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  1. Interesting, just stretching ur foot in diff directions or anything specific? I'll have to try that
  2. Yes!!! What is the heel pain? I rarely walk but I walked 18 yesterday, Boone Valley outside of St Louis, fairly undulating course but I dont feel its a mountain terrain by any means. Felt fine after, but this morning walking to the bathroom I could barely get there, my left heel hurt so bad. Just my left heel too, it feels fine now but during the night and the first few hours after waking up good grief!
  3. Wilson D7 Forged Irons and their hi-toe wedges...phenomenal My boss every time we play goes 'those Wilsons changed your life'
  4. I have 13, could put another wedge I guess (the old ping zing lob wedge) but there is never a shot where I wish I had a diff club. Once in a blue moon I'm between my 3 hybrid 3W but not enough to make me want to add another club.
  5. And randomly looking at Pebble, a round is $600 per person, rooms say they start at 990/night. Cant get actual pricing, I guess they have to call you. Bandon a little cheaper, depending on where you stay at the resort. Now we can argue all day on what we'd rather play but the fact of the matter is, Big Cedar's resort is amazing on its own and the courses are becoming the premier 'resort/public' courses of the area/midwest. Some people would rather have the 'wilderness/outdoor' feel vs the 'beach/ocean/west coast' vibes. Big Cedar also has the water sport aspect with
  6. For two adults? Doubt it, that includes 5 rounds of golf (for each adult, 10 total) AND the package I looked at was in May, Fri-Sun, in a private cabin. Are you accounting for a private cabin at these places or a regular hotel room?
  7. Burlington huh? Interesting I did get one of those TM polos from Costco, considering another
  8. TM Flextech has been money so far, has a ton of pockets but even fully loaded is still a lot lighter than my old under armour bag
  9. So I go on these kicks where I get obsessed with finding a particular golf item, equipment whatever. Lately its been Millar and Mathew clothing. So question for you guys who have had significant experience Which one do you like better? Which holds up better? Do they all run true to size (i'm mainly talking polos and quarter zips/vests). Not much in the pants game because I dont play enough in the winter to own a significant amount of golf pants. Where is your go to spot to buy them? I am obviously not trying to pay full price on the website s
  10. I wasnt just thinking cash...more thinking valuables pouch. I take no valuables to the course except my phone, wallet and keys. Phone is in cart, wallet and keys go in the bag pocket.
  11. Does anyone actually use those valuables pouches? I have a waterproof zipper pouch on my bag, plenty to hold my car keys and wallet during a round. No need to fill a pocket on my bag with another 'pocket/cash bag' to hold items.
  12. That's my hybrid!! Interesting, wish I could find the shaft on its own, my nike head is a .370 too
  13. Thanks that helps huge. Every review I saw online said it was low launching but this says diff, good to know if I have to buy a diff but similar shaft
  14. All hoping someone has some insight to this. Currently have two Exotics hybrids that I'm in love with, they both have a Matrix Black Tie 7m3.1 shaft in there (its the matte black shaft with red and white writing). In researching online, there isn't much info available, but it appears these are driver shafts that were cut down? I got these from someone else so I am not sure. The supply on EBay for these also appears to be sparse. I just bought a Nike Vapor Fly hybrid head ($15, couldnt pass it up) that needs a shaft, ideally I'd like to put something in there that is identical o
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