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  1. Tried for a while to get along with my cobra forged tec one lengths, couldn’t get used to them
  2. Making room for new purchases: $45 per polo, $80 for jacket or vest
  3. I have a full bag of cobra now, I’m trying the one lengths as an experiment
  4. Great golf balls, I have 10-15 dozen left
  5. Stop hitting it in bunkers...
  6. All three still in plastic as pictured Sold- 3 Wood still flex your velvet grip Sold- 4 hybrid still flex tour velvet grip Sold- White Hot RX #7 34 inch
  7. Looking to pick up a set of cobras to try, perhaps dumb question but if I shorten the shafts of all of the irons by 1/4 inch will it mess the swing weights up?
  8. End of the month at the latest is what I was told
  9. They’re shipping out quick for most orders compared to other brands
  10. ZX7 are incredible clubs, best I’ve hit
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