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  1. 1. Nashville, TN 2. +.8 3. ZX5 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Srixon Z545 + DGX100 TI +1/2" 5. (1) "Mainframe" - Extremely excited to see how it impacts speed, distance, forgiveness (2) the return of the best iron sole in golf 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes, 100%
  2. Playing a 44inch Rogue SZ with NV-75x shaft. Hit a lot of fairways.. can't imagine playing anything over 45. Stock drivers feel like telephone poles.
  3. I cut a piece of plywood similar to what you’ve got ... looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. How have your results been?
  4. I'm waiting on a new set of irons to get built this week, had a few days and pulled a set of CG1 tours out of the garage today - solid, solid sticks. Anyone still play them? Any thoughts on them?
  5. just put srixon 545's in the bag today. replaced Titleist MB/CB combo. Don't have a comparison yet but excited to see the difference. hdcp +.5
  6. 545’s have arrived. Having them put on TI x100’s tmrw. Went to the range today for a few hours and was absolutely striping the golf ball with the MB,CB’s. Should be good timing, as this was the best I’ve hit it in months. Hopefully will provide a fair comparison between the MB,CB’s and the 545’s. Also with the static lofts of the 545’s thinking of having my 50 degree wedge bent to 48 for proper gaping. I believe the 545 PW is something like 44 degrees.
  7. This is one of the things I am most interested in... I have a steeper swing (6'4") and my miss has historically been hitting a touch behind the ball. Hoping the V-Sole helps some with that.
  8. Going to put up a fight.. hopefully. Excited about the experiment.
  9. Haha you’re not wrong. Probably going through something.. but it’s cold here in TN. Ball isn’t flying as far, feel like if there’s a ever a time to experiment it’s now.
  10. I do something most days - short game 3x week in the AM before work, hit balls most week nights and probably play 45 holes/week. Given the static lofts on my new Srixons I could foresee bending them a few degrees weak. General 7i carry with 718 MB is 170.
  11. I get the new heads this Saturday. Going to jump on a trackman next Friday to get some numbers and then will play 2 rounds Sat-Sun. Will come back with some scores/stats from own personal experiment. Looking forward to it!
  12. Still striking it ok with the Titleist's but just not hitting it solid. Misses are usually short due to poor contact - chipping and relying on the putter to score. Generally will have 27-31 putts but with the recent iron misses, if the putter is not hot it's a high score. With the cold coming, I thought it was a good time to experiment with the friendly irons and stronger static lofts. Maybe by March I will be back with the MB/CB combo.. we will see.
  13. You're exactly right - my question does not concern myself. I'm asking if anyone ELSE has any experience making the change to GI irons from MB/CB? What was the experience like? Did it change the way you approached certain shots? Etc. No where in my original post was there any reference to how the new equipment might work for me. By me including my own information (ghin, current clubs, new clubs) I was trying to provide context.
  14. jeeeeze that's the first response I get on my first post Was asking if anyone had any experience switching from players irons to GI irons. Not if "its a good fit for my game..."
  15. I've been playing Titleist MB 718's (P-7) CB (6-4) TMB (2) for the last 2 seasons.. yesterday purchased a set of Srixon Z545 iron heads (P-4) to trial this winter. Going to put them on X100's and play them the next few months to see about a long term switch. Current GHIN is +.5 but have been striking it like a 7 hdcp the last 3 months. Anyone have any experience making this kind of transition? Any results out there? I'm excited to HOPEFULLY make the game easier.
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