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  1. Prices include shipping and will be shipped by anyone other than USPS so that you receive the package in 2021 (likely UPS). Clothes are coming from a smoke free and pet free apartment. Hope you find something you like. (1) Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff / Ping g410/425 adapter - $OLD ••••• Grip is a CP2 midsize with what feels like a few wraps underneath. I bought this second hand and never used it. No cosmetic blemishes. Measures 44". (2) 716 AP1 4 iron / KBS Tour 90 - $80 ••••• Standard L/L/L. Hung on to this one from an old set and have since moved on. It's in great shape.
  2. PM me with any offers or questions. I have email notifications so I'm typically pretty quick to respond. All prices are shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! (1) Odyssey WHP #7 (PRO insert) ••••• $OLD (2) TaylorMade M5 Driver 9º / Tensei CK Blue 70 Stiff ••••• $OLD (3) Titleist 716 AP1 5-GW(47º) / Black DG S300 AMT White - Gap wedge shaft is not black, but it is the same shaft. Standard loft and lie, length is 0.25" over standard (38.25" 5 iron). Beautiful condition. ••••• $440 (4) Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 6.0 60g / Ping G410/425 tip - Tip to g
  3. I see your point, I wrote that poorly. I meant it as in aerodynamics and MOI are the only things companies can really change in new releases. That being said, I don't believe aerodynamics make any significant difference in actual golf results. Engineering tests showing that a driver is more aerodynamic, which I'd imagine they do, won't make you play better golf in my opinion.
  4. The only driver tech that can increase at this point is MOI and aerodynamics. The faces are maxed out to the legal limit and have been for years. The marketing gimmick that the shape of the driver will make any noticeable difference in distance because you will swing it faster is absurd and just shows that they really have run out of things to do.
  5. Too many clubs hanging out in the basement. Lots of good stuff in here, from drivers to putters. PM me with any questions or if you want other pictures. All of the grips on these could pass as new – conservatively 4-6 rounds at most, some with zero. (1) Titleist TS3 9.5º / Tensei AV Blue 55 Stiff - $OLD (2) TaylorMade M5 9.0º / Tensei CK Blue 70 Stiff - $220 •••• Plays 45", MCC +4 Standard grip (3) TaylorMade 2017 M2 9.0º Head - $OLD (4) Diamana D+ 60 White Stiff - $OLD (5) Tour Edge Exotics EXS TI-Utility 19º 3 Iron / Stock Tensei Silver 70 Stiff - $OLD (
  6. I don't anticipate ever hearing "you should buy new golf clubs this year." Reading that surely will make a lot of wrxers very jealous! Love a simple bag that just works, great set up.
  7. It's a very small thing, but the tour models without the graphics on the face look 100x better than these. I just think those "bullseye" markings on Callaway driver faces looks so tacky.
  8. Wishing you good luck with selling but not so good luck on Saturday... Go Ravens!
  9. Unicorn in terms of performance? Doubtful. Technology seems to be pretty much maxed out. MOI will likely continue to incrementally increase, but as far as a measurable difference, it seems very unlikely. The modern unicorn is or will be (depending on your experience with the cheaper drivers) a driver that performs like the others for less than $300.
  10. With the new MySim customization, its hard to ignore the possibility that they made this as ugly as possible so that people will pay the upcharge just to get one that is black and grey. In that case, fantastic job TM! They nailed it.
  11. Like I said, a ball rollback means the long hitters will still be long(er) relative to the rest of the field. In my opinion, the point has nothing to do with making it more competitive for shorter players. It is to prevent courses from becoming obsolete. Like @extrastiff said, plenty of people might prefer to see courses get torn apart by the best players in the world shooting -30 or more to win. But if there is interest in preventing that from happening with the powers that be, which it seems like there is, rolling back the golf ball makes sense.
  12. Right, I agree. Keeping courses relevant without having to make everything 8,000+ yards to present a test is where the roll back is based. I'm just saying that a ball roll back wouldn't make golfers any less likely to try to gain distance like Bryson has been.
  13. The Tiger effect is so real. Lamkin Deep Etched Cords started selling out when tiger put it on his Scotty a couple months ago. With a new driver launch coming for TM I wouldn't be surprised to see him doing a little shaft testing in the coming weeks.
  14. I agree, a rollback of the ball seems imminent. But I don't think it would change much regarding what Bryson is doing. If the ball goes shorter and everyone has to use the same ball (or a ball with the same characteristics) the long players are still going to be longer than the shorter players. So in that case there is still plenty of incentive for up and coming golfers to swing like Bryson and hit is as far as they can, right?
  15. I enjoy that their videos are so technical. Its all very specific and in depth and I know if I'm looking for something specific I'll find the best answer/info from TXG. As many have already mentioned, golf YouTube is nose diving in many ways so it's nice to know where to find trustworthy and accurate information.
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