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  1. Regarding Southern Dunes, we played on 10/31 (been open...). Great shape but two issues: bunkers are more dirt/rocks than sand. Greens v/ slow as to be expected out of overseed. My biggest issue is that they have a mosquito problem - got no less than a dozen bites. Bring bug spray.
  2. Thanks both! I’ve inquired at both Applebrook and RG to start.
  3. Hey all, First - as a New Englander I am jealous of the activity on this forum, vs. the Northeast forum Background: I am married in my mid 30s, and am in the area 1-2 times a month for work (my office is based in Radnor but I mostly work remote). I play to a 5-6. I may move to the Main Line area in ~2-3 years but for now am traveling in. Looking to join a club in the Main Line area as a national/non-resident and be able to play from time to time when I'm in town, use the range/dining/gym, and host friends/coworkers from a business standpoint. Ideally, the course to be within 20 or so minutes from the Radnor area (I'm seeing tons of great clubs in this area). I'm not concerned about initiation/fees, but more concerned with sponsors/networking and getting in since I don't have any material connections in the area. For example, I had reached out to Philly Cricket and got some great information, but they need 5 sponsors, etc. I did inquire if the membership committee could facilitate that process as someone with no roots in the area and they suggested that it may be a possibility but would be a difficult and lengthy process. Most of my coworkers in the area play publics or are members of clubs that probably don't offer/cater to a National audience. I'm happy to go through the monthslong+ "process" for certain clubs given the current state of golf but wanted to reach out and hear the groups collective wisdom and guidance. Thank you!
  4. If I were you, I'd spend 7-8 months in PHX and 4-5 months in Colorado and go between the two.... or are you looking to stay in EST?
  5. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately mother nature disagreed with my plans this afternoon but will definitely keep in mind and refer back to this in the future
  6. Hi all, Not from the area... Looking for a decent public course near PHL airport... ideally 20'-30' away. Coming from Bala Cynwyd. Have my own clubs so don't need rentals. Would appreciate any recommendations. A colleague mentioned RiverWinds across the river in NJ? Thanks!!
  7. Hi all, I ended up upgrading to a GCQuad so am selling my GC2+HMT+FR1. GC2 Serial A68XX Includes stock flash and Andy's Megaflash (from golfsimulatorforum.com; the latter currently installed) Original USB cord and charger Original box HMT Serial 08XX Original Box FR1 - green USB which is required to power the FR1 software. You just need to download the Foresight software while having the USB plugged into the computer to work. All works fine and in excellent condition. Battery recently replaced. Looking for $old for it all. If it sells for $old will toss in a Dell "toughbook" with the Foresight FR1 range and course software pre-loaded. Prefer to sell as a bundle but may be open to splitting. Located in Metrowest Boston, prefer to do a local deal but open to shipping. Allen
  8. Going to jump on here, maybe not best for a singles 30s scene but how about Las Vegas or Reno (not a suggestion, more of a question for the group)?
  9. How about Verde River? fun course about 15m east of Troon. It is lined with houses, but more open than your average desert course and with difficult greens complexes.
  10. Barrio is open and has indoor and patio seating. Bit of a hike (~25m) from N Scottsdale.
  11. Selling a Taylormade SIM2 9*. Head only with headcover. Used for a few range sessions and a round. $old shipped.
  12. Thing I can say is when the 410 is middled, it sounds terrific. However as you move away from the center (I explore all aspects of the club face) it starts to sound more high pitched. 425 sound is slightly more muted across more of the clubhead imo.
  13. Stock Shafts in Asia are way too whippey for US marketplace and would have made the shipping even more expensive, so I opted out. I like the 425 a lot more, mostly from a feel and sound standpoint. Seems to be more penetrating flight and lower spin than 410.
  14. Moving to Titleist woods. 425 LST 9*. Paid over $750 and shipping time for a forum member to ship this to me from Asia. Get it by the weekend. 200g. $old shipped. 410 LST 9*. Digitally lofted to 9* and 4g of hotmelt in a neutral position by Ping factory. 203g. $old shipped. 400 LST 8.5*. 4g of hotmelt in the forward position to further reduce spin. One of the weights in back removed to balance. This sounds sweet and is a low spin machine. 203g. $250 shipped. 400 Max 9*. 198g. $old shipped Pics clockwise from upper left: 400 Max, 400 LST, 410 LST, 425 LST
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