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  1. Looking to buy a Flowback 5, 35 inches. Used preferred but would buy new for the right price. Thanks
  2. All items are trade friendly and OBO Ideally looking for a Flowback 5 or Newport but open to other things Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5 35 $300 Scotty Cameron 2018 Masters Tees and Trees Headcover Set $290 Wedges: SM6 Jet Black Stripped to raw 52.12F S400 $50 SM7 Jet Black 56.08M S400 $80 Scratch Tour Issue 47 Tour Ad shaft $105
  3. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Dual Balance- Traded Scotty Cameron Newport - SOLD Not sure how to price this one. Was sent in and refinished to raw and paint filled black, some paint is now missing, but overall great shape. Tried to show everything in photos. Pricing includes JYD head cover but can be seperated. Proforce V2 Titleist 3 wood shaft X flex- $40 Make offers, and open to trades, interests would be: Scotty Cameron putters and headcovers, some clubs maybe, but would have to be x flex
  4. Bettinardi studio stock 2. Very very good shape, $200 headcover included Scotty Cameron futura x dual balance. Great shape. Gamed for a couple months and been in the closet since. Headcover included Taylormade tip tour AD GP-6x. Very nice shaft, just don't have a taylormade driver anymore. $170 Titleist 913 7.5 degree head. Used this for a while, pics should show that. Clean top line and plenty of life left. $40 headcover included, but pretty beat up
  5. not sure why some of the pictures got cut off, if you're interested and need some other pictures, let me know. Thanks!
  6. first time listing here, doing the best I can with prices, feel free to shoot me an offer if you don't think I'm in the right ballpark. Not crazy about trades but if you've got something you think I need, I'll consider. tour AD-GP 6X black edition shaft. looking for $200 here Next is a Scotty Cameron Futura X dual balance putter. 38 inches, great shape. Gamed this for a few months and its been in the closet ever since. Haven't seen any out there in as good of shape as this one. Looking to get $225, headcover included.
  7. Hey guys - new here. Looking to post a for sale item or two and wondering who I pm for payment info to post a listing. Thanks!
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