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  1. I take my son (he's 4) to a local course and play 9 with him and a buddy after work. Try and do it once a week. The course doesnt charge me anything and the place is wide open. He does the same thing....some rounds he wants to hit a shot every time I do, one round we went he didn't hit a ball I don't think, would just wander around while my friend and I hit. He loves it.
  2. Yup I like WH stuff but no way am i paying $60 for their shorts or falling for that scam 'buy one get one 50% off' lol
  3. Not if Dicks is smart....they arent going to increase them to match the Callaways, TM's and Titleist prices. If they do the majority of golfers will just buy the bigger names if price diff is negligible. Would you buy a Peter Millar shirt or Nike shirt if PM was $100 and Nike were $90 (assuming they fit the same, look the same, etc)
  4. So just went on a little golf trip, 4 rounds in 2 days, my scores were no better with a urethane vs non-urethane. In fact my best round came using a supersoft that I found. I also shot a 79 with a Softfli last summer so i think my days of trying to make a urethane 'fit' are over. Any opinions on the TM Soft Response? I've used the other two but am intrigued by the 3 piece aspect of the TM but the price at 25 a dozen kinda turns me off. Is it worth a try or are these the same as the other balls listed? Where/When can i expect a sale on these? I am not a terrible gol
  5. If not for Costco baby wipes and their branded diapers I am not sure what we would do for our kids haha
  6. Stitch has buttons under some of their collars that hold them in place, super nice shirts
  7. LMAO agreed...that sounds like a terrible suggestion Whats your clothes game like? What about some new Peter Millar, Greyson, Stitch, etc. polos/shorts/tshirts/etc
  8. All that expensive gear then that glove HAHA Just messin!
  9. Yup have the D7 Forged and love them more and more each round. Took a while to adjust as I was coming from the Ping G30 but I'm getting there. And looks wise...whew they look good
  10. 1. Love being outside when its nice out 2. I'll admit I love having a few while playing 3. It's 'me' time away from the kids and wife (not that i dont love them) 4. The challenge and constantly trying to improve 5. I'm a stats nerd and love seeing the stats at the end of a round and seeing how I did, where i stunk, etc.
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