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  1. Purger...selling old clubs is a great way to justify buying new ones and if you pick up some used deals you don't actually lose too much money, just move it around... The only exception is I have 2 putters and a few spare driver shafts in case either club starts misbehaving and I need to give it a time-out.
  2. It's generally understood that drivers are becoming more forgiving in terms of ball speeds across the whole face. "But they don't go any further out of the middle!" I hear you but when you hit 20 balls with you current club on Trackman then move to the latest model there's every chance you will have picked up yardage because your AVERAGE distance will be up.
  3. I had an issue with a couple of Lamkin cord grips recently, I could actually hear it catching on the cord on the inside of the grip as I slid it on. Not sure if this is normal for the cord to be protruding on both sides of the grip. I was able to force it on but interesting that you are also using a full cord grip (with 5 layers of tape)
  4. A truss in this orientation will help prevent damage when you bang it off the ground after the fourth three putt during the round.
  5. I bought a set of pulls on ebay (130 stiff) and put them in my Ping I irons. Enjoying them so far. I came from DG S300. (85mph 7 iron, 105 driver) My biggest compliment to them is what has already been mentioned - high flight but not ballooning. They feel so smooth that they don't give the impression of being stiff but I understand that on paper they are.
  6. Just throwing in my two cents...I bought some Ping I E1 irons off ebay with project X 6.0. These launched a little low for me but mainly just felt harsh - I was always planning changing them. I put in some Modus 130 S shafts and they give me good results. Good numbers but I really like the flight, high but not ballooning if that makes sense. I appreciate they are considered quite stout but for me they appeared to be softer than the PX 6.0. From memory the FCM is 6.3 vs 6.5 (PX) and weight is 124g vs 120g so I wouldn't be scared of them if you currently play the project x.
  7. No idea sorry, I'm in UK so it was difficult enough to get any of this sort of thing!
  8. Thank you! Soaked overnight in cola then rinsed and used lots of different grits of sandpaper (up to 3000 wet). Degreased then applied perma blue gun oil
  9. I did this myself which was good fun and straightforward Edit: just realised you said charcoal mist which I think is a different finish....
  10. Callaway XR with the stock project X lz (wet noodle) shaft...56 gram... My driver has a 67g Tensei Blue but for some reason a really light 3 wood shaft works for me. 43 inch and some lead tape to get it back to about D2,
  11. > @Steve-Holloway said: > Tensei Blue. I got better numbers and speed with it in the 50 gram version bs Atmos Blue. I just didn’t get along with the F9 head, it looks open to me all the time and I make the wrong adjustments. But that’s my own fault, between my mind and my eyes not the club... Agree this is a good shout but just be aware the Tensei 50 is actually 57g in stiff flex.
  12. I played a Silver 110 stiff for a while in a 915D2 but it was too stout for me. 100-105 mph swing. Depends on what you like to feel but for me it just felt like hard work.
  13. 45" M1 @ D4 (with 50g grip) I find the centre of the face more often at this length compared with stock drivers at 45.5+
  14. Have used both aluminium and steel extensions for steel shafts with no problems. One comment is the aluminium ones are difficult to re-use as they can deform when removing.
  15. Have also heard of people putting a little more weight to where their miss on the clubface might be, heel or toe. Not likely a concern for pros!
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