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  1. Agreed, I won my fantasy baseball league though (around $600) and told myself i was going to splurge for a couple nice winter items. I got them on their black friday sale so I think the hoody and half zip came out to something like $200 total or so, give or take. I would never pay full price for any type of golf clothes haha unless i had a gift card or won lottery.
  2. lmao i was going to say the same thing, California is a cesspool except for weather.
  3. I made a huge mistake guys The PM 50% end of year sale, I figured I'd get my wife a gift. She isn't a golfer and a stay at home mom so she never buys herself 'nice' clothes, meanwhile i'm over here buying RLX, Greyson, PM for work/golf. She freaking loves the zip up I got her , then she saw some casual athletic shoes on sale there that she ordered...created a monster.
  4. The problem I'm finding in today's messed up world is the 'mainstream' Nike, Adidas, Puma are all the same prices as the PM's, Greyson's etc. Maybe a $10 to $20 diff or so on a comparable product but I'd rather spend that diff on something more 'unique' that not everyone is wearing. Heck I 'walk the local mall' sometime at lunch to get some exercise and just walking through Macy's I see their 'club room' brand clothes, things like vests, and half zips going for $50-$75 with no sale. I just picked up some PM stuff at their end of season sale for an avg. of like $70 an item...would u want 'club room' or PM clothes? I got an Adidas Cold Rdy Half-zip hoody at GG earlier this year, paid full price only cuz I had a $100 gift card. While I love it, if I am paying $120 or whatever it was for an Adidas hoody, I'd rather go buy Greyson or PM. Dicks sales suck these days, the days of finding an adidas polo for $20 discounted or a hoody for $30 are long gone I am finding.
  5. Greyson Cokato Hoodie and their Tate pullover, bought at the black friday sale. Old Navy Golf Pants are a find too, theyre just pants so I'm not over the moon about them but definitely over the moon about the price lol and will be my new go to.
  6. Agree with that, it just doesnt look like a logo or its incomplete or something, it needs something else. Wonder what people who arent familiar with Gfore think it is if they see you wearing it on the streets.
  7. If you look hard enough and have patience you can get any of these 'high end' brands for under 40, def under 50. PM is having their 50% off sale as we speak, I just picked up a RLX polo from Dillards yesterday for $37, they must have had 10 diff colors 65% with a good selection of sizing. I've bought Greyson polos on Poshmark and Ebay for under $40 almost brand new. Got 3 stitch polos last year in their mystery box for $30 each. Found a couple GFore polos last year at Tj Maxx for like $25, these seem to be a unicorn now with all the BS going on these days, not many high end brands there as I check often. Just snatch them up when you see them regardless if its middle of winter or you have 70 polos already in your closet.
  8. I dont have a suggestion but honestly some of the 'spikeless' golf shoes they sell look just like regular running shoes. Thats why I dont really buy spikeless, I am still skeptical how the bottoms of some of these shoes will grip the ground swinging a club 100mph I got a pair of those stan smith ryder cup 'cow' golf shoes and you can wear them as regular sneakers but surprisingly the one time I wore them on the golf course, they gripped pretty well.
  9. Easy I'm gonna sell my old driver/wedge/irons which I can sell for $XXX so really this is only going to cost me $XXX. She does know I'm pretty good with selling stuff. Got a pre-owned Mavrik over the summer for like $225, just sold my Rogue with a shaft I had that I was never going to use for $150. So I got the upgrade, kept the shaft that I liked and used with my Rogue AND got the Riptide shaft with the Mavrik that I have also taken a liking to.
  10. This, if anyone watched the opening of Payne's Valley at Big Cedar when the pros played the 2v2 match, they talked about how wide the fairways are. I've played Buffalo Ridge at Big Cedar, could've flown through the round if we weren't taking our time and enjoying it. Now what I would get mad with is, if my family is back at Big Cedar and I'm at Buffalo Ridge during a 6 hour round cuz some guy keeps losing his ball. With that said, Buffalo Ridge might be a bit more difficult than Paynes. I havent played Paynes but the fairways look HUGE.
  11. Was the sale 40% off the already discounted price of 2 dozen for $45 for the 2019s? Cant be right?
  12. Same, I don't get the old grumpy man obsession with how other men are dressed. Guess I'm just not that into or concerned with what other men look like. It's also not like hoodies and t shirts are crop tops and booty shorts. They cover everything and are perfectly acceptable articles of clothing in almost every business in america...name me another place of business that wont allow hoodies and t shirts to be worn (i'm not talking about your office as an employee, talking about places the general public visits).
  13. Odd, it doesn't look that large in the pics online
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