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  1. My last closet cleaning....til the next one. Up for sale we have a wide array of things....I feel like I've priced things well to minimize the haggling. 2 things, the Del Mar is pictured with Circle T weights. I will be removing those before sale and replacing them with the stock 5g weights. Also, the Ping bag is missing a button for the rain hood. Everything else is good as is. Putters up first...Had previously sold both, but sometimes we run into the rare flake on GolfWRX. He failed to make payment so they're back up for sale. Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport. Has a UST Mamiya, Hybrid fre
  2. I’m starting to consider keeping. Just got the demo club of the irons I planned on moving on to....not convinced.
  3. thanks @ MajorWinner....since tourspec took over their business the website is far more difficult to navigate re: specs and info for this club.
  4. Same problem here. Dues paid, going to email now per the thread above.
  5. Do you have the weights/screws that are missing in the pics?
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