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  1. Weather is similar here. Mysteriously, I realized I have a "doctor's appointment" after lunch. Scanning Golf Now & Golf18Network for a tee time that will work, haha. Ha. I wish that was an option for me. If I'm not here by law the place can't be open. I had a medical emergency (didn't think it was life threatening-at least hopefully) a couple years ago. I waited until a replacement showed up so that the show could go on prior to heading to the ER.
  2. I sense an old man group bro-hug coming on.... Just kidding I'm about the same age. But... key point... I'm not complaining about it. Today anyways. What I am complaining about is having to work today. Not a cloud in the dang sky and 74 as a high, no wind and just perfect for golf. Probably would shoot an all time PR today with these conditions. And I'm working every single minute of the 15 hours or so of sunlight. Gotta go, my morning Metamucil drink is calling me.
  3. I once had a fairway wood from Nantucket.....
  4. I'm not quite one of the old farts yet (damn whippersnapper) but I can reply to your post. I've had several times in the past year where a grounds crew member, being in the direct line of fire (IE directly where I'm planning on hitting my ball or within an accepted "good shot" dispersion) save me up after I get his attention by whoops no and hollering for minutes. In both cars they both put their heads down immediately and went back to work. If I do hit them who's at fault? I know damn sure it's not me. In both situations that this occurred I've hit a horrible shot well clear of them (and my
  5. Well no kidding, us guys like to talk about our manly conquests. He probably tells it now like "ha! I scoff at puny golf ball! Ha!" I love to tell people the story of me picking up a coworker during a winter storm a couple years ago. I also place tons of emphasis on getting into the business and getting it open. Long story short (like I do short stories) my car got stuck on his road due to the plow now having not gone down it yet, of course which he lied to me about. So we're out pushing my car for all we're worth, me hanging onto the drivers door and trying to give it gas while still pushing
  6. I don't think I've ever played a round of golf at any level when it was above or even supposed to be above 60 degrees out in anything other than shorts. I prefer to cut my own off from Levi's, the straight legged type. If it's for sure going to be above 70 I prefer a tank top. I get enough tan lines out there. If I didn't think it would be taboo I'd no doubt just go shirtless. Kidding, kidding. I haven't worn a pair of jeans anywhere in over 20 years. I don't even own a pair, I have nothing against them just don't like them for me. Too restrictive. Once you get used to slacks and khakis, je
  7. I feel you there. Those type of rounds will eat up your soul. I don't get upset anymore period while playing but that wasn't always the case. I'd blow a gasket the few times I was there and blew it. If I stunk from the get go I didn't care but I once tried to throw my entire golf bag into a lake when I was 3-4 under through eight and dunked 2 straight half wedges into the lake. Luckily the strap of the bag caught on my shoulder and kind of threw me into the lake. I could do nothing more than sit there in the tepid water and laugh/cry. I'm glad I didn't launch it too far as if I'd have dunked a
  8. Two summers ago I played the front of a pretty easy local course at an 8 over 44. Just awful, couldn't do anything right whatsoever. Bad drive, bad iron, bad chip, two putts and bogey. When I'd hit a decent shot it was either to recover from an even worse than bad shot. If I hit a good chip to a couple feet I missed the kick in for par. Stupid stupid game. I get to the back and (probably key here) just didn't care. I let muscle memory take over from over 20 years in the game and just decided that the day was blown and I should try to do something exciting and or fun. I opened with one of th
  9. The nice thing is, you can do that. You'll have to put up probably ten bucks for every one that you'll win but I'm sure you could bet that way. Be a pretty risky way to win a small amount. Now if you think someone's going to even money bet you on this, there's no reason for them to do so. They'll get 7-1 from Vegas on it. I'd certainly take the field in an even up bet too.
  10. My only family member of note in a sports capacity, I have an uncle who was the world champ at horseshoes a while back. He was then, and still is now (way to pick a lucrative sport Uncle D!! Lol) a prison guard. Tues-Sun he makes sure murderers don't kill anyone (mainly themselves). Weekends he kicks every takers butt throwing horseshoes. My uncle is not the guy listed. But a word to the wise, if you're playing a jovial old guy with a name that starts with D, don't bet against him in horseshoes. You'll lose. Bad. He's good. World champ good. Worth exactly nothing monetarily speaking, but prett
  11. You and I sound pretty similar. Same cap. Same pooping down our legs. I at least had the luxury of playing a lot of golf with someone that made it onto a tour (senior at the time-you may have too since I don't know you, just throwing it for general illustration purposes) briefly. When I played a ton of rounds with him I was 18-19 years old and he was 48-49. He was so much better than I was it was rediculous. If I killed a drive I was around him. If I hit a great iron, I was around him. If I lagged a great long putt, I was around him. The biggest difference? He did it every single shot. He almo
  12. Maybe she'd be nicer if you got super jacked ?? Ha! I said I wasn't going to respond further here but I'll respond to this. She probably would. I just have a regular level of jackedness. I used to super jacked. I've let myself go. (Walks wide circle around that Jason guy, bows a little, then throw out a timid "dab"...). Keep up the super work, sir! Haha
  13. That was one of the stories that I remember seeing. I have a very good relationship with local law enforcement now, in my line of work it's needed to provide them information in certain areas. As such I always pick their brains. Our local guys no longer field test suspected heroin because one of them did this, got a few grains on his uniform, and almost died of a carfentenyl OD when he brushed it off of his uniform a little later. He collapsed after brushing the powder off. Luckily one of his fellow officers, mainly due to a training session on the crap they had the week before, thought he was
  14. Sorry all. Sometimes points can be missed in the fine print of things and when one is grinning like crazy writing it, it's often difficult to convey. I'd have added a bunch of smileys if I thought it would help. It's not a dumb point. It's legit. I'm not saying it applies to Rory at all, I was speculating that it COULD apply to him. I've seen it many times and it's a real concern. It's not dumb, it happens. At any rate it appears that my kinda/sorta point that was mostly in jest was lost. Again, no one can see the grin it was written with. It's hard to place the correct amount of humor in writ
  15. Your wife sounds awful, my sympathies.. She is, for a plug nickel you can have her. Lol!! (Sorry dear!!). Even so I'm less than 10 hours from teeing off at a top 100 course with my kids. So I'll keep the bad in perspective with the good. I need to get some sleep or my game will be poor. I would too if I cared about that or if I even could. I'm excited. Even with the ol' Horrible wife and awful life I live.
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