforming but I’m sure it sounds better…. Just kidding of course. Don’t you Callaway guys get your panties in a wad
  9. While I agree that GSS is BS, DASS is actually a process. They double anneal, or heat treat the SS stock before it is milled. Supposedly makes a softer metal that is easier to mill and feels a bit different.
  10. Just picked one up recently. My sight seems to be failing and the long sight line was something I wanted to try. I got the 5.5. Seems to help with my accuracy but the feel is nothing spectacular coming from gaming a TP Mills soft tail. Both have about the same toe hang so there is no getting used to the stroke. Time will tell if it gets some bag or time.
  11. Slap Callaway or TM on them and the same folks will swoon. Just the way golf snobs are. I like the looks of the mb and the cavity back. Reminds me of the Cleveland 588s. And those were great clubs.
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